Friday, 22 May 2009

From acorns big Treen grows

Walking with Pippa a few evenings ago
we took the river side further than our usual trek
we wanted to blow away some particularly sticky cobwebs

we stood watching the cattle wend their casual way along the waters edge, 
I was rather hoping to catch up close
when I was distracted by an interesting tree trunk

I went to admire the pattern
then behind  it was very ruddy looking tree
I walked closer

and closer

and closer to get a better look

that's some sculpting
more info HERE


  1. This is awesome! The carving and the natural trees.. Great pics!

  2. That first trunk is a natural wonder . . . but the "ruddy" and carved one is wonderful, too.

  3. Absolutely amazing!!! And you have presented this so artfully!!!! I felt your curiousity...and it was a wonderful mystery...and adventure all wrapped up into one package! I love it, can you tell?? What was your first clue?? Have a great weekend! ~Janine XO

  4. Amazing what the human touch can add. Nice contrast.

  5. I recognized Rickerby Park, but it took me longer than I could believe to track down the sculptor:

    A deal with Barratt Homes, eh? Hmmm...

    The city council has a Walks on Your Doorstep leaflet well hidden on their web site:

    Some fine aerial views here:

  6. Cleverly introduced artwork! It reproduces your same awe. This must have been a pleasant surprise, to find a newly carved sculpture on your trek like this.

    Ciao and have a great weekend

  7. Can you imagine being able to do that? Fab!

  8. And what sculpting it is! That is a treasure is what that is!

  9. That is well-done. The natural one looks great too. Someone was commissioned to do some carvings in our local woodland on some dead tree trunks. One is a beautiful totem pole, others are modern sculptures of people.

  10. Great post Sazzie, I just love that we have surprises like that on our doorstep, and, with the introduction of BIG ART it will happen more and more. Ned something to cheer us up in this age of penury and corruption.

  11. Both forms of sculpting are beautiful. Both the tree trunk, which is Nature's sculpting. And the totem-pole, which is some talented human's. Wonder who the talented human, is?

    Aunt Amelia

  12. Perspective is everything. Cool creativity!

  13. What a surprise to look for another interesting tree trunk and find a totem pole style sculpture. I liked the way you told the story, too.

  14. Sara, you are endlessly creative and just wonderful you! xox


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