Thursday, 7 May 2009

Shop front?

Mum and I were taken with the fascia of this house
whilst we were prowling around the Bay

Victorian Terrace House/shop

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  1. I see from your previous post that you succumb to pressure! I enjoyed your answers; though, what the heck took you so long?

    Oh.the pictures today were a lovely interlude.

  2. Just been looking at your pics on Redbubble...what a lovely gallery for them...all beautiful crying out to be hung, loved the autumn leaves, well loved them all. I will wait for your next visit and you can maybe set it up for me then.
    Veri word is :sware. As if!

  3. These are beautiful!!! Fabulous! Have a wonderful weekend! ~Janine XO

  4. What is it about doors and windows? Some of our best shots, (my husband is a professional, I am below amateur) are of windows and doors. My favorites are from Mexico and Paris.

    Yours pics are terrific.

  5. That's a gorgeous shopfront, and how unusual to see it these days...

    Lovely, Saz, hope you are well my lovely friend xxx

  6. Lovely.

    Wait, isn't that MY house?!

  7. Always entreaty, isn't it, with windows and doors, especially old ones. Nice shots. Beautiful company.

  8. Unusual colors on the shop front to present a cheerful, inviting fascade. Nice capture.

  9. I've always wanted to go to Ireland just to see the doors. Have you seen them?

    Happy Mother's Day!

  10. I do love that front. Very smart!

  11. That's definitely a store front to be proud of.

  12. Love the brown and blue shades together :)

    How are you?

  13. Excellent signage for someone who deals in signs, I must say! Very pretty!


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