Thursday, 14 May 2009

Another home, another time - Photostory Friday

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 Whilst I am in Kent, walking Milou with Mum
we always pass this quaint looking thatched cottage
it stands guard on a cliff top
it overlooks the sea

in another time it was  my parents' home
one of many homes I have to say
and I believe it to be a very favoured home
I was already long gone 
and married when they lived here

but I do remember Christmases, a 25th Wedding Anniversary,
lounging in the summer sun in the pretty garden, 
listening to the tennis fortnight whilst devouring spicy chicken wings
and many, many meals shared around the refectory table

Mum walks past it everyday
it cannot be more than 150 yards from where they live today

when they first lived in the village in the 1980's
they also ran the local fish and chip shop for a time
(one of their many incarnations)
 they made fab fish suppers

 the cottage had a compulsory purchase order upon it
 as it was in grave danger of falling into the sea
-it is 25 feet away from the cliff edge-
since then the coast line there has been reinforced
and it may be there for many more years...

a solitary naked tree in front garden, 
Mum will have to tell you what type it is

the view from the home front

The cliff path passes by the wood fence and hedge boundary
on a clear day Reculver Towers are visible in the distance

Happy days!!

Me, Dad, Mum & Sis 1985
Cliff Cottage

Visit MamaGeek and Cecily, creators of Photo Story Friday.


  1. Lovely home, Saz...

    And that pic of you all - Your mum and dad so stylish, and that is the first I have seen of Pere le Bodger in his more mature years - What a smasher!

    And you two with your big glasses! I had such a pair in the eighties - Mad, bad and dangerous to know, non?!

    Lovely indeed - Great post, and thank you for sharing your past...and your present and that fantastic future, too xxooxx

  2. What lovely snapshots Saz........I love them all but am particularly fond of the naked bent tree.
    What a sweet tribute to your family you've written here :)

    Steady On
    Reggie Girl

  3. Very pretty house. Can't wait to see houses like this soon...

  4. aaww.. very cute classic cottages :D

  5. oh how beautiful. how luck you were to have spent time in such a wonderful place. :)

  6. Beautiful - would have hated to leave such a gorgeous home!!!

  7. That cottage is so picturesque and the photos of the surrounding area are just fantabulous! Loved the views from this post.

  8. What a cool house! How nice that you have so many lovely memories of it.

  9. What a beautiful cottage. I hope they can look back on their time in it without regret at having to leave.

  10. That was a great post! A thatched roof!
    The house was beautiful but it must have been very scary living so close to the cliff edge! Unfortunately this is happening all too often in England! We have so much coastline, don't we?
    Loved your photo of the family! I have many like that! Large glasses! Yes..... that was the era!

    Word verification..... SHINGLI ..... Was the beach shingly?

  11. These are ALL beautiful! For some reason those tree shots just catch my eye, what beautiful memories you've captured!

  12. Wow! Just gorgeous. And now I am craving fish and chips. So yummy. Great post.

  13. Oh, so make me so homesick for England! What a gorgeous cottage! Love the picture of you and your family as well!!!! You look fab! I imagine you still do! Thanks for sharing this! It's a wonderful story!!! ~Janine XO

  14. NOOOooooo! That is so not you four! Really? really. wow.
    and what a magnificent house! I can only imagine Christmas in that. I bet the light in that house was incredible. Just a feeling.

  15. What a beautiful house and gorgeous view.... how lucky to have been a part of it..


  16. A gorgeous house and fantastic views. Pleasant memories are the real jewels of our life.

  17. What a beautiful house and what a shame you had to leave it.

  18. What a fabulous view! I bet it was windy in the winter, though.

    Gorgeous. I'd love to live there.

  19. Wow. What a beautiful place.

    You didn't say why they moved from it.

    We don't have thatched roofs here. I guess that is why they create such a longing in me.

    And the view! Water! I want to be there. Just there.


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