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Like the man said...

I'm not sure if it's my state of mind or the generosity of strangers or if it is just the potency of the power in the words that has so often left me in a state of awe. Sometimes I hesitate in writing my comments on posts because of the writing and the prose and the deep inner thoughts shared are often so overwhelming and poignant. Leaving me agog at the standard of writing and at the generosity of people sharing their lives, their innermost thoughts and experiences.

Their mellifluous words wrap around me like a silk cloth. They make me THINK and I often leave their blogs so much calmer. I believe this is because they speak words which seem to be wrapped into my skin and they resonate within me. There are such talented writers who write such beautiful prose.

I feel the sheer authentic strength of their photographic images that I left am in wonder.

This is a place where the seduction of great writers - both in words and pictures helps to encourage and inspire me.

It's a bit like Jack Nicholson's great line from the film As Good as it gets,

only my line is ... 'You make me want to be a better writer!'

I always leave feeling that I CAN!!


  1. That's nice, though I doubt you mean me! I have to churn out my posts is seconds before the motley gang come and peer over my shoulder. I do know what you mean though, there are some great writers out there, including you - that was a very eloquent post!

  2. Of course you can, you do .. and look .. David's given your last post a POTD nod!

  3. Lovely words and thoughts angel. You know only the most self assured think they are doing well. We all of us, even those who are continually told that they are terrific, have self-doubt, that's good and healthy. No one likes a know it all.
    By the way, clicked on the video, oh was on earth did you find it? Wonder if we can buy it.

  4. Word Veri. is mings - And we all think that is what our writing is, minging!

    I'm with all those good folk above, including ta mere - You write like an angel, and you have pointed our noses along the traces of two other beautifully presented blogs - you are a treasure! How was Young Victoria, bytheway? Not amused?! xox

  5. thanks! Young Vitoria was a lovely film, simple and so well captured, true or not, a lovely evening.

  6. I hesitate with my comments, too, when a post particularly impresses me. And your posts have been among them.

  7. Most of us will die trying but its all about the process and inspiration.

  8. Pardon me because I cuss when i'm moved, but Jesus Christ, you just made me cry and shake.

    I daresay, we're all leading each other. It can be a beautiful thing, this blogging gig. We all doubt ourselves, but yet I keep coming back to you. So there.

  9. Erin's place does that to me too... the timing of this post is uncanny, because after reading so many wonderful things today I find I am a little overwhelmed. And yes, Daryl's right-- how many times have I seen you on David's lists????

    :-) Have a great weekend.

  10. You can, you do! (I liked your recent comments at mine, very subtle!)

    S x

  11. Just be yourself and develop your own style. But I think that you have already done that...

  12. Dear Saz,
    I wouldn't have found out about you referring to my blog were it not for "Woman in a Window" - thank you both. It is a very sweet thing that you like my images, sweeter even for reasons far beyond you can imagine: I often had and have to defend the fact that I take pictures and that I blog. In the eye of some two entirely useless things. I know they are not to me, and if it were only because you enjoy looking at them. So, thank you from the bottom of my heart, you made my day. :-)

  13. I know just what you mean. Sometimes when I read my fellow bloggers words, I have to sit and then reread to take it in. To be able to access other folks hidden thoughts which may never have seen the light of day if it wasn't for this wonderful tool we have is a wonderful gift. Margaret

    and I loved that film

  14. Good post. I'm not really interested in the mainstream media anymore. I get the Sunday Times but in the week I like to read blogs rather than articles. I think the newspapers are always behind the blogging world - I don't mean for hard news, but for capturing the spirit of the times.

  15. And you absolutely do. Beautifully written. You've pointed to two fine examples as well.


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