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I've read about blog guilt

... but as I have only been blogging on my Vintage blogs Sara's Attic Blog since 2005 & more recently Handbag Diva , the subject of 'blog guilt' hasn't raised it guilty head. Until I started my FFF blog that is and joined the generic blogsphere as a regular blogger!

Over Christmas the posts are a tad thin on the snowless ground and are mostly of a festive nature, then when the very last cracker is pulled, the last mince pie morsel- ed(I know that isn't a word!) and the last decoration boxed, we tentatively start to think about a new post. Inspiration is seemingly lost along with the post seasonal humour and general bonhomie.

There has been a plethora of meme's doing the rounds and whilst I do enjoy responding to them, I find I feel I have to complete them it bugs me. (Meme; I still don't know how to pronounce this, except that it is a french word, which means the same and that resonates with me as appropriate, a meme is just that, non?) so before I post one of my 4 meme's in draft, I have to post this.

Then I ponder on whether others will think I'm shallow and don't have much to say as it appears I pad out my blog with meme's?

And if I don't complete their memes, will jack or jill take it personally?
If I don't have more than 3/5/10 comments is that a direct comment-less criticism.
Which really isn't a good thing to dwell upon else it distracts me from writing proper posts.

Stinking Billy ( before he left blogland, please come back Billy!) & Moannie have both recently talked about blog guilt and the pressures they feel this blogging lark is quite addictive. I have to get online, in terms of having to get my ideas down in a draft and then tweak it later. having a comment or twelve is the icing on the cake, that does l admit spur me onwards. I do find ideas come to me at the least expected times, in the bathroom, just falling asleep, in the car, more often at work ... as I have so much thinking time, whilst patrolling the larger galleries for hours on end.

Heck! what the feck should I care what others think, but you do don't you? or do you?


  1. Yes I care!! Always good to read you, no need for guilt (hey what am I saying?!!) Go girl, its your world we are visiting!

  2. Mmmmm I know what you mean. Am only a week into Blogland and am realising the impact of it. But you know what they say, you can please all the people some of the time and some of the people all the time but you can't please all the people all of the time. Nor should we try. Love the blog, Jo x

  3. BONS MOTS........fantastic!!
    You are hysterical :)

    Steady On
    Reggie Girl

  4. Oh, I have blog guilt, big time! I always feel like I need to do MORE, and ugh. I'm tired of it sometimes.

    The word "meme" is pronounced "meem" - see my post here. I know that most of us were wondering!

    Love ya girl - D

  5. I think the good thing about comments is not their quantity, but their added quality - they give you a chance to set up an 'email conversation' behing the Blogland facade, and bloggers become real people.

  6. Having read fairly recently an argument seriously debated in the mighty, or should it be, weighty Times on the merits and dangers of Twitter Face and Blogland, I was almost ready to write an equally weighty argument as to their merits, especially the Blogosphere, but lost my nerve. Seems to me the only barriers are those we place upon ourselves; those of guilt, feelings of inadequacy, of unworthiness: why would anyone want to read our and so [you know who you are] is funnier...this one writes like an angel,my pictures are so amatuer, why did that pos only get a few comments? And on and on until you think fleck this.
    Um, er...I'm just saying don't think I really feel all you?

  7. here's my theory..
    if you feel like it, write it. if you don't.. don't. no matter what others say, it's your time and your thoughts, opinions, etc. comments are fantastic, if someone is moved to share them with you.. but you shouldn't feel obligated to comment back.. again, only if you're moved to do so. wow.. i just may have to post THIS guess it struck a chord? anyway... i am a newbie to all this bloggy stuff..but i do know it has helped a very understimulated, overly creative and rambling mind!! i find your posts entertaining.. and i don't believe anyone should be 'guilted' into providing entertainment. so.. no pressure! :)

  8. Yes, I've felt it. And I've wondered if I should give blogging up for Lent to bring myself into reality. No, probably not.

  9. Its your blog and you can post what you like ... sure its nice to know people are reading/commenting but is that why you blog?

  10. Tell me about it! I'm midway through NaBloPoMo and believe me, it is a stretch to come up with 28 different topics and still sound interesting. I agree about overanalyzing. If I only get a few comments, was it a lame post or were people busy that day? Will I have a better response tomorrow? Hope you'll hang in there and keep blogging :-)

  11. I think that memes allow a little bit of insight into the writer of the blog and, as such, I enjoy reading them. However, as I don't wish to reveal too much of myself online (there's always the fear of a pupil finding my blog), I don't always complete them. How awful of me!

