Sunday, 2 August 2009

Missing you...

No I havent packed my bags and found a cheap sun break, though it ain't for the lack of trying. £77 return to London back of August, what s with the train fares...bloody hell.

I am missing some of my regular blog pals, who are off the radar. Admitedly they all told us they would be taking a break. But it is palpable that they aren't in my life at the moment. I do find I am thinking of them daily.

And isn't it funny how people you haven't even met can get right under your skin!?

I worry. I fret a little. I do so miss them.

Erin - my woman in a window- who is probably lurking but not posting at the moment. Needed some time to shore up. Wrap up. Take some time.

Doris - PoeticLicence- She tragically recently lost her daughter and probably her mind. I have heard from her so I know she is fine. In fact better than fine in some ways. But on a journey to a calmer life and path.

Sniffles & Smiles- She has I think, been overwhelmed by her own journey and needs time to smell the roses without decanting every breath to us here.

The Lehners in France - left France for the Brinney and promised to return to the Internet shores too, but so far I haven't found her new home. I do hope all is well for them. They really are off the radar. Not a trace.

Beautiful Spectrum - Halo - who I know is fine. Coping as always. Taking time to read her map and find her way forward. She is posting some, but I want her know I think of her.

Sweet Sazz- she is a busy bee I know. But quite quiet these days.

The things we carried- Just as I got used to regular visits too and fro. She has gone on a Loooonng break.

And this old bag has seemingly taken a long break too.

I'm not sure I can cope. If anyone else steps out for a ciggie or summat!


  1. Ahhh, I can empathise with that, I've not been blogging long but the 'real' me misses my Twitter friends when they go AWOL and I worry when they don't 'speak' for a while.
    I hope your friends come back soon.

  2. I know what you mean, things go quiet at this time of year I always feel. I also follow most of those you mention and join in with your thoughts, if I may.

    My blogging break will be 5 days off when we go to Center Parcs on 10th Aug. And I'll miss the blog world, you can't just forget a large part of life.

    CJ xx

  3. We begin to grow on each other. Summer, however, has its own demands.

  4. Okay, I have to admit...I'm lurking...and resting...and getting refreshed...and I miss you too!!!! And there is no way in the world, anyone can go on break and NOT miss the best friends in the world---blogging friends!!!!! And so, you can be sure we will return...and if I can't speak for the others, I certainly can speak for myself...I WILL RETURN...I just have a few things on my plate that have to be wrapped up first...and then, I'll be back with a vengence!!!! I promise!!! Love to you my dear, dear friend!!!! You are the best!!!! ~Janine XOXO

  5. Isn't it amazing how attached we get with our Blog Friends???!!!
    It's an incredible world of family.

  6. Yes yes! We get to where we think we know every aspect of their lives, don't we, Saz? They seem as close a friend as any friend we have chatted to over a fence a cup of tea or on the phone. I know exactly how you feel. And this was a lovely post!

  7. I've fallen off the radar. It is due to summer sunshine and my daily trip to the beach. I grab it while I can here in New England. It is short lived.

  8. I wouldn't know if my blogging pals are off the radar - I've hardly had a chance to visit them. Seems like a busy time of year somehow.
    As for me, I crashed. Just got my self back in the air again, hopefully.

  9. it's disconcerting isn't it?

  10. Booooooo!!!!!

    Bonjour Saz, c'est moi ici avec les bons mots pour toi.

    Hellloooo!!! Sandi McBride alerted me to your post. What can I say, but I am very touched Saz. All is well here in Blighty and we have spent the last eight months trying to find THAT perfect house. Life carries on as abnormal, as you would expect with us. It's strange it seems life in the UK does not allow mr time to blog. I promise though if I come back you, your Mum, Sandie and those other special bloggers will be the first to know. Debs (((XXXX))))

  11. I've also been missing the Lehners and Sass e-mum (and also the Mother of this Lot at Mother's Pride). Maybe they're all busy leading interesting lives and are too busy to blog?

    Thank goodness you've routed out the Lehners; hope they're back in blogland soon.

  12. Oh thank you for this Sazzie. I too have missed them all and I agree how strange it is that the heart can weep for those we do not truly know.
    May they all be ok, and come back to this fabulous circle soon.

  13. I miss quite a few people too - I think partly it is that it's quiet this time of year, but that's not all of it. I'm sure it wasn't THIS quiet last summer.

    I know quite a few of my blogging friends and acquaintances are going through tough times. Others are writing blogs which have changed direction since I began reading and I'm not such a frequent visitor as I was to those. Maybe they think I've disappeared?

  14. Deb Lehrer is on Facebook ... and apparently here

  15. We become real friends and that is all there is to it.

    I miss dear Erin at Women in a Window and wish her the very best.

    Renee xoxo

  16. Lots of those people are on my radar too. We ALL miss them.

  17. Hi Saz! I'm still here! However lacking some blogging time with the pre teens at home! Hope to post soon for MMM. I am about to e mail you too :) Bye!

  18. You probably know by now that "Woman in a window" has posted again - and a great one it is, too.

  19. Oh Saz, yes, it's amazing how close we grow to our friends in here, and if they hit tough times, it hurts, especially if they fall off the radar.


  20. Now you've brought the Lehners out of lurking, and I miss those pals too - And not to forget the lovely Henry the Dog's Diaries? And congrats on yesterday's POTD my darling! xox

  21. Finally I am able to access your blog! I too am on a long break.
    I have been trying to get through your blog to thank you for your visit on mine back in May.

    Congrats on POTD!

  22. I know. It's horrid when bloggers just stop and you don't know why and I've been wondering where the Lehners have gone to since - she was such a prolifically good commenter.....

    I"M BACK from my travels if it's any consolation.

    Hope all good with you Lx

  23. Ps just seen comment from Deb so that's good news then Lx


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