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Do you Skype?

I've had a web cam for about a year and I have tried it out and spoken to my kids through the video thingy - er in their rooms 5 yards away! I also managed to chat with my Mum for a few days after I installed one for her and we enjoyed conversing this way for a few days before her computer Paco went on strike and the software  got deleted. 

So along with other gumphf in the home, this web cam has sat in the drawer with other defunct mobile phone chargers, spent batteries and an assortment of small pieces of junk, unused. A drawer that may interest some of my man friend bloggers are you heraing this BS5?

Yesterday that all changed when I was chatting on the phone to my friend Debs who lives in my home town in Kent. She was telling me how she regularly chats to her brother in Australia  for free on skype. 

I rummaged in my man drawer,  found and installed the web cam, downloaded and set up Skype, sent a text to Debs.  Et voila! we could see our ugly mugs, compare the large sizes our breasts suddenly looked on camera  and we chatted. We did so whilst we both prepared dinner, it was a treat not to be alone in the kitchen. Great fun! And I thought these web cams were used for naughty reasons.

Has anyone else discovered this great online tool? (it's free to talk and web cam on the net btw!)


  1. I'm so glad you wrote this post. I was wondering what Skype was! Very cool. Hope you're doing well.
    All the best,

  2. Just this morning, actually! I honestly don't know how we managed without skype! Grandparents an ocean away got to see their granddaughter take her first steps. My mom has copies of my children's favorite books and reads to them several times a week. Such an amazing thing! My sister and I even skype--and she's just across town. :D

  3. No, the whole notion scares me to death. But it is rather a nice image, stirring pots and sharing prep time hundreds of miles away.

  4. The word 'Skype' sounds like a particularly nasty skin disease, or something?! Wonder why they christened it that?

  5. been watching Oprah skype alot of her guests lately.. ;)

  6. good for you,,how much to download skype...i don't know too much about it. i really like your blog. all the best.

  7. That sounds fabulous - and just the thing to talk to friends...

    We do not have it, because mainly I believed it was for the sort of thing that Dori uses it for - Keeping in touch with rellies overseas...

    Well done for managing to get it all to work, Saz - How brave of you.

    Will respond to your lovely googlemail chat later or tomorrow, as I've had the bricklayer in today...

    I have also replied to your pithy comment on my blog - Cabin-crazy indeed - The cheek of the woman! xox

  8. We use it - mainly to talk to my bro in Vancouver and my son in Bangladesh.. and neither lends itself to chatting wile I cook..
    but lovely to see faces and do more than a phone call - free :)

  9. We used to use it when my hubby worked abroad a lot. When the kids and dog were misbehaving I'd skype him - just the sound of a male voice in the room made all the difference! We even had meals "together"

    Well done for sorting it - I had to be shown by my kids!

  10. Now we know what all the hype is about thanks for explaining.

  11. I have a friend in Australia who uses Skype, but I haven't tried it - we just e-mail. Not sure I want to compare the sizes of our breasts!!

  12. I'm just a total neanderthal. No internet at home, no cell phone ever, nothing that would say "This man lives in the 21st century." So, you can put me down for a "No" on your question :-)

  13. Very interesting..I may have to check it out as my whole family live in a bunch of different places

  14. love it! I stay connected with my friends across the states this way... but we mainly use Google talk... I've never used Skype.

  15. I'm glad you found a use for the cam, Sazzie, but not for me I think. It was great seeing and talking to the heirs and to you but,Paco will just go off on one again.
    ove ya XXX

  16. I've had Skype installed on my Windows machine for ages now, but no-one will use it! I tried calling my friends on landlines using it, and it does work (for a fee) but they say they can't hear me very well. I do have a headset, and OH can hear me fine, computer to computer, but I think it may be a flaw in it that it's not so good computer to landline.


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