Friday, 20 March 2009


or in the words of Moannie - exoisted! oh do go see!

We are kinda sorted.
Just the old house to clean
the new to live in
and make our own.
The sun is shining
all bodes well.

Give me a duvet week and l'll be in fine fettle!


  1. Oh boy, you have to feel sorry for the mare!

    CJ xx

  2. I get the idea. Hope you get suitably pampered on Sunday. The kids have remembered, haven't they?

  3. That's exactly how I feel after this week.


  4. That grey kitty is adorable.
    Did you remember to pack the dog?!

    I am so pleased, Saz, that everything is going so well, and that you've had some decent weather that might also help, while you're decanting and airing rooms, and so on. Looking forward to hearing all about it, when you've had your duvet week - Sounds like a fine idea to moi. xxx

  5. Just think of this time next will all be over with! Glad everything is going well! Loved your pics! Hope you are exhausted in a good that mare!!!


  6. Great exhaustion shots. But in spite of them, sounds like things are looking up. I'm glad.

  7. Oh my, I can relate. Hope you feel rejuvenated soon.

  8. Great exhaustion shots. But in spite of them, sounds like things are looking up. I'm glad.

  9. ah, er, is that horse sleepin?

    Regardless, take a nap!

  10. Glad everything went well.. always exciting to move house and reestablish your home... just a bummer about the cleaning!!! Be great to have people follow behind taking are of all that!

    My "Meez" this week shows me doing exactly what you are wanting to do.... it has been a long week!

    and to Woman in Window, yes the horse is sleeping :) he feels he has worked very hard... they always look utterly knackered after it all.. but it takes about 20 seconds and no post coital chat, ciggie or hugs from stallions... as the stud master usually says - "he is here for a good time, not a long time".

  11. Ah Saz you do deserve a fortnight under the duvet for sure .. mazel tov on the new digs!

  12. I think the pictures say it all - except the horses - is life as bad as that?! Sheesh! x

  13. Hope that you can see the light at the end of the tunnel. It will be worth it!

  14. How did you manage to get that picture of me?

    Best of luck

  15. Funny! You gave me a good laugh today.

  16. okay your tired, your sleepy but one of those photos shows a little time for some hanky panky.

  17. :)
    The pictures have conveyed he message. Do take good rest!

  18. You're in, that's the main thing!

    You've got forever to unpack, relax a bit.


  19. O honey love. I love all those pictures and I can see you slumped somewhere at a cupboard perhaps, or on an exhibit. Back to normalish soon.XXX

  20. Love the photos! Hope you feel more refreshed this week.


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