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A day in the life...

On Wednesday I had my day fully organised. This is usually met with love and loathing. Love in that I have finally managed to organise and arrange some tasks and deeds I have been meaning to do for weeks. Loathing in that on a day off work I cannot just sit on my fat arse and crash, either with a book, a film or my computer. So having shelved the housework, the gardening and any necessary food shopping I just got up and cracked on when the alarm woke me at 6.50am.

I started with the usual morning ablutions followed by sorting the kids, dogs and myself into some semblance of order. Then printed off two sets of directions from the nice multimap people, filled up the car with petrol and the requisite playlists, bottles of cold water, sucky sweets and swizzler's lollipops.

I headed east towards the sunnier and warmer climes of Newcastle about 60 miles away, then with my first set of directions not very securely held at my steering wheel I pointed the car towards Gateshead and Fhina. I only had to circle St. James Park twice before I was sure I was in the correct locale and found myself a place to park. I was just taking a photo of the gate to China town - I didn't know Newcastle had one, but then most big cities do don't they! - when I spied the wide smile and the promised red coat and shoes on this woman of (no?) importance beaming at me from across the road. From that moment on I was enchanted by Fhina, she expresses the same quirky humour and sharp insight she displays on her effervescent and entertaining blog.

She then, and thank god for her, helped me find my way and accompanied me to the French Consul. Where I formally completed my application for my French passport and Identity card. Monsieur le Consul was very debonair and friendly, he put me at my ease as by now I was twisted up in excitement like a child's spinning top (we just don't see them anymore). I was asked about my thoughts on the current global financial disaster and the MP's expenses crisis.. Well I hope it was just polite conversation or peut-etre I was being taped for training purposes or other more sinister raisons! I may not even pass muster, knowing a little about  French bureaucracy it isn't a given. He did say I was a special case. I know not why he said this. He could have been referring to my political savvy. Or perhaps my beauty and style. I can only guess it may be unusual for a FF and fifty year old applying for her birthright so late after the event!

I left feeling slightly lightheaded, from the questioning and lack of air. I hold my breath when I get excited, so it may have been that. The lovely Fhina and I then drove back to town central and I dropped her off for some well deserved therapy shopping. She was by this time probably grateful to be relieved of this FFF excitable and talkative - till her ears bleed - southern blogging dervish - not to be confused with the whirling of religious ecstasy you understand.

Not to let myself off lightly by returning home for a quiet night in with a good book or other, I alighted to Ikea. I had checked availability of the items I needed before I left and 35+ of each item were in stock. But could I find them? Could I heck! I asked at customer services. Their computer said NO! Apparently they were stacked in the warehouse in such a way as the guys in there had been prohibited from moving them by the very pc guardians of Health and Safety . So I asked for the display pieces and that I would sign a waiver for non-returnable items. The computer or supervisor said NO! By now I was perspiring like a good'un and getting not a little cross. I found suitable and more expensive alternatives. Complaining not to effusively but sweating enough for the customer services to want me out of there, they offered me a reduction 'for my journey and disappointment' . Utterly defeated and somewhat disheveled I managed the trolley and car into a neighbouring space whilst eating a jumbo hot dog. Unable to lift the boxes by myself - after eating said hot dog? - I appealed to the guy beside me, who gallantly helped me. I drove back to Carlisle, telephoning ahead ensuring they knew every detail of my difficulty, so they were expecting me with a fresh pot of tea and smiles. I hoped.

Enfin. Home. Tea. Replenished and hearty enough to help put together my son's wardrobe and leave the rest for the weekend. At 10.30pm I sat at the dining table to unwind and checked out some blog posts. 

Tomorrow is another day. My last day off until next Tuesday. I planned to sit on the couch and crash. Did I?

 Did I heck!

A contender for post of the day at Authorblog, thanks again for the mention David!


  1. Wow! I wish I had just a little of your energy!!!!! You are amazing!!! What a day!!!! That's fab about the birthright!!!!! :-) Hope the French Consulate will grant you, (I'm guessing a dual citizenship?) Terrific!!!! You retell even the events of a busy day with wit and flair! Hurrah for this post! Enjoyed it! Good luck on all the rest of your busy days...~Janine XO

  2. How fantastic! I do hope the French will grant your wish. I do love Paris, and would love to see more of France, but to have a birthright....Ohhhh lala!

  3. Your zest amazes me! I'd have needed a full jar of swizzler's lollipops just to come to, in the morning!

    Ikea sounded a pain. Just as long as there were no MP's in the queue's needing emergency flat packs!

  4. Sounds like you had a busy day !

    Wizz :-)

  5. A woman's work is never done! How exciting to have two passports though. Which one will you use?

  6. Saz, I got tired just reading about your day, the fun you had meeting Fhina, with whom I am acquainted via blogland and am jealous of the fact you two have met, and then your shopping at Ikea, one of my favorite hang out.

    What does having a birthright do for you?

  7. I would be crying into my hotdog on the go 'til 10:30 pm. Something is very wrong with one of us. (OK, it's me.)

    France, let me just think about that for a while. Yup, pretty darned cool.

    Hey, Fhina rocks!

  8. you make me tired just reading about you.

  9. I think you need a day off to recover from your day off. Really.

  10. Phew, busy, busy. That's what men don't understand, isn't it, that a day off is not a day's rest!

  11. OKAY...

    For those of you enquiring into my 'birthright' and my feeling about it, here is one I did earlier...

    hope this helps...

  12. I can affirm that Saz is a non-stop Dervish, except when she has her feet up on my couch. She believes it is her duty to be the perfect mum and wife and daughter and friend and IT support, squashing her own considerable talents in the proccess-she succeeds, though I don't think she believes she does.


  13. You sound as though you are on the go from morning till night.
    Too bad about Ikea. You must have been annoyed. I would have been.
    Going to lie down now after reading all about your energetic day! Phew!
    You won't believe it but word ver. is .....CALME.....!!!!!
    Maybe it is trying to tell you something!

  14. I hate Ikea. I would no way have bought their more expensive alternatives - I bet that's why the ones you wanted were 'unavailable'. They needed to shift the others! LOL!

  15. I also was wondering about the energies of the indomitable Saz, and I only enjoyed half of this day, before I retired to the Crown Posada in Newcastle for a pint of Shandy and a packet of ready salted crisp

    She is a whirlwind, a whirlygig and a wonder. I love her! xox

  16. I got lost in Ikea on Saturday. Twice.

    But I was able to get the stuff I wanted. Lucky me!

  17. These were great stories about your birthright. Congrats on your post of the day nomination from David at authorblog. It's well deserved.

  18. What a day! I hope your wish is granted ... and congrats on the POTD mention!

  19. Saz...Congratulations on your EARNED it with a day like this!!! I LOVED reading this the first my pleasure is doubled!!!! Brilliant post! Again, Congrats! ~Janine XO

  20. POTD, featuring ME!!!, I am delighted for you, Saz - So well deserved as ever!

    Much love to you xxxoooxxx

  21. Came over from POTD. Well worth it. Put a smile on my face (not that I enjoy anyone's troubles). Isn't this just the way our days can turn out sometimes?
    Thanks for a witty retelling of you day. It lifted mine.


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