Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Its my turn to hold the remote...

which is my way of saying, the day is mine, all mine!

Following on from my quiet start Sunday, yesterday must have been Manic Monday. After the kids went off to school, no mean feat I'm sure you know. I may not have to wash and dress them anymore, but finding change for school lunch and it hardly warrants the title, is an arduous task in itself, I admit to looking in Larry's suit pockets and in between cushions and the crease of the washing machine seal!

I then purposefully, but probably furtively, went to the hardware store to replenish some articles in the 'old' kitchen and returned to the scene of the crime - for that was how it felt yesterday pre-inventory check. After disposing of the tumble dryer at  the tip, sweeping up the previous nights windfall and reassuring myself in vain that the house looked at it was when we moved in 18 months ago, the agent drove up early. One and a half hours later the deed was done, to everyones satisfaction - least of all Larry with the pending cash return. Keys were exchanged and the underneath line could be drawn.

The utter relief was palpable, you felt it too I'm sure.

Last night was spent in a less harangued fashion to that of late. I think Larry and I actually sat down and not just to eat. Which brings me to the now. Kids gone, Larry has departed for work beyond Cumbria's borders and will return to refill his boots on Friday. Dog fed, not yet walked.

I am in the foreground again of the whine of the washer, I've set up my ipod with speakers in the kitchen so my choice of early morning harmony this morning is 'Taking it to the Streets' from The Best of The Doobie Bros  (with the wonderful and perfect blue eyed Michael McD who is also Fab live!)  A strange choice for this time of day perhaps, but I'm not going to curl up just yet on the couch and catch up with 2 epi's of ER and of Brothers & Sisters, just yet. I shall first catch up with my pals online and then I'll Take it to the streets for an hour or two, then come home and decide whether to chill or do more stuff around here, you know I may just chill as its back to work tomorrow and juggling it all.

So I'm to take advantage of the day until 4.30pm, when Watch with Mother is only a dream of what was and the kids return home to raid the fridge (which I should fill).



  1. Nearly there sweetheart. Have today for yourself, you have earned it.

  2. A semblance of sanity, ahhhh, and a moment to sit and enjoy it. Finally, eh?

  3. Wow! The Doobie Brothers. Do you know I didn't realise they were a real band? You're completing my musical education!

  4. Perfect start to the day .. I needed that ...and clearly so did you

  5. Yes, relax and enjoy!

    (I prefer my Doobie Brothers from a time period just a tad earlier, but whatever floats your boat.)

  6. I love me a little Doobie, and had Michael's solo albums somewhere in the past! My favourite is Long Train Running, I think it's called - The one that has "...without love, where would you be now..." in it - Fabulous!

    Sounds like you've had a gloriously fruitful spring day today, Saz - Well done!

    Wee parcelette is in the post for you, mon tresor! xox

    Word Verif is bulswoo, is that anything like bull's wee, do you think?1

  7. Even as you wrote your entry today, mentioning "Taking it to the Streets, I was able to hear the song in my head. I must admit, it did give me a bit of a lift! It definitiely gave me a lift after I listened to and watched the video!...and that's after taking care of 5 preschool boys and one 5 month old baby boy!

    Definitely a good morning choice!

  8. Glad you now have time for you and that you are finally settled in your new home.

    So glad it's not just me that scours the house last minute for dinner(?) money!

    S x

  9. Change for lunch money!
    If it were only that, I'd be happy.
    Have you ever gotten nostalgic about the days back when you still needed to go out to spend money? Once the kids reached a certain age (like five or so), some mornings I feel as if I were a bank (better, a bank being robbed), they need serious money all the time to pay something at school.

  10. another Michael McDonald fan? Brilliant. I love him. I think his voice is wonderful

  11. I love the Doobie Brother's!!! Went to see them in concert one time and it was fabulous!! Chinagrove is one of my all time favorite's :)
    You got to hold the remote???????
    I'm sooooo jealous girl. That never happens around here......

    Steady On
    Reggie Girl

  12. I think I'm destressing by proxy just reading your post. Enjoy your day!

  13. School lunch is nasty, inedible stuff. I told the kids that I refuse to pay for that rubbish.

    Their home lunches are the envy of all those who sit around them. :)


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