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Moving house, keeping home

I have hesitated posting about our impending house move -yes again! Because I didn't want to jinx it. I mentioned this possibility in my Words post a few days ago and we are still on tenterhooks waiting for confirmation on the deal we agreed, so we can sign on the dotted. I find the anticipation in this instance frazzle inducing frustratingly unnerving. I daren't start boxing anything until we hear for sure.

Larry and I have been saying how cramped this house is for us, especially as our son has grown 6 inches this year and his box bedroom is too small, we feel bad for him. Not one of us has a place we can call our own. My greenhouse den didn't work out for me in the end, I damaged several of my water colour paintings with the dripping condensation. The house is just too small for four, nearly all adults in size if not in attitude. Larry comes home on weekends and he cannot spread out, cannot make his kits, he cannot play the hi-fi, we are encroaching in on one another. Not having any place for your own personal space is not great for family relations.

So we started looking at what was available in the papers and on the net, bearing in mind properties are getting cheaper due the current global financial crisis so we thought this may work in our favour. We should
be able to find something substantially bigger for the same or less than we are currently paying. We quickly found another property, in fact the first one we looked at, which is larger and boasts three more rooms, two more bathrooms.

The down side is that we gave most of our furniture away when we downsized so we are having to start over. Good fun but expensive. Indeed this part I adore as I can turn on the radar and hone my sourcing skills, which if I say so myself are pretty darn good! I know lots of auction houses, clearance warehouses and if push comes to shove we will buy new, but I want to hold out on that until we know the house and get a feel for what we need. Another upside is the deep pleasure of a new bed! We are all having brand new beds and on these I will not scrimp. My parents gave Larry and I a bedroom suite and sumptuous bed for a wedding present and these were all scrapped when we left the farmhouse 18 months ago. I experienced great joy in finding a replacement, a luxury memory bed, need l explain further. Deep deep joy!

If all goes through without a hitch we have arranged to pick up the keys on 14th March and will have both properties for a couple of weeks, to enable a slow transition over to the new property. The kids and I plan to surprise Larry with much of the big stuff all done when he gets home the weekend after.

I have always wanted to make a home and live long in it, but for many reasons it has never worked out that way. We thought we would be here for a few years until school is done, but it was not to be. I am looking at all the positives, with a new garden to watch and see which delights grow and surprise me week after week, I love this part of a new house and garden.

I have always believed that a house is not necessarily a home. It is the life and the soul, the people and the love which make it a home. I will ensure we bring this into our new house and spread it around. The 'stuff' you carry carry from house to house and which you bring with you are just functional and superficial .

This thought keeps me sane and fills me with warmth, that moving house needn't be a negative experience.

It is an opportunity for all of us to grow, relax and express our individuality and wrap ourselves within the warmth of a deeper sense of family.

Thank you to David-authorblog for winning a Post of the Day award!


  1. Oh, how exciting! You are so right about holding off on buying any major furnishings until you have lived in and got to know your new home first.. a comfy home is organic, it grows around you gradually, piece by piece.

    Moving home is always stressful, once you are in there though - grin - just imagine all the wonderful possibilities. Good luck hon, I'll be thinking of you!

  2. Beautifully written, Saz - I know this is all going to work out beautifully for you - Can you get back any of the furnishings you gave away - If it was to friends, and so on - People are usually very accommodating?

    I do hope that the economic downturn works out for you, in being able to snap up things for bargain basement prices - This is a wonderful opportunity to expand into the space you all need, again - Things are definitely on the up! All fingers crossed and best wishes xox

    Oh, and remember, I have a table-lamb if you have need of one?

  3. Best wishes for a successful move. Hope it all goes well.

  4. Hi there, this sounds like an exciting time for you. I've always found that families certainly need their space if you want to keep the peace. Of course the down side of that is that the kids may never want to leave home ;). I've just discovered your blog and am enjoying it - thank-you.

