Friday, 27 March 2009

Normal service...

will be resumed shortly

Between trying to achieve some semblance
of order in the new home; getting the old house
clean and presentable;
whilst working nine days straight
Ater today I am off for four days
and so hope I may be able to magic up a post of some description
rather than this waffle!
(am a tad worried about the amount of posts I've missed!)


  1. Was wondering where you'd gone off that explains that :)
    Hope your weekend is filled with love, joy and laughter and........

    Steady On
    Reggie Girl

  2. Working 9 days straight?! That can't be right, Saz. I hope you are planning to stick your feet up, get out the gin and chocolate, possibly in that order, and get the kids to make the dinner? Or order in pizza, that's always an option on a Friday! Take good care of yourself, dahlink - We are depending on you, and don't worry about getting caught up at all - We missed you - Love you, even tho' I just typed 'live you' over on my blog! Dufus that I am... xox and huglettes!

  3. Make sure to take a little rest every now and then to recharge so you dont get exhausted and blog posts will still be there when you get settled in

  4. Hope all is well though (Ha, how could it be? Nine days straight and a house move, phew), don't forget to.... Breath!

    I always think that that old test card pic is just a little bit scary, don't you?


  5. My dear, My dear, My dear,

    You are so not alone! Personally, I think you are too hard on yourself. You sound like a so much fun person! You are a genius to be able to juggle your family, your marriage, your job AND MOVING AN ENTIRE HOUSE! That is to be commended! You are the epitomy of super mom! I applaud you!

    I can say the above because, though I am not moving a whole house and no longer married, I am a single parent of four young adult children and raising a grandson (5 mos old). You do far more that myself!

    You are super! I encourage you to slow down just enough to have a cup of tea and maybe a hot bath or shower :)

    Take care....Presious

  6. I hope you have a great 4 days off. My God you sound like wonderwoman. I got tired just reading about it. I have done it before too, but without the kids. lol. Take care and relax...Love your posts, we will all wait for you.!!!!!

  7. Oh Sazzie...nine days! Are they taking the proverbial? No wonder we/I haven't heard from you. And I know you, you won't sit down and relax until everything is just so. I do hope my beautiful grandchildren are pulling their weight. Stagger it, darling...don't try to get everything squared away in one go.

  8. I'm surprised you've got time to get near a computer!!

  9. I'd be collapsed if I'd done half as much as you have in the last couple of weeks. Try to have a relaxing weekend.

  10. Take all the time you need! Nine sucking. Put your feet up and have a drink, smell the breeze.

  11. Not to worry Saz...that's a huge load of stuff to work through! Here's hoping it will be FUN to catch up again in blogland, and do whatever you want for a while to refresh yourself!


  12. Hi, I just noted Colette's words on the side. Deep.

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