Saturday, 7 February 2009

Life is too short...

Not one to beat about the bush, nor have I been known to sit quietly and bite my tongue unless under pain of death. So let's get this out of the way. Life is too short to IRON! 

I fold most items very carefully, after they come out of the dryer having used  a tumble fresh as this stoops creasing ... then sort out all  the lightweight cotton things together and then place on top of the pile a very heavy ART book... cookery book will suffice. If items still lightly warm all the better, that is  the laundry not the book.

Put all absolutely necessary items to iron, like work tops, school shirts, well only the cuffs collars and bits that are seen, as the creases fall out when the heat of the body warms the fabric, that's whats great about poly cotton!! Ha!

Sheets..well fecking hell they will be slept on, so only iron the top pillowcase, not the one underneath, whose gonna see it? only the Sandman for god sakes!

These are NON IRON items, and yes my pal Lynn used to iron these until I gave her permission not to!!LOL

Underpants, socks, baby bibs (WTF!!) kitchen towels and tea cloths, (WTF!!)
and PYJAMAS! oh dear me..... shall l gone on.?

So P-LEASE consider yourself told and you do now have my permission, if that's what it takes to stop you and other women ironing unnecessarily, let's start a revolution. Even my own Larry,  last year he started putting his washing in at weekends when I was at work. Now he takes his clen but crumpled shirts to the hotel with him and irons them there! Amazing eh? After 27 years,  so it's never to late to change your routine.

Now behave! and get a bar of chocolate or two, a good book, some ambient music 
and a bubble bath, then grab the remote, put your feet up and watch a DVD, I can recommend, 'The best days of our lives' Random Harvect' 'Penny Serenade'

Can I come round?

p.s. Embellished from a comment left on one of Suburbia's posts


  1. I'm with you on this. I iron very little, MWM does it! LOL

  2. Thank you for this advice, albeit it a little too late - I have just spent the last two hours ironing!!! But next week.....

  3. Do you know, I've just put a pair of my pyjamas away without ironing them and I felt soooo guilty. Now, I feel better. Don't think I'm an ironing nut - I've already abandoned undewear, tea towels, pillow cases, duvet covers (fold them up as soon as they come out of the dryer) and sheets, so PJs are just the last in a long list!

  4. I don't iron, but I do press. I press seams when I am quilting.

    Well, I do iron the altar linens, but that's a mission beacuse the cleaners doubled their rates.

  5. Ironing? What's that? I bet you even separate your clothes when you wash! Not me! Everything in at once! Who cares? Life's too short to spend so much stinking time cleaning stuff!

  6. Winter is good for this very reason, along with open fires, early nights and good stodgy rib-sticking food.
    I can't remember when I ironed last, JP has always done his own things, always...and that's a long time.
    I do like a smooth pillow case under my head, but everything else can be folded when warm.
    You are your mother's daughter, kiddo.

  7. Am I alone in loving ironing? It seems to me the ultimate kind of occupational therapy, real domestic goddess kind of stuff and perfection so easy to achieve.

  8. Don't do ironing if I can help it... I have not ironed a thing in over a year, but there are some things in laundry baskets a bit too creased to wear, I must admit...

    I never touch socks, underwear, bedding, towels, tea towels and pretty much anything non-cotton...

    "Life's too short to stuff a mushroom", from Shirley Conran's 'Superwoman'. Read it and be free, ladies! xox

  9. With careful washing, I haven't ironed anything for ummmm months, maybe years? My partner says he has never seen me iron in two years living together... Mind you there are three shirts in my wardrobe that don't get worn because they do need ironing.... but the rest - wash, hang, tumble if required for 5 mins, then hang... they all perfectly wearable.
    I cringe when I see people fill a washing basket with dry washing and leave it in a heap - just creates work!!!!

    I don't iron for anyone else - ever. My kids do their own if they need to...

    If you enjoy it - great. I just prefer blogging lol

  10. I can't even remember the last time I ironed something. I hang things on hangers as soon as the dryer stops or I will turn the dryer on again to fluff out the wrinkles.

    I have even been known to rewash a load if I've forgotten about them and left them sitting in the dryer too long.

