Thursday, 5 February 2009

Snap Happy

I knew that I haven't taken as many photographs recently
so when I took the dog for her evening walk
I took my mobile, 'just in case.'

I was only outside for about 15 minutes in all
As I walked and looked and looked...
I looked up and noticed a veined pattern
 in the branches of naked tree tops...

and another in the melting snow...

Then I told myself to look for more patterns....
and then I couldn't stop seeing them!

in the earth trodden snow...

in a row of victorian workers cottages
in a row of sycamores in front of them

in the ice cold pavement slabs
as it was just next to freezing 


in the brick wall with their pink and purple hues
bitten with lichen...

it's strange what and how you see when you really LOOK...

and I rushed dog home to excitedly upload them to my laptop!

Visit MamaGeek and Cecily, creators of Photo Story Friday.


  1. LOVE the tree pattern ... I like the others too but I love the tree

  2. I especially like the trees which are like veins, and the lichen - I am fascinated by the colours produced in nature, as in your lichen lilacs and greens - wonderful! x

  3. Nature's artistic hand at work!

  4. So many people don't stop to gaze in wonder at the miracles happening all around them. I'm guilty of that myself, of course, but not always. Sometimes I specifically tell myself to chill out and look at whatever is there in front of me. And I am never disappointed.

    Thanks for reminding me to do it again today.

  5. That is what I call a good session of 'Hello trees, Hello sky' as a boy in 'Molesworth' was wont to say. Hope you've met Molesworth, Fotherington Thomas et Al...if not, why not?

  6. I love these patterns. I'm going to have to keep my eyes open today to see if I can spot any!

  7. Patterns are everywhere! :) You should try looking for negative space sometime.

  8. SO true! Excellent, and worth the payoff!

  9. Both tree ones are very artistic! It is a shame that most of the time, we are too busy to notice!

  10. the #2 photo looks likes clouds from a plane.

  11. You took these with your mobile?! Wow. Loved the patterns theme.

  12. Beautiful photos! Thanks for sharing!

  13. Yes, learning to look at things differently is one of the great bonuses of photography.
    I think I like the bricks with lichen best, but all of the patterns are interesting.

  14. It is interesting to see when we take the time to look, great photos.

  15. Yes, the trees ARE incredible at this time of year, remind me of pictures in my Anotomy & Physiology text book of the circulatory system, a three dimensional view of veins and arteries.

    And all in fifteen minutes on your mobile phone: Excellent!

  16. I love the one of the trees looking like veins. Wish I'd thought of that.

    Love the avatar as well.

    PS I'm sooooo tempted to look at your handbag blog, but it may lead to more comments from husband!

  17. Naked tree's just photograph so much better, very nice.

  18. Really, really, really appreciated the patterns ~ I shall look for them when light hits the sky in the morning. Thank you! Very refreshing!

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