Thursday, 2 July 2009

A cold shower

Today I noticed my Bonsai was looking sad
I think it may be the heat here, it looks very dry, so scorched perhaps.
It is well watered, the trunk is still green so it's not dead. Yet.

As my father has saved a leafless and lifeless looking Bonsai
by putting it in the garden and tending it,
I texted Mum asking for advice.

I told her it was so hot here I could barely move.
That is rare for Cumbrian weather and rare for me.
An hour later I received this text.

'Get into the shade. Sit in a tub of water overnight. With food. Will recover.'

I laughed my socks off!
DID she mean the Bonsai or me?


  1. I'm with her! Sit in water, off...but save the little bonsai, please???

  2. Isn't it great that Mum always knows just the right thing to say? And to do? Some day our kids will feel the same way about us!
    Hope both you and the bonsai are doing well!

  3. Oh, poor bonsai, needs humid, cooler temps. Saz, sorry to hear about your weather woes.

  4. So are you typing from the tub? I know you must always listen to Moannie. I'd be afraid to do otherwise, out of context or not!

  5. Oh, yes! Absolutely! Must go ahead and take her advice!!!

  6. Did I, did I send that? Really? and here is me always telling you to read your predictive texts before you send them.
    Am laughing my imaginary socks off.

  7. I think it might work for both of you! LOL!

    I have a couple of dead-looking plants this week too, because I was away two nights and they were in a closed in conservatory. :( I'll try that trick and cross my fingers - thanks for that!

  8. Take the bonsai and sit with it in the water! As my mom would have said 'it couldnt hurt'

  9. It's a toss up who will die first in this heat - me or the plants!!

  10. Following your mums advice right now :D and there isn't a bonsai in sight!

  11. *giggles*

    Why not sit in the tub next to that little bonsai, just to make sure. ;-)

    Heat is intense here too. High 80s and high humidity: I melted.

  12. So it for the pair of you - you'll both benefit :-D

  13. What kind of food? If your mom recommends chocolate, oh yeah, I'M IN!

  14. Bonsais are meant to be kept out of doors aren't they? Just we never seem to have the climate here, do we? Good luck with little beauty, Saz! I always fancied trying to grow a Bonsai when I was younger, but could never source one - Maybe I just need to go for it now, with all this internet mularkey to order from!

    Save a space in that cool tub for me, my dahlink xxx


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