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Take 5 or 8

Another stolen meme from House of Lime, but go read hers they are always hilarious and mine are to real, the truth gets in the way! And i must do Fhina's or she will hunt me down...

5 Obsessions (currently speaking)
Gerard Butler or sloppy seconds from the lovely Lime
Artwork- art, sculpture, photography & its histories
1970's - yes I know that makes me an uber sad person in an orange nylon anorack and brown slacks with an elsaticated waist, but I had fun
Listening to music, I love my soundDock and ipods
Books, reading, holding, smelling, I don't leave home without one or three
5 Dislikes
Able people who save tables whilst their pal joins a long line in a full bistro/cafe...
Horror flicks, chick flicks, gross teen flicks, any with a diddly diddly C&W soundtrack
Teenagers messy bedrooms that smell of feet, for example
Automated telephone menus and call centres
5 things better than a head on collision
a 3 day labour which climax's (?) with an epidural that only works down one side, head to toe.. arrgghhhh. I was feeling full labour down one side whilst feeling and looking like l had a severe stroke down the other side.
A wet, windy holiday in a tent
Regular visits to a Gym
Influenza - the female type not the male version
5 things worse than a head on collision
Losing my eyesight
Anything bad happening to my kids
Losing a friend or family member
Afloat in a life boat in the middle of the Atlantic, well any boat really
5 wishes
Health & Happiness for my family. I guess that's two
Exhibit at the RA Summer Exhibition one day
Financial security for my family
5 more wishes, yeah l'm a cliche
8 things I wish I could do
Exhibit at The RA Summer Exhibition one year
Sing in tune
Dance - waltz, Rumba etc
be happier
Go to Art College
take a painting holiday in France, Itay or
eating EVERYTHING & ANYTHING and not put on an ounce as was before age 33
live forever
8 shows I watch
Without a Trace
Antiques Roadshow
The Book Quiz
8 things I am looking forward to
Singing in tune
More free time to make art, sculpt, draw...
exhibiting at the RA
having a bijoux place in France or Italy
travelling MORE
Understanding a Digital SLR camera
eating a meal enfamille without anyone getting hizzy, fizzy or dizzy. MMM's know what I mean
Reaching the grande olde age of 94
8 things I am grateful for
The good health of my nearest and dearest
My friends (yes that includes YOU!)
My Family
A roof over my head
Food in my stomach
the Mexican nation for bringing us chocolate (well not in its present form but for starting the ball rolling)
my mum & dad


  1. That was darling, Saz - I am so with you on the family meals out - Why is that, do you think - No conversation, just bolting food, or grimaces, or arguments...

    Pass that Mojito!

    And, as for the place in France or Italy where we can eat, drink, paint, sing (out of tune in my cae!) and watch our grandkids over the web-cams, when I win the lottery - It is ours - On Timeshare!

    So lovely, my dahlink... And I should never, ever hunt you down... Only if you ever chose to ignore me entirely! We are Meme soul twins, surely!

    Love to you, and thanks for a fabulous posting, and for doing wonderful things for Mad Manic Mamas everywhere... xxooxx

  2. tHANKS FHINA, WHAT A LOVELY THINGS TO SAY!! I'm all a blush...

    seours dans nos peux non?

  3. Great list! ...and how can anyone NOT love the 70's! :-)

  4. I'm so sorry but I'm laughing my ass off imagining you in labour, half and half.

  5. Saz, you mentioned singing in tune more than once. I guess you mean it! Sing On!

  6. Why worry about singing in tune? As a youngster I found the answer - go to a football match. Nobody notices there and you can sing your heart out until you're hoarse.
    Loved your list and I apologise I'm one of those folk who claim a table while GB queues (though being disabled perhaps you'll let me off a little bit). I agree with so many of other ones that I'll even forgive the male flu comment!!!

  7. Drowning is one of my top two fears too,


  8. Like your arty things!

    Drowning, scary, agggh!

  9. Fun meme, Sazzie. The apple does not fall far from the tree, does it? XXX

  10. Ah singing in tune ... never gonna happen for me tho I wish hard it would do others who are unlucky enough to hear me sing

    Great lists!

  11. I love the Antiques Roadshow too. But my favorite show has to be Top Gear. BBC America doesn't show much of anything here in the southern USA...


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