    My blog guilt is from not keeping up with reading all the blogs I like!

  12. At times I feel guilty that I do not spend enough time on my blog but then I also feel gulity about the amount of time that I do spend on it. I can't win.

  13. As women we are programmed to feel guilt, so give that guilt over to love, Saz x

    Your posts are always, always perfect - Your pictures personal and beautiful, ever creative... Memes are useful padding, but also seem to reveal more of us (only that which we are willing to share) than we imagine...

    Write for yourself - Don't start to think of an audience (only of your followers as friends, for they are!) as that way (IMHO) madness lies and we will lose our own voice?

    Post as little or as often as you like - We shall always be there to listen, laugh, empathize and love, you!

  14. LOL, Saz! This is a hoot, and for the record, you can follow my blog. Just go to your dashboard and add me there. I am going to do the same for you. Something just tells me I would enjoy this blog very much! :-)

    I am doing a MeMe tomorrow. I try to think outside the box, and it appears you do, too. Sometimes, I even run with scissors. Shhhh, don't tell! ;-)



  15. someone told me that bloggers are nonjudgemental.

  16. I do!

    My ideas come to me like yours do...whenever they wish!

    The memes do overwhelm me when they come my way and I always I hope I do not offend If I do not take them up...UGH!

  17. What a delight it has been catching up with your Blog - and yes I know all too well about Blog Guilt. I suffer terribly from it!
    Though it's mostly about not keeping up with my blogging friends. I also share many of your special delights - those private luxuries are very special. I particularly love tea in china cups - it really does taste better. M xx
    PS Lovely posts and wonderful photos, thank you.

  18. You've said it all. I share the guilt, the addiction, the need to make comments, and of course I like to get comments. Therefore, I feel a bit of pressure to come up with a post that's interesting.
    Glad you brought up the pronunciation of meme, because I had no idea. Glad RiverPoet clarified it for us!

  19. I feel guilty about EVERYTHING! I am a wife, mother, employee, and I love to blog!! However when I start feeling down on myself for spending too much time on myself, I just think of Susan Carrell's advice, given in her most recent book, "Escaping Toxic Guilt," which is the best book out there so far for treating guilty women!

  20. This is interesting. I do feel kind of bad about not getting back to people who leave comments. On the other hand, it's impossible to keep up with everyone in the "real world" as well as cyberspace. It's not personal. I do need to remind myself that this is about fun, and if it stops being so, time to take a break and come back refreshed.

  21. Hey, I just tagged you for 5 different memes.



    Just complete the memes you're interested in doing.

  22. Oh dear, I would think one should post only when one feels like it. End of guilt.

    Two things in Bloglandia that make me feel occasionally under pressure, i.e. guilty:
    1 - I cannot possibly post and find additional time to read and comment other blogs, many days it's either or, meaning that I only get to post (on the other hand I do comment only on blogs that really mean something to me, never on autopilot).
    2 - I do not take part in memes, awards and the like because that would force me to give up my daily publishing photo blog.

    May you enjoy a guiltless weekend,
    at the least! :-)

  23. Guilt...schmilt! So what if nothing else gets done...I blogged. There are a few sad moments when I look and discover nobody loves me. But some day they will and I'll get that comment. I just need to stop telling myself "google ad clicks = they like me"

  24. I think it was Richard Dawkins that coined the word 'meme' - (to rhyme with 'seem').

  25. Oh, I care a great deal. It's a (somewhat) careful balance but in the end I blog because I love to write. Memes I don't usually do because, god help us all, I usually have a lot to say. Really, I have to hold myself back. I'd write every day if someone would only read but then I hate to put it out there and have it sit untouched. It seems to me that in our reading each other we are somehow helping to define each other, actualize one another. But then that's me, and I don't really think that's what blogging is supposed to be about. But then who says we can't make new rules.

    You blog for you. Do it!

  26. I agree with Cheshire Wife. I tried to stand back from it a bit lately but then I missed it. I do mind that it impacts a little on being with my children but then I am too tired to do it at night when they are in bed.

    This time I am trying to moderate my use a bit. I know what you mean, FFF, maybe we ought to try and meet up for that coffee soon so we can get it off our chests. it for yourself. Even corrupt the meme and do it in a way which pleases you. After all it IS your blog. ;)


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