Monday, 25 May 2009

A Bear's necessities

I'm assuming his parents were not sadists, but in my book IF that is his birth given name they should be charged with emotional cruelty! Funny how appropriate it has turned out though, as an adventurer, climber and all round good egg! 

Bear Grylls has been appointed Chief Scout from July 2009, in the footsteps of Sir Baden-Powell the original scout.

Anyhow I digress, I was just listening to this man talking in the car - well on the radio in the car actually- and my pal Lulu over at Family Affairs was discussing the 
positives of having Bear as the new Chief Scout ...and Bear Grylls mentioned that there are 30,000 kids on the waiting list to join groups! The factor here that prevents their movement from said list to enjoying themselves and learning new skills and having real boys fun.. is the fact that there are not enough volunteers to get organise! There must some incentives, in the good work, for some men to come forward and make these boys week!It seems ludicrous to me, that people are out of work and there is potential here on so many levels!

Well come on Gordon and co stop counting your receipts something bloody useful and positive for a change, stop sitting on the proverbial hedge sorry fence,get something organised. 

We are so quick to judge 'the youth of today' in this country and generalise and label them, 'louts, scroungers, lay abouts' and worse. 

I think it was the Jesuits who said 'give me a boy of 8 and I shall show you the man', or something very similar (I hope), here is a huge opportunity to give these kids some hope and build confidence and self respect by recruiting volunteers to lead them BIG-TIME in quantities. Get A plan stick with it...these kids are our future, lets not waste this opportunity.
btw please don't go all political on me and let girls in too!(they have the guides and brownies and somewhere over the Rainbows.


  1. I used to be a cub leader and I sometimes feel guilty about not continuing and giving the boys a chance to participate in such a worthwhile organisation, but really, where would I get the time? I have volunteered to help out a couple of times a term at daughter's Rainbow group. If we all volunteered a few evenings a year, surely we could do it?

  2. Bear is a great name. You wouldn’t forget someone with Bear as a first name !

    Wizz :-)

  3. I agree wholeheartedly Saz - Our youth are often overlooked and demonized by the media, when we ought to be championing their successes and supporting their growth in directions that don't involve stabbings and disaffection from education...

    Hurrah for Bear who seems to speak to that generation and dib, dib, dob to scouts the world over! ;) xox

  4. Good for Bear! (I have a dear dear Scandinavian friend Bjorn, so the name is not unusual for me)

    This great post reminds me how Scout organizations strive to support our youngsters, encouraging their love for Nature, advocating their growth and steering them away from TV, malls and pop culture.

    Thank you!

  5. What a super post!!!! Doing things for the children of our countries is the wisest investment of all!!!! Love this! ~Janine XO

  6. I had two girls in my cub pack - my daughter and her friend...
    and my son
    and it was great
    and we had mums and dads.... the mix added a lot to the activities!
    I would rather see mums do it as well as dads than for it to not happen at all..
    We have pippins and brownies etc here... my daughter loathed them. She joined the junior cubs, called Keas here, on the understanding of the committee who approved it, that I would stay at every session to protect the man running it from allegations... the rest was history lol

  7. Yes. Let's get behind our youth and mentor them.

  8. The text style of 'Bear' in the Wikipedia for Edward Michael Grylls may indicate a non-given name. On the other hand, later in the entry there seems to have been a revenge motive to the naming of his sons:

    Children: Jesse, Marmaduke, and Huckleberry

    OK, maybe not revenge; but definitely a touch of A Boy Named Sue.

  9. JP and I stopped waching Bear...he was so gungho...'this is really dangerous, but here goes' and he slid down a ravine, dived into an ice pack, crawled into a dark cave full of ?? cast off on a desert island where he made a raft and drifted off into the Pacific, and never a word about the camera,sound and lighting men or director shadowing his every move. It got to the point where we shouted at the Telly 'they're right behind you.'

  10. Don't know this Bear that you speak of but the name is cool. That stands. And any attention and training for youth, pretty cool too. One thing that has me weirded out about the Boy Scouts (I believe) in the United States is that a new subsidiary group has been formed called the Explorers. It's a group of kids who are trained with pseudo guns to spot and kill terrorists or illegal immigrants. No crap. Here's the link at Matthew Good's site, I know that's not what you were going on about but I'm just so shocked I have to share it with somebody who might care. Kick me in the pants if you want to, or rant on my behalf. It's weird.
    Tell me what you think if you look.

  11. What a good idea AND thanks for the mention!! And for some reason it hadn't occurred to me what a ridiculous name he had Lx


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