Thursday, 2 July 2009

Photostory Friday - Early Summer Flowers

Hosted by Cecily and MamaGeek

Here in Cumbria we are usually between 2 and 4 weeks
behind the rest of the mid and southern counties.
And I am referring to blooms here in case I hear any smart comments!

I spent a lunch time trying to get some images
of the blooms around the garden home and at work.
Not sure I know what their specific botanical names are
maybe someone will know and tell me....

am not fmailiar with this one...

variegated rose bush

dogwood blossom

honeybee on a lunch break

lilac foxglove

pretty lilac bloom

another variegated rose?

my luncheon companion
running away when I moved as I picked up my camera
he came very close to me


just a pretty garden scene in front of a Jacobean window

I can't wait to see what a new camera
a digital SLR will do for me
when we get it!!

Hosted by Cecily and MamaGeek


  1. Beautiful flowers. I bet you'll have fun with your SLR. My son has one, and it takes gorgeous photos.

  2. Lovely, as your photos always are. My favorites are the foxglove and the dogwood blossoms. You view the world as few others are privileged, a wonderful planet, with beauty in every little nook and cranny. If everyone could see that same exquisite grace and loveliness that you see in every living and non-living thing, the world would be a much better place.

  3. Lovely flowers. Could the first one be a dahlia?

  4. Saz, those are some of the prettiest flowers I've seen...specially the Foxglove...I'm a fan lol! Handsome little lunch companion, too!

  5. Beautiful flowers, really lovely.
    Looking forward to a portrait of your lunch companion, when you get your new camera!

  6. I love the photos, and am delighted to meet someone who knows about as much about naming plants as me. No, scrap that - you clearly know more already!

  7. I had a wonderful long night (for a change) and have only just woken and taken my thyroxine so I can't remember what ANY of those flowers are called - except the foxglove, but you already know that one. That's my excuse, anyway... :P

    Lovely flowers though, especially that thingy at the top!

  8. Saz, I too want a new camera, but I have to say it wont matter what camera you use .. you have an excellent eye ... truly

  9. Loved the first flowers - cannot recall seeing anything like them so I can't help with the name.

  10. Lovely, I like the foxglove best. I always like the way that Cumbria is bedecked in azaeleas and hydraengas (?) later than us.

    PS You'll love a digital SLR - I've spent all winter trying to master close ups in the dark and now trying to master outdoor photos in bright light - always learning!

  11. Saz - you are a fab photographer so you're bound to be more than fabulous with the old SLR - Mine came second hand from Ebay - Mind you I can't use it properly, nor can I yet download any pics to my blog - I need to spend some time reading the destructions!

    You do beautifully my dahlink, and I love the little bird - We love birds in our family, giving them all personalities and life's grumbles to tweet about - Well you do, don't you?!

    Love to you this wochenende! la Fhi xxooxx

  12. Beautiful flowers, can't help you much with the names though!

  13. The foxglove is gorgeous. I'd like to slip my hands in and go to dinner!

  14. Saz, Beautiful flowers. Wish I could grow anything. Your pictures make me smile which you know is something I have had some trouble doing lately.


  15. OK, I've said all of my life that I never have favorites but I think I've just broken that sentiment. The first flower in your series is the most beautiful flower I've ever seen. Do let me know if you ever find out what it is. Would like to see if I can grow it here in my garden.

  16. I love flowers!! Nice pictures of those summer beauties... Wonderful...


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