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I FEEL the sisterhood!

Last night I went to see, with much anticipation and excitement I might add  'The Vagina Monologues'. 

I had no idea what to expect, apart from a ton, nay several hundred ton of women, much raucous laughter, and probably much use of the word vagina and many other well used descriptive nouns for this, well yes l guess, well used part of, and I know you know, of course you know, the female body. These nouns included the vagina being referred to as a tamale, a monkey box and a coochi snorcher, as well as many other  naughty words which I do not feel brave enough to repeat here tonight. Although I did last night and in mixed company I might add!

The monologues were compiled by more than 200 interviews conducted by the playwright Eve Ensler about  their female experiences. The monologues were recounted last night with much effort, detail, sound effects and accents to entertain and enlighten us. Facts about the vagina from all over the world were proffered.

Now I live in Carlisle, so l guessed the audience would be from the catchment area and although not in the league of the tough women of Newcastle and other northern climes, who seemingly go out dressed to the nines, as one would for a Christmas or New Years eve party  every night if the week, with not much more on than a silk slip. I wonder if this is where the phrase, 'fur coat no knickers ' was born. Please don't take offence, lady geordettes, but you must admit its bloody cold out there in mid February, in little more than a new born baby wears, even with a few snorts of vodka! The men wear short sleeved shirts all year round, no one carries a jacket, much less clothes! Anyway, what I'm saying is that the northern lasses seem more, well out there, more confident before they drink, more let's have a great time eh? Fine by me. But well, in my dotage I've become a less is more kinda girl, I'm getting to bed when they are just putting on their makeup and glad rags and age hasn't anything to do with it in their book! So I did wonder if I would be one of the elderly ladies there.

Tina Gambe

So three of us went last night, wide eyed and all agog with the anticipation! It was a marvellous experience it has to be said. The monologues, some sad, some hilarious, some poignant and all with one thing in common,a  shared knowledge, a common understanding and like minded women all on the same page for 3 hours was spellbinding. This wasn't like the tribal gathering for a football match, it wasn't like a hen night, when all or most of the women, cackle together jeering at rude jokes and/ or men's tackle and for some who are there under duress, it just ain't usually my bag. It was so much more than that, it was gathering of women, who were as I've said in the main aged 40 or 50 something, some were older and none were younger than mid twenties and those who were, were few and far between. Some were definitely well into their 70's and 80's. None appeared shocked or uncomfortable. 

Sally Lindsay

This was an event for women who had shared a so far unspoken - less over a glass of wine with bestest pals - understanding of their vagina's on several levels. I thought during the show, that my daughter would love it, and I know she would, but probably only on one or two levels, it would not be an event for her for the same reasons, nor would her appreciation of it be for the same reasons. More for the swearing and stories. But not because she has any of  the life experiences that are explored , from life to death and all that is inbewteen is touched upon, nay probed and entered - and in detail I warn you.

I was invited to join in with my sisters - and l use the term sisters endearingly, as I am no women's libber in the tabloid sense, but in the purest sense I am -  together we shouted out words that have never passed my lips in company let alone mixed company and in an appropriate and no-judgemental or guilt inducing setting.  
We the audience smiled at, shared laughter and looks with each other, between total strangers and all knowingly. We really felt at one with each other.

To the 8 men who attended the show we applauded them without apology, as they would've known what they were getting into. Not once were men belittled or  laughed at. It wasn't about the sexes, it was about the sex and the power of our personal sex and how we should worship it and ourselves and be at one.
I thought it amazing, and more and more so since I've thought about it today.

Sue Holderness

I wholeheartedly ask you to embrace the Monologues should they come to a town near you. It is a delight. It cannot offend because every word spoken is true. It made me laugh and cry.  It is a must go see!

Oh and by the way, now I'm not man bashing here, because as I said the show is definitely NOT about that, but here is one interesting fact....
... the clitoris is the only organ designed solely for pleasure and has 8,000 nerve endings, which is twice the number of nerve endings on the head of a penis.
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  1. Hehehe...I new we were more sensitive than men...

  2. Saz, I've never been to see it - I think it was touring with Jenny Eclair in it not long since and I do love her... I need to watch out for it again now - I wonder if it's touring from Carlisle?

    Lots of love to you, my bloggy friend, and I haven't taken any umbrage at your skitting of Geordettes - I have never worn a belt as a mini skirt, nor gone out in no knickers, and I have seen both down the Bigg Market - I was always the one in a duffle coat and boots - That's the Pitmatic in me, I kid you not! Mwah! x

    Oh, Word Verif is fecatali - Sounds like the sort of posh word you might use for 'down under' when in front of the children - Lol! x

  3. Fhi- that sis funny eh? and 'glad l didnt offend!! The link for the monolgues is here...
    fecatali- you have something there, if you know what l mean you mean...etc...thats a good word for it too....he he

  4. Say YES to sex! I must keep a watch out and go to see it if it comes to town.

  5. Right that's it then, I've been thinking about going to see it, never got round to it, now you've convinced me it's worth it. Great post.

