Sunday, 20 September 2009

Sit & watch or jump in?

we sit on the periphery...
the main performance is fear....
we take steps and begin a journey that we are not always able to attend....
we anticipate and enjoy the planning but sometimes the road is too steep and we are ill prepared...
we live learning about our limitations...
we are not limitless ...
the boundaries are there for a reason and we shift and break them, then run back to their safety...

often I just want to sit on the sidelines and watch, people watching, watching life before my eyes...
it takes my breath away, the fragility of it, one moment it's here, the next it is in danger...

I have met some very brave women here, they speak to me directly it seems, through their writing...
I am ashamed of my vulnerabilities, my fears, my inability to live life bravely..
I forget that this is it, life, and that it isn't a rehearsal, and time is always passing...
I stand in awe at my friends' bravery, their will, their strength...
I yearn that I too, can find the hope, to jump in wholeheartedly
and join the show that is the NOW


  1. I often have a laugh about this idea- what if life IS a rehearsal and when we die, they say 'right- you have to do it all again... but this word perfect!'

  2. I have often chosen the safety of sitting and watching...I recommend jumping in.
    Lovely prose!

  3. Saz, you are braver than you could ever dream - Take a list, write down what you have achieved, and what you think you need to achieve, and you will see that the pros far outweigh the cons - Don't do yourself down, ma cherie - The best is still to come! xxooxx

  4. thank you so much for this post and revealing that vulnerability.

    i think each of us has areas of bravery and areas of fear. some thing i am brave because of some of the things i do without hesitation. and yet i have been utterly terrified by the job seeking process and entering the world of work....something most everyone else i know seems to think is a very silly reaction to have to such a thing.

    i guess the trick is to share the bravery have in one area and receive the encouragement we need in another.

  5. That's very thoughtful. So many times we're caught up in busyness and "important" things and forget that our lives are passing by - and we only get one.

    You expressed it from the heart.

  6. If you're actually thinking about jumping in...then you must do it.

    I don't believe this life is a rehearsal...I think we only have one go at forgive the old cliche but live every day as if it's your last.

  7. It is posts like this that make me wish I lived next door but one, so I could dash round and hug you silly. I don't think you realise the enormity of the chasms you have jumped, the immense walls you have climbed and the homes you have created against all odds when many of us would have jumped ship and swum to calmer waters.

    Lovely prose my darling.

  8. Sitting and watching is good enough for me, most of the time.

    Lovely post,
    CJ xx

  9. These days I keep thinking of FDR's rousing speech, when he said that the only thing we have to fear is - fear itself. It's still true. Good for you FFF. Hugs, Dx

  10. Seems to me you have .. and what a lovely splash you made!

  11. That is lovely writing Saz.

    Brave or foolhardy, the others I mean, not you?!

    You have already achieved much in your life, you are a complex and lovely woman. Life is being lived every day,things forever changing.....


  12. What a beautiful banner to wave for all to see.

  13. I'm a sit and watch and regret eventually kind of person... fear.. indeed.

  14. it takes my breath away, the fragility of it

    Sometimes I read a perfect phrase to articulate what my hear knows, but has not uttered. How perfect this was!

  15. Beautifully written and thought provoking too.


  16. Hi Saz
    Long overdue for a visit and I am signing up as your follower because I recognise you as a great writer - got here eventually and better late than never.
    Loved the post - some are watchers and some are doers. I was a watcher most of my life but now I am a lot older and (maybe wiser) I am becoming more of a doer. It took me years to gain the confidence. I admire youngsters who are born leaders.
    Best wishes and your entrance to my Oz should be this week or next - it is all very very complicated with all the witches and when I am involved in anything it usually ends up in total chaos! ~ Best wishes Eddie

  17. There is nothing else, Saz. There is not one other thing. This, I have to remember.

    Beautiful post!

  18. And yes, you are braver than you think. You are. It shows through it all, you know.


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