Tuesday, 10 February 2009


May I introduce my new baby!

I have many bags, handbags, purses, totes, clutchs and shoppers. Mostly all Vintage pieces but not all.
This addiction went into overdrive when I launched my online vintage clothing site Sara's Attic in 2002, each time I bought a bag for the site, I decided to keep it .  They began to mount up.
I don't know how many I have, perhaps this wee project will 'out' me!

After we moved home 14 months ago most of i
them have been rehoused in clean, dry plastic boxes and are stored under the bed, in the wardrobe and five are displayed out on a shelf, gathering deadly dust and for a handbag it can be deadly, so I only display my Lucite pieces (plastic to you and I) on the book shelves.

They all used to be displayed inside three old 1940-50's glass fronted china cabinets in my bedroom, next to my desk and I could admire and rearrange them to my hearts content, but now I no can do. Out went the old cabinets in came the storage containers.

So I thought how can I continue to enjoy these, we don't have the room to display them, I will not sell them, so I decided I would blog them! No surprise there then! And this way I can share them with all the other handbag lovers or bag freaks, as Larry calls us on a polite day, mentalists on a not so polite day and I couldn't type what he says on a in a fit of pique day!

Anyhow just posting here so that this may be seen by some other handbag anorak who would like to slather and drool over my handbags.

Do drop by and tell anyone you know 
who indulges themselves regularly in this torrid, sensuous, comforting, addictive  habit!


  1. I love the Diva Bag site you have created, and wish you every bit of luck with it! I look forward to each of your treasures 'doing a twirl' for us, Saz.

    I am proud to be a self-confessed bag-freak!

  2. You may want to check the html link because it is not going through to your new site.

  3. Good luck with your new proect it looks like it should be lots of fun.

  4. Hey, I just found your site via Blue Kimono.

    Wow, you are a very talented blog lady.

    I appreciate your interests and favourites on your Profile. Colette too, great! She could be my Mastermind speciality, if we had Mastermind in Canada...

  5. Hi, Thanks for the nice comments - I couldn't tell what picture you were referring to, but I probably didn't take it. I WILL start taking more original shots. I have to master my son's camera.

    Your from Carlisle. My Mum lived there in the 30s. Went to Stanwix school. She loves the Roman connection.

  6. Going over right now to check it out. Thanks for comments on my blog. I love your site. It's visually great to visit. And full of good stuff, and your long-ish posts are inspiration to me that people will actually read something longer than one sentence (I tend to be wordy).

    As soon as I figure out how to do the "followers" feature I'll let you know and would love for you to be one on my blog. I'll get on yours too.

  7. Hi, nice blog, and your new bag site also.

  8. I guess its safe here to admit

    I am a handbag addict

    In fact as a 'joke' I started a 'group' on Facebook ...called:
    In Search of the Perfect Black Purse

  9. I'm not much into it, but I've passed the link to this and to Sara's Attic on to some friends who are!

    I hope you get some sales out of it.

    Peace - D

  10. thanks for all the good luck comments!
    Poetic- thanks for passing me on to your pals

    fhi and Daryl- fellow aficionado's eh?

    Clever pup- welcome and thanks for your kind words. I've been over to yours and I like your style!

  11. wow.. i have found a few new sites to keep my peepers on!
    thanks for the kind comments you left on my blog.. and thanks for visiting my random world.. hope to see you there again soon! :)


  12. My name is Akelamalu and I'm a handbag addict.


  13. I love bags too. Love them. Love them. Love them. I am off to visit your new blog right now.

  14. Alas, I've one handbag and it's three years old, the zipper is broken and it's covered in mud. I'm hardly a lady but I do understand and appreciate the need to keep these old and beautiful things alive. Me though, my old and beautiful things, I use 'em to death, just the way I want to go. I don't want to go with an ounce of life left in me.

  15. Very Interesting!
    Thank You!


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