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Pure Chaos!

Photos taken on phone on my slippery way to work.

I'm amazed that the infrastructure of a so called modern western  country
 cannot cope and grinds to a halt, for an itty bitty bit of snow.
 I know it's probably the wrong kind of snow, the wrong shape or it snowed too fast, whatever! 
 6 million people stayed home off work and school!

It really is laughable, I'll bet we are a laughing stock around the world.
 The news is going on and on about SNOW as if it's some kind of dis-as-ter! 
Oh come on!!
I got up earlier than usual,  I took one look at the car and thought nah, l'm not digging it out.
 So put on the wellies, and extra layer of clothing and walked into work.

When I was a child we lived in Canada, 
Dad would dig out the car, the chains would be on the tyres  and  he'd drive to work,
 we'd have about a month or so of snow. It would be up to the top of the ground floor windows. 
I guess they are set up for it, but even so it does
 seem ridiculous how badly we managed today. I'm embarrassed!
It's not as if we never have snow in this country!

Crikey tomorrow, it will freeze and I'll bet my Tesco delivery won't arrive. 

My kids however, have had  a lark, built an igloo 
and my daughter gave everyone in the street hot chocolate ... 
Did she empty the dishwasher, did she heck!


  1. Its the same here .. I promise you no matter where you live, outside of Alaska or the Arctic, when it snows everyone freaks out .. silly geeses

  2. At least here the gritters had been out. That bit of snow we had in December ground everything to a halt here - it was crazy!

  3. When we got heavy snow here, they made a movie about it... so this city cannot cope either. When we lived further south, they found the snow ploughs sitting idle in some backyard storage area, after the town had been iced in for days...seems they had forgotten they existed!
    Stay warm

  4. Looks like a winter wonderland! No snow here. Did have a snow day recently, though, without any snow whatsoever - go figure!

  5. What happens? We can't drive our cars, gritters aren't out, trains stop running. Even the buses came early to our school to get the kids in case they couldn't make it! Mad!

    Love the photos, did you take them?

    It was too dark when I got home to take any.

  6. It was total chaos here in London. Complete standstill. But then, it only snows like this down here once every twenty years, so I suppose it doesn't make sense to have a fleet of snowploughs standing by for that rare occurrence. But it is laughable really.

  7. The pictures showed the pretty face of snow. It's when it sarts to melt and turns to grimy grey slush that its not so good to look at! The lamp post will make a lovely Christmas card for you to send out next December...

  8. The lamp-post and the light pics are fabulous, Saz! We were snowed in here up north and the school bus couldn't get through to pick up the children in our isolated street. My OH worked from home instead of risking the road to his usual one and a half hour commute, where we had a jackknifed lorry blocking our local road for most of the morning...

    Even if gritters were out and about, my neighbour, who has just retired from managing the roads process for the council, says grit doesn't work in temperatures below -5, so that seems to have been something of an issue for a lot of areas; Admittedly, it was a bit freaky for the south to be as affected as it was...

    We'll all get caught up again, we always do. My OH says acc. to the Norwegian forecasts, we're in for worse on Wednesday, so polish those walking boots again and get some more hot chocolate in, Saz! xxx

  9. lovely pics. My husband and I had a good laugh today. It's true- we can't handle snow at all in this country.
    My son had the day off. All the local schools were closed- his wasnt. However, I gave my son the day off so he could sledge and make snowmen, and mess about. Its what good memories are made of. Next time we have this much snow, he will probably be at university!

  10. It's like that in Seattle... a skiff of snow, and the entire city shuts down. Sheesh.

  11. My village looks like a picture postcard. The village school closed at lunchtime so the kids got busy with snowballing and sledges. It is extreme weather and even Minensota in the USA which copes with bad snow every year has days where people stay home and schools close and they are completely geared up for snow drifts! It's all relative really. Great pictures.

  12. Here in the Midwest US it's hot in the summer and it snows in the winter. Every year. Hot. Snow. Yet at each extreme my fellow citizens behave as if they've landed on a new planet with overwhelmingly unique weather. I say, put on your big girl panties and deal with it! Drive more slowly in the snow, eat more ice cream when it's sweltering~ Problem solved 8^) Enjoy the snow angels while you can - spring is about to pounce, I can FEEL it!

  13. Even in Utah, people freak over snow... except the kids, who are off to the ski slopes! Pretty photos. Snow always looks so pure, even when it's an aggravation.

  14. Lovely photos. That's the only good thing that can be said about snow, isn't it? Looks good on photos.
    The chaos it causes in this country must be the biggest laugh around the world.
    Had lots of snow yesterday. Now it is ice and will be awful to walk on.The kids at school went wild. Some had never seen such vast amounts.

  15. It looks really pretty and peaceful where you live.

  16. Even when it melts, the trains don't work. I'm still home (and loving it).

    I've written up your interview questions, by the way. I hope you enjoy reading the answers.

  17. Those photos are gorgeous! And yes, we can get three feet at once and the world still goes on. If we stopped for three feet, well, we'd be closed down from November through April. Even the schools stay open.

  18. A snow like that is fairly rare in your area. I wish it was as rare in mine :-) We're getting another 3 to 6 inches today, on top of the 15 or 18 we've had in the past few weeks. Ugh.

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