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I have had a couple of manic weeks, in both my head and the real? world! I have started a couple of posts but they didn't come together and gel into anything except manic meandering and dismal drivel.
I popped by Sass's blog, One lustful mum, er no that isnt right, Sass is of course One strangely lush mother, sorry Sass, it just drips of my tongue, I have no filter today!  I've  caught up with her last few posts and borrowed and tweaked her most recent because it enables me to sum up the past couple of weeks a little more cohesively. I hope you agree, well you would if I let you see my saved drafts. I must delete them!
So to sum up for you.
I feel...

Frazzled- waiting to know if our house move is going through. Yes again! We are cramped and encroaching into each others personal space in this house. Though lovely, it is small for us 4 big people. This garden has more room and if it were warmer l'd be out there, but it isn't and so I'm not! posted by Sass I too am moved by the sad news of Ivan Cameron. The press appear to have given the family the space  they need at this awful time. As India Knight wrote in TST give  a thought to Ivan's siblings. Ivan has probably been the shadow and the light in their lives  until now and  I'm sure Samantha and David will help them adjust.

Shocked - to learn I have sustained high bp.That it is higher than Larry's, who has been on meds for 20 years and now I  am on a higher dose than he is! The doc is trying to get it down to a manageable level, so I can try  HRT, because of my 'severe symptoms'. 

Sweaty - my hot fushes/flashes are up to every 20 minutes or so, my cycle all over the show, but I believe they're on the wane. My doctor is happy to let me try Hrt again, as there are so many types now on offer and I am hopeful we will find the right one for me this time around. I keep turning off the heating and everyone says it's cold...not in my word it isn't. And when I have a flush, its all consuming I have to stop mid sentence and fan myself!

Humbled- by the bravery of Jade Goody. Some may say or think she is still after the limelight. Well as she naively entered the Big brother house and I was encouraged by a huge block of the uk public, who watched and voted on that series, me included, she may well be, who can blame her. It has been thebetter part of her troubled life. I don't read the red tops, but on other news it appeared her neighbour was having a go at her as she got into her car! With the  press outside her door how could he not. The git. She is still giving interviews, to be paid and to encourage other woman to have regular smear tests (and l know some who have never had a smear, they are too shy and ignorant to do so). I had dodgy cells caught on a smear test, an erosion too, shortly after I had  a miscarriage. I had treatment immediately. It may have saved my life. 

I wish Jade some pain free moments with her boys and family. I cannot begin to feel her anguish. How does one manage to breath in and out and put one foot in front of the other knowing your time with your children and in this world is so very limited. I could weep for her.


  1. Sometimes it is weeping that gets me through the day.

  2. May I say that HRT is the only reason I didnt kill anyone while experiencing the wonders of menopause ... Hope your doc can sort you out ..

  3. I send you oodles of blogland ice cubes to cool you down and a basket full of calming ingredients to soothe your troubled soul - or hormones. May you soon drift into calmer stretches as you bob along on the river of life...

  4. You sound like you are having extreme menopausal symptoms like I have. It has taken me years to get it under control. My doctor’s are quite ignorant about it all and it has taken trial and error – more error than trial – to get some control back in my life. I have cried, lost friends through being completely intolerant of them – some of them no loss because they were emotional vampires and I just don’t have the patience to help them out every time they have a crisis these days, especially as I got bugger all understanding back from them when things were tough for me. I even have an eejit acquaintance who says that the menopause doesn’t exist – oh well that’s okay then, I’ll just use mind over matter and everything will be hunkey dorey then. Silly me, all I needed was a good positive attitude to stop me haemorrhaging blood for two weeks out of every four then. I could slap her into next week when she comes out with that crap.

    So, what helps? Diet does and exercise. I was on Atkins for years and I am still as fat as a fool, Not eating enough vegetables and pulses did my head in and I lacked any energy. Lately I have been on a low GI diet, along with my HRT Elleste Duet, and what a difference. Honestly, I feel so much calmer, but I hate saying that as it is almost like tempting fate. I cut back on stimulants like coffee and tea and alcohol. I make a chicken and vegetable soup with leeks, onions, garlic, carrots, and thyme, bay leaves, parsley and chicken stock and my god it is like magic menopause soup! I make a large cauldron full and freeze it so that I can have a bowl a day. I have stir-fry’s loaded with veg and no noodles. I avoid all refined carbs as much as possible as they really do mess with your insulin levels sending your temperature sky high and making hot flushes much worse. Porridge and pulses and lentils are good. Then to back it up, I use run by Dr Heather Curry who really does know what extreme symptoms are like. There is a wealth of info on there and support groups. Sorry this is long, but you mentioned on my blog the other day you were having difficulties and I meant to respond with some suggestions. All the best.

