Tuesday, 28 July 2009

abc wednesday

B is for ...

Baltic & Bridge
both in Gateshead which to me means Newcastle
but I will be corrected about that l'm sure!

The Baltic is a refurbished flour mill
which is now a Contemporary Art & Exhibiton space
on the riverside
I took these images when Larry and I visited a few years ago

The bridge is the Millienium Bridge over the Tyne
which is right next to the Baltic

the majestic side view

Millenium Bridge view
taken from the top of the Baltic

apparently the footbridge rises to join the top arch
when a tall ship comes through this may or may not be true,
given that Larry told me that the Iron bru drink
is from the girders of the Forth Road Bridge,
or perhaps that reflects sadly, badly on me...

(now follows some techie info for Suldog and BS5)

this bridge was built and then lowered into place in one piece
by a crane called the Asian Hercules II
pictured here for you two boys!

(this image is borrowed from travel.webshots.com)

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  1. Some amazing structural engineering! I tried work something 'b' into my comment and failed miserably. Is it too late for me to drink some coffee??

  2. I've never seen bridge engineering quite like that. Very interesting, and a great B.

  3. WOW...are you sure that bridge is still standing Saz? Looks as though it may tip over any second!

  4. Tsk, tsk, tsk. As someone who used to have to get two buses from one to the other, they certainly are not one and the same place.
    My kids love the quayside and last year we saw the best Beryl Cook art exhibition there. I left Tyneside in 1980 to go to uni and the quayside was a dive. It still blows me away how fab it is now.

  5. I lived this way for a year. The Baltic is a fantastic place and as for bridges so many. Depends who you are talking too as to where it is.

  6. Weyhaaaaayy! What a kind soul you are. Fabulous crane, top bridge action and a great, great building (albeit with a slightly dodgy use in its final years....)

    Thanks very much indeed! I really enjoyed that.

    Of course Iron Bru is made from Girders.

    Have a happy day and take care

    BS5 x

  7. How big is that floating crane!!! I feel like a kid looking at one of those "giant machines" books I used to have

  8. These are very intriguing .. I especially like the shot of the bridge and the angle/perspective you used, Saz .. .

  9. It certainly looks as though the footbridge would rise to meet the arch, doesn't it? What a pretty bridge it is, too.

  10. Cool post Sazzie...I always seem to miss out on the ABC wednesday post, couldn't figure out the link for my Buddleia,Butterflies and a Bee post.

  11. Beautiful bridges. thanks for sharing.

  12. Very cool bridge.

  13. sorry - definitely NOT the same place. Tribalism will out.
    Anyway, that crane shot is so cool. Loved this post- home sweet home

  14. Love the bridge - it's great to know that us Brits actually have some interesting modern architecture!

  15. Great pictures of the bridges. I find bridges fascinating for reasons beyond me. Love walking across them and peering down at whatever is below me.

  16. I believe that is the biggest crane I've ever seen. What a great way to put in a bridge.

  17. That is a seriously cool bridge!


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