  6. Hi ~ What a great review! I haven't seen the Monologues yet but truly hope to go when it plays near my home. Glad you enjoyed the show!

  7. Oh now I feel bad. It was over here (two minutes up the road in fact) for years and I didn't go. Mind you, I don't get out much unless it's a Pixar film.
    As for the Geordettes - you forgot to mention the purple mottled thighs that come with the lingerie attire worn in all weathers. It completes the look and is still to be seen doon on the Quayside!

  8. I can't wait til it comes this way. my mother said it was crazy, true funny.

  9. And all this time I thought it was the China Monologues .....

  10. I've seen it and thoroughly enjoyed it too :-)

    best wishes

  11. What a terrific review. I've always meant to see it and now I will. The fine cast of women that participate would make it worthwhile even if the material wasn't up to scratch. Dont think himself would go though!

  12. Will go! Great post, I truly enjoy the way you write.

    x ida

  13. 4.000 more eh? You'd never know it from the fuss they make.

    Good review Saz and funny.

    veri word is: mineino...someones messing with my mind.

  14. I've never seen the Vagina Monologues, but I'd like to. It was all arranged one time with a friend (who would have been great to see this with) but it fell through at the last minute.

    I must go and see if it's coming round again near me! :)

  15. Wasnt it wonderful? Saw it last year and loved it ..

  16. Sounds like you had a hoot. I've heard of it but haven't heard much about it.

    CJ xx

  17. A lady geordette here. I was always the odd one out even as a hard line geordie girl. I always wore a coat on a night out and always wanted to sit down in pubs. Probably why I had to move over to the lakes- too bloody soft.
    Glad you enjoyed VM

  18. Great review! and congrats to you too!

  19. The Vagina Monalogues was in my city once but I didn't get round to seeing it.More's the pity.
    Don't think older people would be shocked. After all we all have one, don't we? A vagina that is! LOL

  20. Congrats on POTD nomination. Great review. Will keep my eyes open for it.

  21. Haven't seen this yet. It is in my 'must see' list now!

    Congrats on the award from David! You have a great blog!

  22. Came by the way of David..Congrats on POTD! I saw the VM several years ago and I gotta say I hated it!

    I am not one of delicate sensibilities and was so excited about going. I wanted to leave there feeling empowered and sceaming to the masses, "look at me I have a vagina!" But I ended up feeling horrible and brutilized after I left.

    I have wondered if it was because of the stories that were told in my particular city. They seemed to all be negative...abuse and rape centered.

    I guess I am the exception...but I hated Phantom of the Opera too!

  23. You hated Phantom to!!! well we do sit in different seats!! OH what a shame!!here was one story of rape/abuse...whihc is why I thought the show was balanced quite well and NOT like a side show at the victorian 'here come the weirdo's' type of circus...
    what pushes your buttons then Lucy!?

  24. This is a great review. Thanks. The VM seems to come to my town every year or so, and I've never gone--prob a little too hard to explain the name to daughter and rather conservative hubby. Time will change that though.

  25. Now, see, I would have been more than happy to have made any number of clitorises feel better during my day, but most of you What own them don't let them see nearly enough daylight, OK? Now, being married and all, I work my wonders on only one of the little buggers. You all missed out. Too late!

    In any case, glad you had a good time! By the way, you can expect your hits to go up exponentially now that you've included "Vagina" in a post title. All sorts of dirty old sots will be stopping by. I mean, aside from me.

  26. I've always wanted to see this! I could probably learn a lot . . .:)

    and Btw, isn't that sideways mouth thing clever . . . suggesting, as it does, a mouth and a vagina both

    About the Northern penchant for totally ignoring the cold, I just don't get it! I wear layers all year long . . . and my neck is rarely exposed before May.

  27. For the first time in ages I'm speechless! Joking apart it's all to do with the way we were brought up. We had so many hang ups (pardon the pun) years ago.

  28. I'm all a titter now with the power that I can sense through you, not of any one or three pieces of anatomy, but of spirit that reaches far beyond! So glad for your experience!

  29. I so want to see this show!

    Just one questions if the clitoris has so many nerve endings how come men can't find it??? :(

  30. Excellent review. I haven't seen the Monologues but I heard it was very good...
    Fascinating tid bit of fact at the end. And congrats on David's POTD award.

  31. I've heard over and over again how wonderful "The Vagina Monologues" is. One of these days, I'm going to have to go see it.

    Probably won't be around here, though... I live in a sexually repressed state. (As in Utah!)(Not me in that state)(well, I do live in Utah)(oh, nevermind...)

  32. I went to see it with my wife; it was a scream! I highly recommend it, even (or, perhaps, expecially) if you are a man.

  33. I've heard about this show for years, but I haven't seen it. I'm glad to find out a little of what it's about.
    Sounds like a very liberating experience!

  34. Living in a little town I know it won't be coming here. However it might hit the big city south of here.

    I'll put it on my to do list.


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