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Hair today, gone tomorrow - PSF

Photostory Friday
Hosted by Cecily and MamaGeek

Early this morning I read the POTD mentioned post Lady of Perpetual Chaos' and it got me thinking about the trials we spend at the hands of hairdressers, stylists and barbers. Everyone has a favourite hair story don't they?

I sympathise wholeheartedly and this happens to me a lot and l am off to the salon later today and I want a change but just know I shall later be moaning about it being too short, too red, too blond, too straight, too thinned out, too...! I have been on both sides of the fence, as I qualified in hairdressing in the late 1970's. I worked in three different salons after my 3 years training. But I haven't practiced professionally since the mid 1980's except on friends and family. The kids and Larry now go to the same salon as I and so I haven't cut anyone's hair (except Moannie's) for 15 years.

Seeing this from both sides, I just wanted to offer up my impressions. That it is about expectations folks and perceptions and as such, it ain't ever gonna meet YOURS or MINE! Everyone involved in this hair raising exchange is different, all have different impressions of what is and what isn't. Our expectations blow it for us.

By all means take an image from a magazine with you, but remember, her hair is not your hair. Your face shape may be similar, but isn't the same. The forehead maybe deeper, wider, your crown maybe higher or lower, hair thickness less or more. Your neck shorter, longer, non existent. You may have a third more hairs on your head, but then her hair may be thicker. And so as a general guide an image is helpful, but it can also heighten expectation unreasonably and to the detriment of the poor, yes poor cos the pay is shite unless you are that one in a million hairdresser, which is why I left , I wasn't.

We all approach the same image differently, and yes l'm taking one too today but of me last year!!

I have had long hair, short hair, a number one razored up the back and sides, spikey topped hair, I had the coup sauvage in the early 80's, I've had afro perms and rollered hair, lacquered hair and backcombed hair, streaked hair, highlighted hair, I've had flying colours hair and block tinted hair, crimped hair, dyed purple, red, black and henna'd hair, I've had shaggy hair, and yes even shagged hair - I know you know what that is.

Yes! Every picture tells a story.
In one I am 18, in another pregnant with baby#1 and one I have just had baby #2,
one I have just returned from Greece, in another is for my NUS student card -mature art student 1990...
all are taken between 1977 & 1994

I have my hair coloured to enhance my own very dark brown hair, because I have silver at the temples and apparently only a few through the body of my hair. I have this done every 3-4 months for the last few years. I haven't the patience to grow it long, even though my mind tells me I will look fab. I know l won't and Ange tells me emphatically NO! A few of us who are regulars at Ange's always have a laugh together because we know when we go in and she says,

'What are we having done today?' that she is just being polite! We all now reply with,

'What are we allowed to have today?'

A case in point is my last colour session 3 months ago. She asked the what? and I replied as described. Ange said 'Okay then what do you really, really want.' I said (foolishly) 'Well I have always hankered after a tarty blonde flash across the front,' as this is the game we play, so laughing I knew that she would scowl and defy me with her hairdressers logic. And I DO GET IT. I too have this logic, but I also want to be able to run free, along the crashing shoreline, hair flowing, all in slo mo and I look Fab. Miraculously this styling would do it, you and I know that but Ange knows better. That this may help me feel like I can get up out of bed tomorrow. Ange says,

'Okay, ok, will do it, but don't, DON'T tell me I told you so!'

She gave me dark blonde streaks. And three months on, I have not danced like no one can see me, nor sung like no one can hear me. I have had unmanageable hair. Dry, so dry and greasy roots. The blonde has gone blonder and completely washed out my sallow completion and dark eyes. The dark rings that l can do nothing to shift under them, appear darker too. I've even hacked off the back with my 30 year old Gotta scissors. Ange told Larry last week and she told my tall girl on Friday that she will refrain from the I told you so's...
So late this afternoon, I walked in with a white piece of paper attached to the end of a stick which passed shaking through the door ahead of me. All was well. The cream & strawberry cake helped.

Am I happy with today's result?
I've returned to my dark brown with plummy shocks, and actually yes I am, very happy.

When I was hairdressing we used to say, though not to the clients obviously, 'The difference between a good haircut and bad haircut is ......two weeks.' think about it, it's usually true
Hosted by Cecily and MamaGeek


  1. I love what you said about every picture telling a that's behind the scenes. A history.

    I need a big hair change I think, but I'm a wimp. Sigh.

  2. This is informative and fun. I always thought that hairdressers had a language that I needed to learn. If only I could use the same vocabulary to describe what I wanted, then I would get the exact cut I had in my head.

  3. So true! And it is easy to forget all that logic though. A few years ago I actually summoned up the patience to grow my hair long and when it finally got long I wondered why I didn't look like Jessica Simpson! lol

  4. Ugh! Just underscores why I only go twice a's painful!

    But where's your after photo?

  5. Saz,

    Yes, every pictures tells a story and holds a memory. You look gorgeous. You change very, very little with time. You have a long, graceful neck so that short hair looks really nice on you. Makes your face even more pretty. :)...I think so anyway.

    I have one drivers license that I hang on to because I remember actually "feeling" pretty on that day even though nothing in particular had changed with me. Even today, when I look at it, I think I am so pretty in that picture.

    Unfortunately, I don't feel that way today. I feel aged and look tired. I am overall happy, but not with my appearance.

    You go girl!

  6. LOL.. way to pull out the pics to prove your point! you go girl!

  7. Great post & I loved your pictures.
    I used to be a hair dresser many moons ago!
    I am a hairdresser's nightmare with fine poker straight hair that sticks out all over the place. Some people pay a fortune for that look!
    You are lucky if you have thick hair!

