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100 things...revisited

After work tomorrow, I shall be driving to Kent. Alone. To visit with my parents. We will talk, eat, drink, shop, relax, laugh and even perhaps cry a bit. We may paint some views, take some photos and watch some tv or films. My ever increasing backside will be fed by mother's FAB cooking and I will hesitate at the third helping. But only for a nano second. Oh and I will spoiled rotten. Never to lift a finger. Though I shall try hard to help out. I shall stay a few days and drive back on Monday. At least 5lbs heavier. All on my waist and arse! I like to think I shall be missed. I doubt I will. 

I posted this back in August. I got scared.  l think I was being silly. Here it is again. See you soon.

1. I am a blogger and my blog name is Fat frumpy & fifty.

2. My family call me Sarita, Saz, Sazzie, Sarabelle, Lala and Mum.
3. I have lived in England, France, Mexico, Canada, USA and Spain.
4. I have also visited Italy, Tunisia, Scotland, oh and Belgium (we took a wrong turn and l was asleep, does that count?) and Greece.
5. I used to speak French and Spanish (Mexican-Spanish though l am terribly, terribly rusty in both)
6. I love the sunshine and dry warm weather
7. I don’t enjoy living in wet, damp, windy and cold climates
8. I live in Cumbria.
9. I was conceived in Barcelona.
10. I miss my grandmother, Iris Eleanor Young (June)
11. I adore visiting Art Galleries and Museums.
12. I’m addicted to books, reading them, holding them, smelling them, owning them.
13. Ditto for handbags, especially vintage handbags.
14. I haven’t counted them but I guess l have around 100
15. I have two children, a daughter of 17 and a son of 14.
16. I love going to the cinema
17. I love watching a film at home
18. I have rekindled my interest in gardening
19. I love the smell of the sea, the seaside in Kent.
20. I love feeling the hot sand under foot (not in Kent)
21. Smelling the washing that has been blown dry on a line, lovely! (not in Cumbria)
22. I like to eat, the pleasure of eating, the event, the taste, it’s a sensual thing for me, it’s part of my upbringing, its those long French meal times
23. I like to do most things 'creative', to paint, draw, sculpt, mosaic, stitch, quilt, etc.
24. The French singer Johnny Hallyday is a not so secret passion, since I was 10 yrs old.
25. My favourite colour is purple and all its hues.
26. I am passionate about Vintage clothing, its history is mesmerising real or imagined.
27. I spent a large part of my life in a south of England seaside town in
28. I have attended five schools, two colleges and am currently study with the Open University.
29. I read and review books for a readers’ magazine.
30. I used to be a breast feeding counsellor
31. I’ve been in the same relationship for 27 years (or 34 if you count the breaks like Rachel & Ross)
32. I’m not very even tempered, l'm either really enthusiastic or quite low, even depressed, rarely relaxed or calm, what is that about?
33. I think l must be difficult to live with
34. I think everyone must be difficult to live with
35. I am probably a bit obsessive compulsive, its all or nothing with me
36. I cry at sad things, reading newspapers, blogs, on tv, radio and most of the happy things too
37. I wish l laughed more, it feels so good
38. I was an awful school student, uninspired, no study ethic, couldn’t wait to leave
39. I wish I had been a good student, inspired by great teachers and subjects
40. I wanted to go to art school
41. I value my friends! You know who you are!
42. I have been made redundant four times, all in the 1980’s
43. I am a qualified hair stylist
44. I used to work in a bookshop
45. I passed the Diploma of Uk Booksellers with merit
46. I used to be a Fashion buyer and in retail management
47. I love hot pulsating showers and soaking in deep hot bath tubs
48. I love Steak au poivre, chateaubriand and beef wellington
49. I love crushed raspberries, meringues and whipped cream, all mushed up!
50. I love Galaxy chocolate
51. I eat too much chocolate
52. I am 50
53. I love my bed
54. I would love to have a duvet day alone
55. Or for two
56. I don’t like housework, but it has to be done
57. I love the smell of my babies’ skin, necks and heads, even now
58. My favourite black and white films are Random Harvest, it’s a Wonderful life & Brief Encounter
59. I love Christmas time, the planning, buying and wrapping of presents
60. It is better to give than receive
61. I wish l were happier
62. I’m not sure that’s possible
63. I want my children to be happy and healthy always, I guess that’s a given!
64. I am married to a Scot
65. I have had four broken bones: knee cap- l fell, collar bone -I was pushed, toe- something fell on me, cracked nose ( too complicated and embarrassing to go in to!)
66. I recently severed a nerve in my finger and had micro surgery to repair it
67. The finger is still numb
68. I adore Tchaikovsky’s Piano Concerto No1, played very loud
69. I would like to attend a live orchestra playing no. 69.(you know what l mean)

70. I used to dislike country music, coffee and cream, not anymore.

71. I have tried to learn the guitar and piano and failed

72. I used to play the recorder

73. I went to a Catholic girls’ convent school for 6 years

74. I always fainted in Chapel during Benediction, it was the incense (or me)
75. I am not a catholic, but feel I am sort of, it’s complicated.
76. I am interested in Buddhism and other ‘spiritual’ paths
77. I would like to be ‘a glass half full’ kinda girl
78. I spend too much time online
79. I miss my dog Butch and our dog Barney
80. I like old brown furniture, painted white
81. I have had measles, German measles, chicken pox, slapped cheek disease, a touch of tuberculosis/whopping cough, influenza. 

