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Home Alone 2

I thought I would share my few solitary days with you. I am alone. All alone. Not lonely.

The last time I was alone, I thought was just a few months ago. No. It was not. The last time was when I posted this post Home Alone dated Tuesday July 22, 2008!! That's nine months ago.

The same routine is being replayed. Larry has three days in the office in Manchester and so he books into an apartment rather than a hotel. This one has two bedrooms, so although my son camps out in the living room, there is a sense of holiday for them. Larry loves taking them out in the evenings. Imax - what is that? Pizza, curry, Apple shop etc.
I get to rearrange the house just so, tweaking a few things here and there. This way and that. Attack our daughters room. So when she returns it not overwhelming her. Cos as it is now, I cannot see the carpet!

I also get to play with my new toy. Its white and heavy and noisy! Now now! Moi, mais non! Lucky moi was out with Larry for breakfast yesterday and then we ran a few errands, including picking up some wire, I think I mean leads, for the amplifier. He totally surprised me by asking for ' a white Bose soundDock please' I was flabbergasted! My belated birthday present! I have been yearning for this for my ipod and loving the anticipation. I now have one. It is fantastico! The sound is sublime.

I find that the pace here is slowing and I am awash with a quiet contentment... and wine, galaxy, cream cake and salmon and veg steamed to perfection. Now which dvd shall I watch?


  1. It's about time you had a slower pace though isn't it?! Enjoy :)

  2. Ah, the pleasures of self indulgence! Relax and enjoy, blissful solitude all well desreved. (as a DVD choice may I suggest the entire box set of the Bourne series? Matt Damon, travel, spies and amnesia: perfect)

  3. Ah, peace and quiet for a while and then you'll be refreshed and ready for regular life. :D Enjoy!

  4. That actually sounds like Heaven. There is a nice difference between being temporarily alone, and always alone...

  5. Sounds like a good way to spend some alone time. Crank it up!

  6. Saz, live it up. Forget cleaning up others' rooms. Enjoy your music and solitude.

  7. Yes, yes, yes! Enjoy it for us all! Especially the wine and the movie with the cheese cake...oh girl! I might have to set that up for myself!

    Sometimes,solitariness can be a good thing! I rarely get my house to myself...daycare, grandchild, own children, etc.

    Then when I get the house to myself, I have to go through it and make sure I am secure and not afraid...Lol! Once I settle down, I'm good. :)

  8. Wine? I hope it's an Aussie label!

  9. I'm so glad you're enjoying yourself. My life is just the opposite from yours - I am almost always alone...which I love really, but it does get lonely. Blogging has been a godsend for me. Enjoy and over-indulge!!!

  10. It sounds fabuloso, and I hope you drink in every minute. Your dinner sounds divine. Lovely post; thanks, Saz.

  11. Oh, I too am alone, and I love the time I am alone to de-clutter, eat what and when I the husband has been gone on business for a week. I cram all sorts of projects and a bit of self-indulgence in too! Love your blog!Plus, the cats get to sleep in the bed.....their treat too!

  12. Sound like heaven! We're taking daughter to the IMAX tomorrow. I'm so excited!

  13. How absolutely delightful! Enjoy! I certainly enjoyed reading this! I can so relate...Congrats on your POTD mention!

  14. Am I too late for my glass - And what's that in the dvd player... My, your sofa is so comfortable, Saz Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz :) Enjoy.

  15. Weyhey! Top new gadget at last! :)

  16. "Awash with quiet contentment" - what a lovely state of mind "and wine, galaxy, cream cake and salmon and veg steamed to perfection" - even better :) Hope you had a nice weekend!


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