  8. Loved your collage!
    I so get this post.... I've cut hair.... my kids and husband, with a few others thrown in for the last 16 years-- and I rarely get what I think I want....

  9. ha ha ha, after photo Erin....

    I'm more like desperate Dan these days, wider neck three chins, dimples hidden in cheek fat...

    Eyes hidden by bottom of the bottle spectacles..of course I exaggerate, but we only show what is safe and comfortable....

    (so you are lurking!)

  10. Good for you to have saved the pictures.

    I have very few of me - Some one sent me one taken of me some years back... OMG! It's terrible, right in the very bad last years of drinking, I'm fat, sweating and the eyes have that glazed over totally lost it look.

    I have kept that one as a reminder of how bad it was.

    Hair... oh yes that was the point of the post... I'm a bloke with less and less, for years a pot of gel and two seconds have been all I need :-)

  11. One advantage of being a boring bloke. Conversation goes as follows:-

    "Yes, Please".

    End of story.

  12. Women and their hair is my nightmare...they go to the hairdressers, drink tea and chat but don't have anything done to their hair...but still expect you to see a change when they get home! My personal hair story is when the barber cut the top if my ear off...and at the end said I didn't need to tip him!

  13. Great story!! Wow, everyone should do a foto montage of their different hairstyles because that was fun to see.

  14. Such great advice, and I love the picture in the sort of middle, where you seem to be looking for a way out of the perm maybe?

    And thanks for joining my blog!

  15. Love the collage idea Sazzie. How come they are all passport size?

  16. So true. Some of my favorite haircuts have come when a very bad haircut has grown out. Now that I'm older bad hair doesn't freak me out as much because I know in a short time it will get better, but in my twenties--TRAGEDY!
    At least getting older is good for something. Glad you like your hair.

  17. Look at all those different yous! Cool. The thing about me is that you can chart my age by how much or how little hair I have left. Of course now, with none left on top, I'll be able to lie in future and pretend I'm younger. Yeah, right.

  18. Please don't run away in fright, but I cut my own hair. :) I haven't ever been to a salon, come to think of it... Does that make me strange? Ah, well.

    I understand what you're saying though. I've got Sarah Jessica Parker hair so I've learned not to peruse through photos of gals with straight hair when I get the urge for a new 'do.

  19. You're far more adventurous than I am. I have never dyed my hair, never gone for a perm, never done anything more exciting than grow it long, get it cut, grow it long, cut it short. I am a lost cause.

  20. Most of what you say is true but I still think that a lot of hairdressers speak a different language to me.

  21. A timely post, since I simply MUST get myself to the hairdressers this week or I will be more grey than red. And my hair is dry this time, which it usually isn't, so I'm thinking I need to go back to the make of dye I used to use instead of the one I needed for the bright pink streaks.

    I loved those pink streaks, I did. So did OH. But .. .*Sigh* ... I'll still have them, but they'll just have to be a little less visible.

  22. I once tried to follow my dream and have red put in my blonde hair. Not bright red, but more than strawberry blonde. Apparently some hair types (ie mine) "grab" the colour - and it goes pink. Which mine did. It took another three procedures to get my hair back to its original colour. I just tend to stick to hair cuts these days.

  23. How fun to see all the different hairstyles you've had through the years.
    My hair never, ever turns out like the photos.

  24. I once had a perm on already coloured hair- it went like blond shredded wheat and when I see pictures or videos I just cringe

  25. I love all the different photos and hair stories. Great post!

  26. Great pics!

    I used to have a bit of a phobia about going to the hairdressers, it always felt very claustraphobic, like the dentists! Once you sat down and they had started on you, you were there until they had finished, like it or not!!! I have got over that now, but, as you say, it is never exactly quite right!

  27. I love it. I never got the hair cut I want - until lately. I never knew how to describe it. There was a word for it - a bob.

    My hair is pure white, thick in back and thin in front. Who could possibly know what to do with it. Well, finally someone did.

    I enjoy your blog and I'll be back.

  28. What a fabulous group of very varying styles! I'm back to being natural after years of peroxide abuse. Even now I'm still being asked if it's dyed. I've rarely came from a salon happy!

  29. I always say "thank goodness I am not a man and this will grow in/back".

    What fabulous post.. having been away at a blogfest which ironically had no wireless connectivity .. I have a lot to catch up on ..

  30. This is absolutely true! I've had some cuts that were, um, not my favorite... that looked fabulous two weeks later. I just push my sunglasses up on my head EVERYWHERE I GO. It messes it all up enough that no one can even tell what's going on up there, let alone whether it's good or bad :)

  31. I went blond in the 1990's, it was a big mistake, did I learn from it ? Not at all I did it again in 2002 !!!

  32. Love your gallery and the thing about two weeks later is funny and so so true! I never realised. I stopped taking pictures with me and started again when I suggested to one girl of about 7 (well go on, maybe 17 then) that I wanted something a bit like Sue Barker and she didn't know who I meant. And I was trying to use an age appropriate role model!
    great blog.

  33. And I've just made my appointment for colour, cut and highlights. Enjoy the hairdressers, pampering to the hilt.

    CJ xx

  34. Oh so I shouldn't take that picture of Jennifer Anniston when I go for my chop on friday then?

  35. Oh, the horrors I've been stuck with after a trip to the hairdresser's. As a kid I had the bright idea of getting a perm. Then, a few years ago, putting my trust in my sister's hair stylist friend, I ended up looking like Madam Hooch from the harry Potter movies. Now I stick to straight long hair. Safest thing.

    Great photo mantage! Really tells a story. What will the next photo look like? I can't wait to see...


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