82. I don’t like pubs and clubs, l’m always uncomfortable.

83. I did enjoy them in my 20’s though, it must have been a phase
84. I get pissed on two drinks (red wine or G&T) maybe it’s my age
85. Rufus Wainwright is my current music obsession
86. If l could I would travel, travel, travel.
87. I’ve been in several earthquakes, one was quite a biggie. I was a child and found it exciting
88. I’ve seen a tornado from a distance, again I was a child and found it exciting
89. During the 1968 student riots, we had to evacuate my Mexican school as the students were about to over run it. Tanks were on the streets.

90. I am scared of the dark

91. My maternal grandmother was a dancer, she partnered Victor Sylvester and was a Phyllis Dixie tableaux nude.
92. I was my happiest when I was pregnant.

93. As a teenager my Dad delivered groceries to the artist Picasso. He didn’t have any cash on him for a tip, so gave my father a drawing and signed it. My father thought he wasn’t impressed and threw it away. DOH!

94. I can't hear 'Rhapsody on a theme of Paganini', without thinking of my mother fondly.

95. As a child l would have nose bleeds that lasted for 3-4 hours, my nose was cauterised twice

96. In 1968 I travelled with my family on QE1 liner on its final transatlantic journey.
97. I’m strive to me a better mother.
98. l'm a fan of US drama programmes
99. I cycle, weather permitting, about town on my old Pashley bicycle.

100. I love to make lists, so this was fun and a tad revealing


  1. Glad to know you more, or less. Enjoy the visit with your parents.

  2. I'm coming back to read your 100 later, but just wanted to say that they will miss you, of course they will.

    Have a great and relaxing time :) Aren't mums fab?!

    Safe journey

    S x

  3. Saz,

    Enjoy your parents while you can. Both of mine are deceased. My mom would cook for an army even though there was only a few of us. Only way she would know how to cook. We were expected to take leftovers home then go to the freezer and pantry to pick out food to take home!

    You are definitely loved! I think it's worth a few pounds...LOL!

  4. Have a great time. I enjoyed my week away with my mum, so I am sure you will too, by the sound of it..

  5. Have a great time. I enjoyed my week away with my mum, so I am sure you will too, by the sound of it..

  6. Aah enjoy the trip to see your parents. That's what they're for - to spoil you and make you fat. I put on at least half a stone each time I see them. Fun but depressing!!

    I too love the sunshine, the smell of the sea, the feel and smell of books, I cry at sad things (especially soppy films), love my bed, Galaxy chocolate, hot baths, I definitely spend too much time online (much to my husband's distress), I too feel Catholic but am not (my husband is and my two children - does that count me in too?), don't like pubs, love travelling....You see I read them all. Great list. It could be me. Only thing I don't agree with - I hated being pregnant!!!

  7. hmmm French background, love of books, sewing, retro clothing,.....

    Are you sure you are not my little sister whisked away at birth?

  8. I loved reading this- a great insight.

  9. Great 'list' Saz!

    Enjoy your visit to see your parents. eat, drink, shop, laugh lots and relax often but please dont cry too much. and give me and Twinkle a wave as you pass!

  10. I am also trying to shed the weight from a visit to my mum's and a friend in Cumbria - the food there is fab. Have a great time in Kent. I enjoyed your 100.

  11. What a great list. You've had a lot of interesting jobs.

  12. Have a great visit with your parents, sounds like fun. I just got back from mine. Miss them already. I loved your list. It made me smile when you said you were your happiest when you were pregnant. Again have a great visit and I know you will be missed in blogland.

  13. sigh... my mother is rabidly anti fat, anti cholesterol, expects us to exercise all day and loathes anything to do with smoking or illness.... but then she plays tennis at 78 and is slim and active... while i am less so!
    Somehow I don't think I would spend a week being that spoiled these days - but it is always lovely to see her and enjoy china tea and slim cut fruit loaf lol
    My best to darling Moannie :)

  14. I feel exhausted just reading your 100. Why not write them into a biography and then I can curl up with them?

  15. What a great list my darling, some of them bought a tear.

    Quail tomorrow and roast beef on Sunday, but no idea what in between.


  16. You are a very interesting person and have lived in many different places. But Cumbria is lovely, not far from Northumberland really. I think we even get the same local news?

    CJ xx

    p.s. enjoy yourself and eat lots!!

  17. Oh, I like Rufus Wainwright, too. Going to a Town is a lovely song.

  18. Enjoyed your blog. Thanks for sharing this.

  19. Have a great time!

    Love the list. And OF COURSE we'll miss you, should you ever leave for any real length of time, so just consider us your extended family and tell anyone in your real family, who doesn't miss you, that you have replacements at hand.

  20. What an exciting life you have are very blessed!

    I enjoyed reading your 100s.

  21. You know, I think I knew you before. You reveal yourself rather well day to day here.

    Was it 93, Picasso? Gad, I'm laughing silly right now.

    Don't mind the five you'll gain. That's going to take work! The best kind of work.

  22. What a wonderful way to get to know you better. You are fabulous!
    Enjoy your trip home...and all of your Mum's delicious meals.

  23. Oh, I hope you have a wonderful time with your parents. There's nothing like a return to the womb to rest and refresh! And I'm sure your parents will enjoy their time with you equally! Savor every moment and enjoy!



  24. Enjoy! :-)

    Your father's not impressed by a crappy Picasso drawing, I am impressed!

  25. Found you via A Woman of No Importance. Saying hello from California, USA. Also over 50, also used to play the recorder, also was happiest when pregnant. I hope you had a nice holiday...

  26. So I've never read these before thank you for the've jollied me up quite nicely!!!

  27. Welcome back home! :-)

    May I ask you to show some pictures of your lovely Cumbria in Spring (that beautiful part of the world that filled Wordsworth's heart with pleasure upon the sight of its daffodils!)?


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