Friday, 1 May 2009

Photostory Friday - Lazy Sunday - Day four

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a snake of pretty boxes

view to the distant shadow of a Pier

Day four - A walk along the beach and seafront on a lazy Sunday morning.
I am always drawn to patterns. In my art. In taking photographs. In textiles.
Why? I don't know why I like repititions of shape or form, colour or light.
when I look at the photographs I take.
The patterns made by nature. By people. By architecture is prevalent.

So these photographs taken over a half hour period,
on my last day in Kent, show a keen eye for pattern. Again.
Beach huts appeared during the victorian period. They were and are used for changing into bathing costumes and usually have tea making facilities and more. I would love to have a purple one in my garden as 'my den' for painting and reading. Bliss.
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The Sailing Club

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Visit MamaGeek and Cecily, creators of Photo Story Friday.


  1. Our beaches aren't nice enough for a snake of boxes.

    Lovely photo. It looks like an enjoyable visit.

  2. Those pictures are fantastic...frame worthy for sure. :)

  3. ...a snake of boxes. Your choice of words are as lovely as your photos. Great composition, outstanding. As a designer these prints inspire me to create a room fit to hang them in.

  4. Saz, beautiful! I soooo want to have a beach hut, full of driftwood, and blue, white and red art and fabrics - Comfort amongst linen and cushions, seashells and model sailing boats...

    I need to get that lottery ticket! xxx

  5. Saz, And I love your artistic flair!!! It adds so much to your photography that I can only imagine how fabulous your art is!!!! Love these! Love your blog! ~Janine XO

  6. So perfectly British Saz...I just love it...what a wonderful art montage it would make...

  7. A snake of boxes. What a fresh image. GReat photographs.

  8. Aren't they worth about a quarter of a million now?

  9. I love all those coloured beach huts.

  10. Beach houses? Are these changing places? I have never seen that before. The colors are lovely.

  11. Excellen patterns. I really like the houses all in a row.

  12. Your pictures remind me of a holida I had in Suffolk.

  13. Beautiful shots. I would love to see more of your images on this site, Saz, for the simple reason that I reckon you are really good with a camera.

    Keep at it. I am a fan.

  14. Yes, what are all those boxes? They're pretty but they're making me mad. They're blocking the view of the beach. How rude, little cubes!

    Beautiful shots.

  15. Beautiful photos. Beach huts are so evocative and dreamy. I have a fantastic book called "Huts, havens and hideaways"

  16. Saz,

    I love it! I love it! I love it! I would love to nest there for a weekend! Your photos are awesomely done. We have a place here in Oceanside, CA that looks similar to Kent.

    You inspire me to complete my goal of getting my little tiny motorhome repaired to I can return to the beach sites again.

    thank you soooo much! Keep those pics comin'!...:)

  17. Those pictures are lovely. It looks like a simply wonderful place for a lazy any day walk.


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