  5. Oh, Saz - I think the MOB has covered everything - I hope HRT works once again for you, and I have a book on alternative (dietary, as MOB says) support for all the symptoms - Hopefully, I can get it to you when we meet?

    I have googlemailed you, and Moannie's comment about us, was actually on my blog a couple of days ago - I have a terrible memory, and I think that's a symptom of more to come too! xox

  6. I tried HRT a few years back but then got worried about the bad press and weaned myself off it again. Fortunately the hot flushes are far and few between (though I still get them and it is now 8 years since I had my hysterectomy!) Commiserations to you.

  7. Acai seed is supposed to be good for high blood pressure I think.

    Good luck with the house move - maybe that's why the bp is up?!

  8. Oops, I also meant to say that I also put celery and the most important ingredient of all in the soup is barley! That is the magic ingredient really and not to be missed out! If you can manage a week on that, use soya and linseed bread, make porrige with soya milk and up your veg count you will literally be laughing at the end of the week. Honestly, I could have cried with relief when over the last three weeks my symptoms started to ease. The high I have been feeling is so wonderful.

  9. Some thoughtful words there and I enjoyed reading them all. Men are pretty lucky to avoid all that biological distraction!

    HRT isn't 'heat resistant tiles' in this Post is it?

  10. Is that you dousing yourself with water? If so, I don't wish you any discomfort, but if you do continue having flashes and taking pictures of yourself, would you mind turning just slightly towards the camera? Thanks!

  11. My mum went to ask the doctor about HRT because her memory was shot to pieces.

    Fortunately the doctor asked her 'WHY?!' when she asked for HIV.

    About Jade - yes. She's generating a lot of awareness about how anybody deals with a terminal illness. Sadly, even when you are ill, you have to keep paying the bills.

  12. sass- am i as old as yer ma!! blimey!!

    jinksy- thanks for the ice!! cool!

    MOB- you are agem..delighted and thank full I am!!

    Queen size- pass the tissues babe!

    Daryl- fingers crossed and thanks!

  13. Oh, I hope that MOB's suggestions work out for you. My hubby has HBP and high cholesterol and has had for years - though he has always been at a very good weight and underweight for many years!

    The hot flashes, I can relate! Is there anything worse than waking up with your nightgown absolutely sopping wet?? My hot flashes aren't nearly as bad nor do they come as often as yours. I wish you well.

    As for Jane Goody, you're the second person who has mentioned her in as many days. I have to admit I don't know who she is, but I'll have to look in on her. Poor girl!

    Peace - D

  14. Ok, last thing but just one more thing I meant to say. Cutting out refined carbs such as white bread, baked tatties, crisps, and so on helps tremendously with reducing blood pressure. Honestly mine was always borderline high but I refused the medication and changed my diet - it honestly works and you lose weight weight too. Good luck, I hope you get things sorted soon.

  15. Your blood presure is that high? No wonder you feel bad, get it sorted girl! And good luck with the HRT.

    Your last bit, about the thought of leaving our children alone in the world, is indeed heart breaking.

  16. Great post as usual Sazzie. Have you heard those women who mourn when their fertile life is over? I can only imagine they have never had Dysmenorrhia and their menopause was a doddle. But we did get the wonder of giving life.

    MOB's soup sounds delish and if it works for you giving up white bread etc is no hardship as you will lose a few pounds as well as finding relief-and who wants to be hot hot hot in the coming months.

  17. Hope your doc can sort out your BP and your hormones. There are a lot of herbal remedies that are worth a try as an altenative to HRT.

  18. OH NO, i knew it was going to get horrible. and my husband thinks I'm only going to cry...shit!

    Suldog, he's such a dog! But always elicits a laugh.

    And I'm amazed when I come here because I always thought popular culture was so much more fluid than it is. I find it rather refreshing to not know who you are speaking of sometimes. But I'll have a look, and then I'll cry. I hate to see of anyone's misfortune.

    take care. be well.


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