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Quiet time

I'm sitting in the ktichen,  on the table newspapers surround me like train sleepers, buffering and comforting me against another long day of cleaning and rearranging in the old homestead. 

But for now, I'm wallowing in the moment that is the tick of the new kitchen clock and the whine of the still busy washing machine, working more relentlessly than I at this time.

Larry has gone a Sunday visiting his Mum; our son is sleeping over again,  at his mate's home, (does every teenager think the grass is greener), Pippa is sleeping soundlessy upon my right foot; darling daughter is sleeping, probably shoring up energy for some petulant sneering when I attempt to waken her in an hour or so. I'll leave it to the last moment, no masochist I!

It is 9 am, no I must correct this, it is 10am british summer-  guffaw- time! I have eaten two pieces of toast, butter and raspberry jam with a cup of tea, I am contemplating having the same again, but my good side is arguing with my bad side. The ST Culture has been devoured as has the Magazine, I will leave the hard stuff until tonight or maybe Wednesday -  just before I chuck them out for recycling, then flick through for those crucial speakeasy columns that shout out to me, read me, read me or my short print life has been in vain.
If the conservatory 0r in FFF speak, the  sun lounge (circa 1971 speak obviously) was organised I could be sitting in the warm dappled sunlight, in my imagined wing chair and with a good book, the likes of which hasn't been firmly in hand for the last 4 weeks. A joy which will  no doubt return, when I have exhausted the 357 to do lists rattling around in my mind and handbag, kitchen surfaces and bedside table. Oh! to declutter this mind.

I could remonstrate with the idea of losing an hour overnight and so less time to do things ... remember the few years back in 70's land when the powers that be trialed no time changes and we arrived at school in darkness, loved it! But I am feeling that in sitting apart from the usual fervent and furtive rants , trouble shooting and organised chaos, I am ready to draw a line and say Enfin, enough! 

I am breathing in this quiet time, this adonis of bare, naked moments, pushing away all thoughts of industrious endeavours and effortlessly taking the pleasurable time to breathe deep of the lazy Sunday morning and check in and say Bonjour, Good day and hello, to share with my friends and mentors, copains and heroes.

My glass is half full and I am enjoying the moment.


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  1. Bonjour .....

    (said very softly, so as not to disturb your reverie)

    Your Sunday Roast will publish on Easter Sunday.

  2. Hello lovey...Deep breath in....and slowly out.

    How we have all missed you.
    Great news from Sir Knight of Blogland.Can't wait.

    Did I dream that you had left some pictures up?

  3. Sounds wonderful to be on the brink of all and to just teeter there for a moment in the morning. Teeter away and enjoy.

  4. What a wonderful read ... I didnt realize the UK did a time change as well .. our DST is annoying/confusing and my body/mind dont like it ... I would love a quiet sit like that, especially this morning as its gently raining .. but both cats AND husband are up and here ... so I am off to read more blogs and escape into your worlds

  5. Your kids are obviously Type B Chronotypes.

  6. The sun really helps you know. I feel very relaxed today, but then I did have a fab night last night and I am now home alone!

    I'm glad you have had a little time to yourself :)


  7. Brilliant writing... LOVE your Meez!!!
    I am writing at 3.43 am... awake because I looked at a house for sale today... brain is whirring. Sigh.. I read this and wonder if it is worth even putting myself through it all again!!!
    Glad you have found a moment - we did miss you :)

  8. Enjoy the moment! Don't beat yourself up about not being organised yet, didn't you only move two weeks ago?

    I've been planting peas and tomatoes today in a bid to commune with nature and get some balance back. Seems to have worked!

  9. So glad you've found a few moments to relax, tune out, and enjoy just being. Your long to-do list can wait for one morning, can't it?

  10. I am so glad you are taking a moment to exhale have going through so many transitions. Quiet time is always a good thing. I rarely get the whole house to myself, even if it means that every one is sleep. Toast and tea sounds so awesome. I couldn't figure out what to eat this morning. Perhaps I will have the same tomorrow morning as I await the children.

    I can imagine you sitting there in the kitchen surrounded by newspapers with the sun shining in and warming you as you fall into a trance, though briefly, to daydream. I can so feel that.

    Our weather, here in Lake Elsinore, CA, approximately an hour and 15 mins from Los Angeles, CA, is very nice and warm today. I like to sit in my backyard and look at the view of mountains. There are no houses behind me, just open land with a highway going through it in the distance. When I sit with the sun warming, it lets my mind go and brings my body into a state of relaxation, it's awesome.

    Enjoy yourself. You so deserve it!

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  12. Glad you enjoyed the time and quiet. :-)

  13. Good to have you back. Fancy only having lists in three places. Mine are evrywhere you look. The problem is I do most of them in a sort of shorthand and then forget what 'F the cat j' was supposed to mean.

  14. Glad you got a bit of me-time. Moving is a pain in the ****, so you need to relax when you can!

  15. Saz, your glass is half full - I am very proud of you - Yes, the teens think that life revolves around them and the glass is always cleaner elsewhere - My Grizz is spending Easter Weekend in London with his (very well off, but very lovely) friend's family, to celebrate their son's birthday - I wanted to take him to London for a nice weekend, and show him what little I know about the city - But couldn't until my back was better... But I cannot be angry nor resentful...

    I am parcelling a small thing to you this week, my precious - I don't know how I missed this post, other than the fact that Blogger is seriously F*d up sometimes - Love you, rest, breathe - It'll all fall into place in time... x

  16. Losing an hour really makes a difference to a Sunday rest time.

    CJ xx

  17. Sounds like a bit more than half full, to me! Nicely painted picture of domesticity :-)

  18. Sounded like the best restfull Sunday morning and just what you needed.

  19. I love your attitude (and your writing). When I read your subtitle, I had a suspicion that I would.

  20. Lovely...thank you. Wonderful to read the details of your morning. Good for you for taking it all in.

  21. Hi, found you at Margo's blog and I'm so glad I did!

    Lovely piece on capturing the moment. Thank you.

  22. You have a wonderful blog. Congrats on David's POTD award!

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