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My dance of the seven veils...

I haven't stopped today!

I started the day talking things through with the estate agent regarding collection of keys on Saturday morning.

Then I went and bought three beds, a king size, a double and a single, all half price in the sale, £1000 all but £1 and 1penny!

I cannot wait to get into that bed it was sublime lying on it at 10.30am in all my layers, no player me.

Then I passed one of my bargain haunts, missed a waxed pine dining kit by a milli second, but scooped up 2 x 3 seater cottage sofa in a deep wine colour, enough wear in them for a few months until we decide on a new pairing.

At another favourite haunt I scooped a pine circular table and four chairs and a brand spanking looking side board thingy from ikea with seven drawers (I have its matching shelving unit) which will look good somewhere!

(This is a pic of new house- not good angle) I visited the new house twice, where the decorator was going great guns, I found it so satisfying standing watching, much longer than I should've to take in someone else hard at it! I measured the rooms and cupboards, utility area for appliances, I didn't manage to find time to buy today. I know for sure there are many out there in the shops and so I won't go without. My daughter was practically in tears, the soon to be her floor carpet was no longer black, someone had obviously gone in over the last week and changed it just to piss her (and so me) off. The purple walls are now , ' too girly, it's all pants. My room is crap!' Is it really oh dear.

My son and daughter then dragged me into a Mountain something specialist shop, to buy walking gear for my son. I was told to shut up twice by both son and daughter, as I was 'embarrassing' them!!


I can only assume they noticed I was breathing out fire through my nostrils and must have been dancing the dance of the seven veils on the cash counter, which is code for asking the guy for help, a thing they wouldn't do as it's so not cool! I guess carrying the debit card to buy these items is acceptable though.

I then rewarded their petulance and rudeness by getting them a McDonalds, I was too tired to cook. Back to work tomorrow, so much to do.


  1. Is that a picture of you at the check-out? Hot Saz, hot! It's a wonder you didn't have all the help in the world.

    Hell, that's a whole lotta shopping in one day. Kinda exciting. Work tomorrow, not so much.

  2. I can't wait for you to get into the new house! I'm so excited for you!

    Peace - D

  3. I'd LOVE to go shopping with you!!

  4. The next time my teenagers say I'm embarrassing them, I will repeat your "WTF".

  5. You are my kind of Mom. Too tired to cook? McDonald's for the kids, if you please.

    Shopping can be so very exhausting...especially when your children are in tow. I sympathesize!

    Can't wait to see your new house.


  6. what are u an energizer bunny that keeps on going and going. i was exhausted after reading. good luck.

  7. Do we get pics when all is in place?


  8. Now that you have written so much of exciting stuff about your new house, I am impatient to see it

  9. The house in the post is our new place. Probably a 1980's-90's build. A bit of a box, larger than some, it does have walls you can hang shelves on without fear of the wall falling down around your ears.And thus allows one to 'pee' without fear of the neighbours hearing!

    I will post picks of the empty nest to give you some idea, watch out for the horrendous fireplace!

  10. If I had a pound for every time Grizz has told me, "Mum, you're an embarrasment!", we'd be able to get all your furnishings at Barker & Stonehouse!

    House looks gorgeous! Congrats, Saz, on doing so well on your shopping spree - Shops are obviously far better your way than they are over here - and new beds - Just imagine the lounging with a much-loved book you'll be able to do!

    Lovely news, lots of work ahead, (once DD has put her own touches to the room, she'll be fine), sending you love and light for the energy to do it all! So proud of you!

    Fhi x

  11. Oh my - a new house AND new furniture.

  12. Good luck with the energy levels and creative flair for new interior arrangements!

  13. How exciting! We are still renting, I can't wait to be in your position. Enjoy nesting!

  14. Oh I am sure I would be having all sorts of palpitations spending all that at once ... I would however get over it VERY quickly!

    Now .. please before the move in .. bring salt, sugar and a broom and leave them in the kitchen .. for good luck!

  15. Oh Daryl I didnt know about that, salt sugar and a broom, will do that for sure saturday first thing!! we all need some luck!!

  16. You are a shopping whizz, I have seen it. Listen girl, CALM DOWN!!!! No wonder your BP is through the roof. I'm not kidding, do you want to have a stroke. Bloody hell. Get the kids to help out, please, S is an adult and should take some of the strain off you. I know you want to do it, you are so good at multi tasking, but I am serious...SLOW DOWN...I can feel it coming through your writing.

  17. Take a few moments, put your feet up, have a favorite (excuse me, favourite) drink, maybe a couple of chocolates, and BREATHE. Good luck!

  18. You have to be excited huh? amoung all this rushing around?! I too am excited for you...i love moving into a new home (old house or new)! It's the excitement of making it yours! Im looking forward to photos of them shelves going up and staying up! My first home (when i was 17) was the sort where you could hear neighbours! But now my home is my palace! lol

    And as for your kids saying you are an embarrasment well..They havent met my dad...he used to walk along the street with us and pretend he had one leg shorter than the other! You can imagine! Oh and he had a Skoda (in the days when they were naff)We used to hide under our coats lol.

    Thank you for mentioning my Bebe Buttons blog over at Moannie blog ;)

  19. Still finding time to blog, though ;)

  20. Working mum...don't tell anyone but when l'm at work l can blog!!! and when l've run out of boxes as l have now...l can blog!!

  21. Sounds like you bagged some bargains. :)

    Why is it only women that will ask for help?

  22. Sounds like you are pretty organised. Hope the move goes to plan. There is some moving advice over on my blog.

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  24. Hmmmm, so you ``embarrassed'' the kids, huh? But isn't that what parents do? !!!!

  25. Hey........I want a Big Mac with a Super Size fry if you're taking orders.
    And...........plesae stop posting my picture on your blog. That is not the best one of me doing my seven veils dance but, my hair does look charming does'nt it?
    Hope the move is going well dearie. We just got done moving house and the next time I think that I will buy a gallon of gas and a match......don't tell anyone I said that please :)
    Hope your weekend is filled with much love, joy and laughter.....

    Steady On
    Reggie Girl

  26. I just caught up with what's been going on since the March 5th post where you thought you might get the house. I am soooo happy for you and the fam. It looks like a lovely place to live. Kids being embarassed never stops. Recently I was walking down a street in NYC with my 29-yr-old son and he said, "Mom, don't talk so loud, people might hear." Ok, now if you've ever been to NYC, you actually have to pretty much shout to be heard. EEgads.

  27. Saz - Johnny is on Sky Arts right now, darling - About Sun Records! Bizarrely a cosmic coincidence xxx

  28. aftre 18 years Fhina we dont have sky anymore...signed up to bt vision, better value for money...the choice isnt mnd boggling...but l miss Living and Sky arts

  29. Good Luck with all the moving and settling in!
    Moving is my least favourite thing in the world and I will also be doing it soon...
    Big Hugs,
    Donnie X

  30. The first bed was toooooo hard.

    The second bed was toooooo soft.

    The third bed was just right! :)


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