Monday, 29 June 2009

A Mother's Battle Cry!

A Heads up to you all!
Now put away your broomsticks, sorry I meant to say brooms away, if you know where they are!

After recent posts here and elsewhere in blogland,
some bemoaning teenagers and in some cases declaring distinct pleasure of mothering these terrorists, albeit momentary (do l feel a cheap joke coming on here, yes but I will refrain!)
TEENAGERS, teens, tweenies, that is what this post is about, so settle down now.
I have cogitated, plotted and taken the bull by the proverbials.

Horns not bollocks!
And I am really pleased to be able to tell you all, that I have,
with the help of Fhina - A woman of no importance (hardly not my dear!)
well we have produced a fledgling blog for the purpose and pleasure of
mothers, fathers indeed any carer or protector of the little buggers.
Or in my case a 6ft and 1/4 inch 14 year old and his hardassed, full throttled, full on, gobby 17yr old sister by day and Vampire Princess by night.

A place to rant or rave, a santuary to value or vent, a homestead to shout or salve or just a pillow to lay your head a while. A virtual tree house. Dreaming of being fed peeled grapes and er well whatever your heart desires. Now I am getting carried away. I think you get the drift.

We hope to share some Mojitos with you on these sultry summer nights,

with lashings of chocolate if that is your vice, I know it is mine....
and the meatloaf, well it's a bit hot for meatloaf this time of year... isn't it?

So Mamas, Mummys, Mothers, Mums, Moms, Mams,
Dads, Daddys, papas and pops come on by
and if you feel so inclined, write a post for us, just let us know and we will sign you up!!


by the way you don't have to look like this, all waspy, clean and shiny, with davinci veneers!

come over to my house


  1. Wow! Power to the Mamas! Good luck to you ladies. If you want some professional advice now and then, send me an SOS. I taught teens for 30+ years!

  2. The broomstick brigade (photo 1) would probably be a more interesting bunch than the beautiful people in the last photo.
    I'm sure this will be a fun place for teenage parentals to rant a bit. Thank the lord, my 3 teens flew the coop and some of them are raising little rug rats of their own.

  3. I've been over...and I've been overcome...and I've been taken over...You and Fhi...what a pair!
    hugs to you both

  4. Sign me up please Saz - my teen ain't a teen any more but he also ain't flown the coop. I may not have words of wisdom but I have words of what not to do. (And I could rant and rave for England!)

  5. your hilarious haha. Sounds great i don't have any teens just yet but in a few years i'm sure your new site is the place to be :)

  6. That photo of those 'mums' at the end obviously have nannies or havent' heard the term 'teenage tearaway' just yet! hehe

  7. Your words always pull me in...but when I got to the photos of the Mojito and the chocolates, I was a goner!

    (and the photos of those 'mamas' look just like me with lots of airbrushing, imagination and photoshop!!)

  8. great idea & i wish y'all lots of luck!

  9. Just as well we don't have to look like that Saz, otherwise you'd have no visitors at all(well, speaking for myself that is......

  10. Thankfully I don't have to look like that and the webcom's not working - Yikes!

    A fabu-lush post and wonderful pics, dear Saz! I love the Vampire Princess Hardass - so funny and so sweet, my pet!

    I've got the chocs in the fridge in all this heat, and I hope you're on your way with the mint-sprigs for those Mojitos, as we celebrate your well-deserved and much-loved Post of the Day chez David - You are such a bloggy star, mah dahlink, I em most honahed to know you! xxx

  11. I must have been drawn here by the chocolate, or maybe the mojitos? I have one teenager left, (the others have grown), and he's just about to turn 19, so he's fast approaching sanity again. yay!

  12. SOOoooo, this is what you were talking about! Of course you went and created a new place. You are unstopable. I'm on my way over.

  13. You're brilliant! Of course, that's the blog we need. Because isn't this the hardest time of parenting? Is it? People keep telling me my child needs me more during the teen years than ever, she just doesn't think so. Can't wait to see your newest venture.


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