Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Schools out!

It's started...
I'm telling you this in hushed tones...

It's started....
that time when I have to replenish the food cupboards twice a week

It has begun...
the mountains of dirty clothes on the floor,
that is not school uniform

It has begun...
the dirty plates on top of the dishwasher,
instead of inside...

I leave the house before 9am
they get up before 1pm, maybe

When I get home...
all I want is a cup of Earl or Lady Grey,
they are staring into the fridge deciding on a lunchtime snack.

Tonight I've just got in from the cinema it's 11.30pm
Daughter has gone over to sleep at a girlfriends (I hope)

My son has left lights on in every room and seemingly every orifice in the house,
the street is LIT up with the light

It is just about tea time on his body clock,
I am making a cuppa and deciding whether to watch
a bit of tv or go up and read a while in bed.

This is week one of the school holidays.

I have taken most of August off work,
but they don't need me,
they don't want me,
in any needy way,
in fact they will be asleep most of the day!
They don't want to play.
They don't want to come into town with me,
not in daylight hours, they walk fourteen paces in front,
unless the debit card or cash is in my hand, paying.

What am I going to do with my holidays.
Larry has taken time off too.
What's a girl to do?
Alice doesn't live here anymore...


  1. very funny and timely post. My house is littered with giant sized trainers. Teenager has a mate staying over, last night a gang of them went to see Harry Potter which they said was 'really boring and no story'. The other night he was out camping all night with a gang of seven. Wakes up late, goes to bed late, constantly hunting for food.
    Yep- very timely, and the first year of it for me really. He is on rugby camp all next week so back into a bit of structure around here perhaps??

  2. I'm not quite at your stage yet, it seems sad that they grow out of us, but natural and normal too. I know I grew 'back into' my mum in my late twenties. There is still much to look forward to.

    If you're at a loose end in the hols, come and visit!


  3. That's funny - I just posted I'm so jealous as my wife is on school hols now and thinking it great but we have teenagers so no doubt I'll get home and she'll be sat there reading a book and will say "He's out with X and she's gone around Y's. What shall we have for dinner?"

  4. I cant honestly say that I dreaded the hols, not at least till the teen years began and they are just a blur. I loved picking you up from school and taking you somewhere for a surprise. Once I took you all to the Speedway at Canterbury...not a success I seem to remember. And off course with Pop around it was difficult to rebel openly, huh?
    Perhaps I am misremembering, and you, being four years older did more of your own thing...and we did have long holidays in France so not much danger of rebellion there.

  5. Come to NY and leave them at home...

  6. Well - go and do something for yourself!

    I'd suggest something quite exciting and exhilarating - but I don't know if you have whitewater rafting there.

    Still - August lovely for you. Summer reading here I come!

  7. Funny how cash in hand makes you suddenly palatable, isn't it?!

  8. I remember. There is life after teenagers, you just don't believe it while it's happening.

    Sooner or later they'll develop into people you like - or at least can get along with.

    Your post sounds so honest. I enjoyed it so much.

  9. Ah Saz, how I remember that. Suddenly they don't talk to you or walk with you. As you say, they don't want to go into Town with you. Aahh.. I'm so glad I've got Grandson! M :-)

  10. I feel for ya. My son is on his summer schedule which means getting up around 10 AM. With all the lights on in the house at least you were not in danger of tripping over anything - how considerate of your son!

  11. So, our schools break up tomorrow, and already we're struggling to get Grizz out of bed, full stop, and the holidays beckon, with him in the arms of Orpheus, me in the arms of Oprah, and his dad in the arms of spOngebob!

    It is a very tough time, non... And they are breaking away from us every day...

    Cracking post, Saz! xxooxx

  12. You're bringing back some memories there, I can tell you - and not just Alice, either!

    When the boys had finally left home for good, I overstocked on food for months. I was so used to the food just evaporating into thin air!

  13. Hi ~ Been there, done that. You truly described the essence of the whole summertime/teenage experience. But now I have my grandbabies and life has taken on a whole new meaning and feel! Enjoy your holiday!

  14. Grand babies Sazzie? GRAND BABIES!!!

    Not for some least you have some time with me to look forward XXXX

  15. Oh, there is nothing quite so delicious as being a kid and seeing Summer stretch out in front of you in a seemingly endless procession of lazy days. School? It is in the past, and it is in the future. The present? It is indeed a gift.

  16. Funny! Summer is great for kids. SOMEtimes it's fun for parents, too. Maybe you could get them to help with the shopping, mounds of clothes, etc.?

  17. But at least the roads are quieter without the school run and the office quieter as all the parents go on their two weeks in the sub. So for us childless ones, it's not that bad really. However, you do have my sympathies, honest.

  18. It must be a big adjustment this stage when they are all pretty independent but not enough to be left entirely to their own devices.

    Free time can be an odd thing when it's not really free - get some good books and arrange a few things you love doing.


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