    And the things that must be ironed or they look too ridiculous to wear, I either don't buy to begin with or I have them dry cleaned.

    I am THAT lazy!

  11. Thought I recognised it!! And a very good post it made too! Any other house hold tip you'd like to impart?!

  12. I once asked my grown up children whether I ironed their pyjamas when they were little. Neither had the slightest idea. Think this proves a point, as I did, but obviously shouldn't have bothered!

  13. No ironing for me; it's friekin' hot in Arizona.

  14. I send mine out. Goes out in a big bag Monday night, comes back on hangers or folded. In draws and wardrobes it goes... and that is that.
    I have done this for over ten years and would give up just about anything to afford it. Even when I was off sick, it still went out.

  15. I gave up on ironing a long time ago. My ironing consists of listening for the dryer to beep, opening the door, and immediately hanging up the items that will wrinkle.

    If I miss the beep, and they get wrinkled, they go through a quick rinse cycle and get thrown back in the dryer.

    And all of my clothes must pass the "wrinkle test" before I buy them-- crunch up a bunch of the fabric in your hand, and if it stays really wrinkled after you let go, you put it back on the clothes rack. Do not buy it.

    I might pull out my iron twice a year, if that. LOL!

  16. I don't iron, either. Well, occasionally I do. Maybe once a month. But sheets??!! I would have never dreamed of ironing those. What for?? sheesh, I hardly have time for the rest of my life as it is.

  17. In the beginning I ironed absolutely everything – yep, I was one of those (Mother instilled it, and after all, we Swiss Girls even learn it at school, ah gee). But for the last 10 years – I don’t even use a book – I just slap the heap – grin. What a relief – and nobody notices it anyway. I have linen sheets, real linen, ya know, and I love them sun dried (nicely pulled in shape) and un-ironed on my bed:))

  18. i loved reading your blogg ,im a friend of leib and lipstick ,your blogg is so funny and true x

  19. Oy! It's not just women that iron! Worst task of the week, and so much the better if it can be stretched out to once a fortnight or even, oh yes, once a month!!

  20. Husband does his own ironing and always has. So what I have to iron is managable and I find it quite therapeutic at times.

  21. Not only do I NOT iron, I don't sort socks either. I figure the kids are the ones who can't turn them right side out, so they can do that while they sort.

    The hubby was trained to iron his military uniform so no need for me to take a risk of putting a shoulder out :-)

  22. I like the hourglass photo at the top. Totally agree, ironing is a waste of valuable time.

  23. Once out of the drier, I scan everything, if it`s ok, it goes on a hanger. My sister in law ironed socks, I don`t fall into that category. Don`t iron sheets, pillowcases and as my eldest is still at home, I remind him that his brother left home years ago and has ironed his own stuff since. As "Failure to Launch" is 31, I`m trying to make it unpleasant for him to remain at home, hence no ironing, changing of bedding etc, hasn`t worked so far. But, hope on the horizon, he and his girlfriend are looking at flats, hurrahhhhhhh.
    I`m all for an easy life, turning the computer off now, away out and won`t be back for tea today!!!

  24. Great post ...

    My mom always said if you empty the dryer as soon as the cycle stops and get those clothes out they wont look slept in ... it also helps not to dry heavy towels in the same load a cotton tops/pants that wrinkle...

    Me? I dont do the laundry... basement is haunted and I wont go down there .. really ..I am not kidding .. Husband does the laundry ....he doesnt scare as easy as me

  25. Right on! I only use the iron about every two months. I take the clothes out of the dryer. Give them a little "fluff." Done :-)

  26. This post reminded me of my grandma, she ironed everything including my grandpa's boxers. I, on the other hand, don't iron a thing!

  27. Thanks Saz! My iron is hidden in the farthest-away reaches of my closet. I've abandoned ironing almost everything. When stuff in the dryer sits there and gets wrinkly, I throw in a wet washcloth and dry it again for five minutes. Wasteful of electricity, I know. Bad girl. But I can use the time I save not ironing to take my recycling in.
    Heh heh.

  28. I absolutely agree. Life is too short to iron, but not long enough for all the chocolate in the world.


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