Sunday, 19 April 2009

High spring and the beckoning of Summer..

why I like the warmer days and longer lighter evenings ...

walking the dog at 9pm instead of 3.30pm

wearing flip flops

sitting in the car facing the sea in the rain with a 99 (an ice cream not a position)

everyone seems happier (if the temperature rises above 68 degrees however they can't hack it)

the garden is a vista of colour

and an abundance of flora and textures all overlapping wildly

wearing less

mowing the lawn and pottering about in the garden and shed

the sun on my face

eating in the garden

getting my paints and easel out

serving cold cuts and salad more often (and getting away with it)

getting Agatha - my beloved Pashley out of the shed (just out not riding it! I jest - I ride it to work and push it home again)

the occassional BBQ

long walks on the beach

reading more during the day and not feeling so guilty - weird or what

my uplifted spirits

hearing the counds of neighbouring children shrieking and chatting with delight

our dog lying on the grass soaking up the sunshine...

Thank you David for mentioning this post on Post of the Day!


  1. Are you sure you don't live next door to me? You just described our day yesterday - and the child shrieking was my daughter trying to catch bubbles with her teeth!

  2. Today we had the first blast of Winter.... a chilly breeze and driving rain. I hate winter clothes too.

  3. Shame it was just the ice cream :(

  4. And the sound of a distant motor mower.


  5. Ooh I'm in agreement with everything you've said. I even went out and bought myself some new flip flops the other day. Having said that my feet did look rather shocking after a Winter spent in socks, so I may have to do something about them before I don them permanently!!!

  6. How lovely...I've got the thermol vest on today!


  7. I mark the passing of the spring season by wearing less, as you say, Saz, and once I've got my sunglasses on I feel that much better about living in the UK!

    Hope you had a fine weekend! xox

  8. i will simply state a great big AMEN SISTER!!! see post for what we did in the beautiful sunshine yesterday ;) i LOVE spring!!


  9. Amen Sistah! SO good to shake off the winter blahs .. two sunny warm days here in a row in NYC .. so of course tomorrow its going to be cold and rainy

  10. We are being sorely teased here in Chicago. Yesterday it was flip-flop weather and in the mid-seventies (farenheit). Today it is cold and rainy. Pah!

  11. All wonderful reasons to be alive in spring. Wish our spring was warmer round the shoulders.

    Is that your photo of your bike? It's beautiful!

  12. Ice cream and a 99 would put a smile on your face! (Just realised BS5 has stolen my line!)

  13. ...and strawberries!

    Lovely post, it truly captured the joys of springtime.


  14. What's in a 99? Chocolate chip cookies? Surely not vanilla!

  15. Wonderful Saz. All except the mowing - that's a chore in my book!
    Did you see the Pashley factory on Flog It recently? Quite fascinating seeing how they were made. Did you know they do pink ones nowadays!

  16. Amen, amen, amen. I love feeling warm again!

  17. david- a 99 is an ice cream of any flavour with a cadburys chocolate flake sticking half half out of it. The joy is that everyone ha their own way of eating it or the flake. A written description, could only be described as gastro porn so I will not tell how I eat it.

    senex- my pashely is identical to the picture..I wouldnt have a pink one, yuk..purple perhaps, but agatha is great the way she is. I will an eye pen for the flog it episode...thanks

  18. Great list and I for one am happy to do any and all of the things you mentioned. Glad to have found your blog, xv.

  19. Fabulous!!!! Love the flip-flop picture especially!!! You've captured all the reasons I love Spring as well....Congrats on your POTD! This is terrific!

  20. Congrats on POTD. I sketched and painted last weekend on my patio and it was such great fun. "Gastro porn" ha-ha.


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