Wednesday, 20 May 2009


Stirred into action to find some photos of our dogs for a friend 
and then Moannie posting her pooch pic
I have this beauty to share

Pippa is our black labrador now approx 14yrs
Barney a Jack russell/terrier was her best friend
he died 3 years ago at the great age of 20yrs

they slept like this day and night
Pippa deferred always to Barney
after he died she started to whine at night
to sleep by one of our beds
no wanting to be alone

during the day she would keep watch
 by the window until our return
or perhaps looking for Barney

my daughter took this picture one day 
when she was home alone sick
Pippa obviously hadn't realised anyone was still home


  1. Ah the loyalty of dogs. Such a heart tugging tale and picture. I have two JR's that I adore and they love each other too. Couldn't imagine my life without them.

  2. This was such a lovely tribute to your wonderful pups, Saz...I loved it, though it was sad. My friend Pam at Thirty Something lost her beloved George, a Siamese's always so sad to close a chapter on a book that we were sure we had not finished with yet...

  3. Labs are such affectionate creatures. I had two yellow ones, now they're both scampering in the clouds, chasing rainbows.
    Lovely post


  4. Lovely pictures and very lovely dogs :-)

    Wizz :-)

  5. Yes, they are so attached they break our hearts.

  6. It looks like the pup is sitting in the corner because he or she was bad, lol

  7. How sweet that the 2 dogs were so close, and sad that one was so heartbroken at the loss of the other.

  8. Awww, dogs are so amazing. . . so sweet that picture of the 2 of them sleeping together. . .

  9. They look as though they loved each other very much. Lovely creatures.

  10. Sweet doggie photos! They're such delightful friends and members of the family. Being a cat person most of my life, I didn't realize this about dogs until we got our two westies a couple of years ago. Now, I'm a convert. Lovely...

  11. So sad. Dogs feel great emotions. Hope Pippa has got used to being on her own now. Such great photos.Ours cannot bear us to leave him alone and we rarely do. Even for a shopping trip, I have to make sure someone will be in the house.

  12. Sniffle...

    I have two dogs - and i imagine they will grieve for the one that goes first eventually...
    Hard to even think about really. My daughter just said to me that when i am not here the dogs seem unhappy, even though she is home... and that they miss me. They are sitting at my feet as I write :)

  13. Lovely pics Sazzie-love the way that Pippa protected Barney-gorgeous.

  14. Awe .. when my Black Lab past away, her sister, a Golden Retreiver was so very sad. We went camping a bit after and she thought she heard her sister barking. It was another dog but we had to calm her down and take her for a walk so she could see that it wasn't her sister.

  15. Oh, dear, Saz...I have awarded you a This blog Heart award...and you already have don't need to accept it twice...but I just wanted you to know that I think your blog is super, and that I appreciate your authenticity, and the way you make everyone feel special! You are a generous, and thoughtful blogger! I'm so glad you are my friend! ~Janine XO

  16. A lovely tribute indeed. Sniff...

  17. Oh, I am in stitches over your comment...this is why I love you!!!! You are so witty, and put everyone at ease!!!!! ~Janine

  18. Such sweet pooches, Sara!

    As for your late comment on my blog - Where do you get the stamina, woman?! Putting together a wardrobe late at night, after all that driving, shopping, stress and meeting moi? Next time I see you (and there shall be a next time, I warn you!), I want to borrow some of those pep pills you must have stashed in your lovely collection of bags!

    I thoroughly enjoyed our time together, and haven't had such fun in such a while... It was to treasure!

    Have a fabulous weekend, and don't work too-too hard, my dahlink! And the pedicure this evening? Just super, and I do feel as if I have pretty trotters now! Love and light, my friend...

    Fhi x

  19. The pics are lovely Saz...i just love the first pic!

  20. It's heartwrenching when one loses another. I miss my little grey guy every single day of my life. Still talk to him, too.

  21. Gorgeous. Makes me all sad for our late and still hugely lamented boxer, Monty. We had hoped he and the JRT would sleep like that and be bestest of friends but he died before it was able to happen. He too did the waiting halfway up the stairs bit.

  22. Ah.....
    lovely pics! I too have a black lab
    "Buford". And a pit mix.
    The lab is a bit older, not as peppy, and tends to get grumpy with the little one.
    This is the third lab I have had. They are a wonderful breed and very loving and family oriented.

    As for your two dogs....long may they run......

  23. Wonderful shots. Pippa actually looks as though she is doing "time out" for having misbehaved :-)

  24. Aw ... such good friends! Many people don't realise that animals grieve for lost companions, but they do.

  25. Sweet dog but 20 years? Say it isn't so. Our lab is only about 3 or 4 but not quite as sweet as yours. I don't think I can do 20 years. That's like a life sentence!


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