Sunday, 21 June 2009

Time off for bad behaviour

Due to recent bad behaviours. Rather like a teenager. My laptop has not been responding to my instructions. Or my questions. Nor my demands. And there has been much bad language, I confess !?+?*

I have had to give my laptop some overdue TLC, medicine and some down time to recuperate. She is stuck in recovery just now. Receiving well intentioned therapy (Microsoft updates which have taken 5 hours so far- I do hope I get to bed some time before the early hours)

I started this yesterday lunch time, after I purchased a mega 60zillion GIG external hard drive to back up the little darling. She went into shock. Then I stripped her naked. Then inserted the recovery disk. All went well until I tried to reinstall my music files and there wasn't enough space left. It was then I realised I had installed vista premium instead of basic (bloody vista!) So now having wiped her again this morning...the updates are taking forever.

This is all l have the energy, inclination and interest to post.

Until she is recovered fully and I have had a soak and watched a dvd or two. Larry is going tot he pictures (god does anyone else say that - the pictures!?) the cinema to watch a horror flick with the kids. Drag me to hell and back or summat...not my scene. My bent tonight is the divine actor Mr P Seymour Hoffman and the delightful Laura Linney in The Savages.


  1. I always have to stop myself saying 'the pictures'!! Must be our age ;-)

    Hope lap top id better soon.

  2. Ooops! meant to say 'hope your laptop is better soon'

  3. I do say 'the pictures'...

    It's an old woman's thing, defo! ;)

    I called a little girl 'Tuppence' the other day, as I did not know her name, and had my twenty-two year old hair stylist doubled over with laughter - Of course, they have never known a Tuppence, and calling a little tot of a thing, 'Two Pence' is just hilarious for them...

    Enjoy the pictures, Saz... Sounds a fab way to relax - Good luck with the pc - Those updates are a 'mare, non?! xxoooxx

  4. Wow, lots of operations to get the machine going. The new format looks sharp and crisp. Enjoy the new and better techno toys.

  5. Eek. Me head hurts. I'm afraid I'd have to turn it over to either my boot or some tech guys. Couldn't handle the stress.

  6. I'm regularly caught out by my daughter talking about the wireless.

    But then my son did once ask me about the "olden days when people lived in castles with moats".

    Ah, I remember it well ;-)

  7. I say ``the pictures'' and the Authorbloglets just shake their heads!

  8. Hi there, I too say 'the pictures' and my kids just laugh. They try to get me to say 'film' but being Irish I can only say 'fillim', and this again makes them laugh. My dad used to say 'the flicks' which we thought was really glam and fab, as he had been a solider in the war and had spent time with some GIs in London - as a small child in Dublin, the whole idea of London filled me with awe...

  9. love the pic! my computer needs it, but a little low on the flow to get it the required TLC. Hope all works out for you. Congrats on POTD nominee!

  10. Oh, I can feel your pain. I almost hyperventilate just reading about your laptop issues. I go into panic mode if I even think mine is misbehaving. I am addicted and probably need to go into some type of Rehab. Creative writing - and congrats on POTD!

  11. Another POTD! Woohooo!

    Isn't technology just the bees knees?

  12. I did see this Saz, but had to run off somewhere. Congrats on mention at Sir Knights stately Castle.

    Always the Pictures for me too, bet you would still say 'disco' and I'd say 'hop'.


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