  5. Home is where the heart is - that's all that's needed, the magic ingredient. Love.

  6. A new home is like an empty canvas to an artist. With your touches and experiences it will be the total of your belongings and experiences. And yours in no time flat. Congrats and enjoy deeply. :)

  7. Prince and I just moved house. I'm still pulling things out of boxes that I forgot I even owned!
    Hey girl, good luck with the move. It's a little work but worth it in the end.

    Steady On
    Reggie Girl

  8. A house is an address. A home is where your family finds it soul.

    Good luck ..... it's an exciting phase.

  9. The 14th? Gosh, so soon! I quite like moving around, though the actual 'doing' of it is incredibly stressful. I hope it is perfect for you when you get there.

    6 inches in one year? That's a huge amount to grow in such a short space of time! I bet he has no control over his limbs!

  10. a continuation of family and home only in a new location to set down new roots. congrats.

  11. I agree, a house is not a home until it is filled with love. I wish you lots of good luck with the move and hope things go to plan for you all.

    CJ xx

  12. Color me GREEN with envy ... I would LOVE another room ... one where Husband can set up his editing equipment and close the door ... then we'd have a dining alcove (currently that's his editing bay) AND a living room ... meanwhile I will live vicariously through your move .. mazel tov!

  13. Oh Saz, well said! It definitely is the people in the house who make the home! And the pets and plants that go with! I am so anxious to see the pics of the new place with the Home injected!

  14. I hope that it all works out for you. Now that we have nearly finished work on the cottage - and it has taken us almost five years - we are beginning to enjoy it. I didn't like living with someone else's decorations etc. You really need to put your own stamp on your home.

  15. So true that it's the people who make the home, not the furnishings or the place itself.
    Sounds like you really need the space, so I'm sure the packing and transporting will be worth the troubl. Hope it all works out perfectly.

  16. That last photo is gorgeous! Is that yours? And all I keep thinking is 6 inches in one year! Is that even possible.

    Good-luck with the new place! Although I remember your garden room and that is such a pretty place.

  17. So nicely said, that last bit about the people making the home. So true. I also agree so much about the need for personal space. One could write a whole post about that, yes? Hoping all comes off well for you this week.

  18. I am so excited for you,
    and keep fingers and toes crossed that all works out the way it should!

    I can empathize with your frequent moves, having lives in so many places myself. The longing for a permanent homestead may well be in all of us, only sometimes that place exists only in our hearts.

    All my best wishes and congratulations on David's POD award!

  19. I am a veteran of the moving process, and for all of the stress, there are always lots of good things -- too -- about a fresh start. Getting more space? There's no down-side to that. And it sounds like you will have lots of fun redecorating! New opportunities, for sure . . .

  20. Looking forward to your voyage around a room! :-)

    The title of my post refers to a little book, written by a certain Xavier de Maistre, "A Journey Around My Room" - he wrote this book in 1790 while under house arrest for forty-two days
    as punishment for having gotten himself into a duel. The French original, "Voyage autour de ma chambre," can be read online at the "Association de Bibliophiles Universels" website. Bon voyage! :-)

  21. How wonderfully exciting! Congrats!! It's hard not to buy up those furniture pieces in anticipation :-)

    Congrats on your POD mention over at David's.

  22. It is really exciting moving house.
    Takes a while to put your mark on things before it feels like home. But I agree with what so many have said that a home is where your heart is. good luck with the move.
    Came over from David's.

  23. Exciting! Best wishes with the move and the furniture hunting! Fun . ..

    Congrats on POTD!

  24. Good luck with it! You're so right - a house is not a home, it's a collection of memories - some good, some bad. Enjoy creating some new ones once you have your new house/home!

  25. Post of the Day - Yayy!

    The goddesses and fates are all aligning for you, Saz - It's all going to be smashing, I know... xox

  26. Sounds like it could be a wonderful and exciting time ahead. I'll just say good luck and God bless!

  27. As everyone else has said, how exciting if a stressful time. I hope the move goes smoothly, Margaaret

  28. It's such an adventure moving into a house, getting to know it, transforming it into your personal home.

    Wishing you much joy...

  29. Good luck with the move... a very brave time to embark on such a project...


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