Monday, 13 July 2009

Happy Mondays!

I got to thinking urghhhh!*?*"
it's that monday morning feeling after a great relaxing weekend
andwe all need our shot our drugs of choice
to set us up for the week ahead,
be it caffiene, tea, croissants, slathered toast, a fry up or wotnot...

So I have brought you the best of this weekends treasures from my own inbox...

If these don't put you in a better frame of mind, there is little hope for you frankly!

and this one courtesy of Familyaffairs
which is entitled, 'Are women born this way?'

this one is perpetually being sent to me!
'Man flu' or as I now call it, 'Are men born this way?'

and finally need I say more?


  1. Oh my...did I laugh, got to get dad up here to see these.

    What with these and ML really happy it is going to be a great, relaxing too?

  2. ok.. so i am going to simply link to your post today.. as those are just entirely too damn funny not to share!!! thanks for the belly laugh on this monday morning!! :D

    blessings, and have a great week!

  3. Its going to be an excellent week ... it ends for me on Weds at 5 when I leave the office to go home and pack for VA Blogfest ... really looking forward to it and taking lots of pix .. thanks for the giggles to set the week off on the right/left foot!

  4. LOL! The problem is, the one "Are Men Born that Way?" is that, this is what men hear when we, women, ask them to do something for us!

  5. Love the babies - I kept thinking "Wow, how are they doing that?" Derr.

  6. Loved the baby one, but after a while it was just a bit spooky!

  7. HI Saz, have had a lovely time catching up with you (and about time, you may say). I loved this last post - those clips really made me laugh. You are on very good for, and I must say belated congratulations on your Blogging anniversary too. M xx

  8. I needed a good laugh, and this was just the ticket. I can't believe how that Evian baby video has gotten so popular.

  9. As a child I was always puzzled by The Boom Town Rats 'I Don't Like Mondays'. Now I hate Mondays too!

  10. They were just the tonic I needed tonight :D thank you for you wonderful posts! Now where's the Gin ;) x

  11. My Partner has a Cold at the moment and he definitely is suffering from the Man Flu :)


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