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I am what I am

Fhina challenged me to this 'meme'...

I Am: Moody, high or low, nothing in between

I Want: always to do the right thing

I Have: the children I yearned for

I Wish: I could live forever

I Fear: only fear itself

I Hear: myself sing in tune not unlike La Streisand, I KNOW that I don't

I Search: for a spiritual enlghtenment and fullfillment

I Wonder: what it's all about

I Regret: too much, then regret that I even bother to regret, I'm getting over it

I Love: My children more than life itself

I Always: wear red lipstick & dark glasses, a silk scarf on my handbag

I Usually: take my watch & bra off when I get home

I Am Not: all that I could be, yet

I Dance: in my dreams

I Sing: in the car

I Never: refuse good food, walk past a charity shop or book shop

I Rarely: do anything without a list

I Cry: when I read about something happy, something good, something sad or watch an old movie, l'm a sucker for them.

I Am Not Always: good with money

I’m Confused: about the state of the world, is it about perspective and is it all relative

I Need: the smell and touch of my children's skin I don't care how old they get, they better let me at them!! And the sun on my face, but not in a deep dark tanned way, been there done that, but in a warming, vibrant, warm the cockles of my heart kind of way

I Should: live in the moment more. the writer Sidonie Gabrielle Colette said '
What a wonderful life I've had! I only wish I'd realized it sooner.' ...Mmmm... quite!

Anyone who wants to have a go, be my guest!


  1. What a wonderful post. I love learning more about you because it seems the more I know the more I realize how alike we are...

  2. I can recommend Sweetmango's answer to the Who am I? question, if you haven't seen it already ...

  3. You are indeed! That's a lovely post - reflective, funny and heartwarming.

  4. Oh, I so agree with the comments about needing the smell and touch of your children's skin. I wonder at what age they stop letting you cuddle them! Nicola

  5. another one here who needs to sniff her son's lovely hair regularly and give him a cuddle. I love the smell of other half too. Great post- will have a go X

  6. You are soooo all of that and more and you are mine and can't wait to bury my nose in your neck.

    By the way, been looking everywhere for Pillars of the Earth since Oprah reccomended it. Hang on to it for me, please and we'll swap. Have managed at last to get into Shantaram and it is wonderful. Over 900 pages. XXX

  7. Very beautifully and warmly responded to, Saz! Your love for your children is all-encompassing, isn't it, even when they don't turn out exactly as you might have dreamt, i.e. those cheeky body piercings? We just want no harm to come to any hair on their head, non?

    I loved this, thank you... xxooxx

  8. I love that you admit to taking your bra and watch off when you get home. My question tho' is why?

  9. Jinksy where is sweet mango?

    Sandi- how kind thanks...its great meeting likeminded folk!

    Expat- you DO make me chortle!! I guess one thinks everyone feels the same about wearing bra's...

    nicola. fhi. jo and Moannie- I still brib eem, so l can cop a siff and snuggle!if thats what l have to do so be it.

    well several reasons, (you really wanna know?) before children l didnt really have boobs to speak of, two fried eggs, l used to joke!! Then children came and I are you sitting down- breast fed the babes for 2 yrs each, with a years pregnancy in they got some use..and got bigger and bigger, and as long as l keep some weight on, still fairly full...OH dear is this too much info!? SO now instead of a size 10 and 32B l'm a 40c/d and a size 14/16, so I'm not used to bra's..and they dig in so..when l'm home off they come..the watch, well it digs in...that should've sufficed as an explanation for both really..

    have you nodded off??

  10. I like your answers :)

    I 'borrowed' it, thanks!

  11. You sing in the car? I sing mock opera to my kids all the time - much to their distress!

  12. I'm going to have to try this idea and turn it into a cafe blog as all my blogs have a cafe link - however tenuous.And I love the quote 'the writer Sidonie Gabrielle Colette said 'What a wonderful life I've had! I only wish I'd realized it sooner.'

    I am a similar age to you and adore being amusing in my writing. sadly I have no kids to sniff. lol

  13. :-) that was an enjoyable read.

    may all your wishes come true.

    x ribbon

  14. PS yep I always take my bra & watch off too :-)
    also never had to wear one before having a babe....... fried eggs turned into dummies!...... ok that's more than enough info :-)

  15. Just Beautiful thoughts...thanks so much for sharing them...


  16. Good list. I especially like the part about taking your bra off. Insofar as the living forever thing goes, I'm a Christian and could proselytize to you, but I won't. I don't think it would be quite right while I'm thinking about your bra.

  17. Excellent!

    I am a list maker too

  18. Am laughing my ass off at this, "I need the smell and touch of my children's skin I don't care how old they get, they better let me at them!!"

    I feel exactly the same way!

    Not so much about the bra. If wires didn't hurt so much I think I'd wear it to bed!

  19. I greatly enjoyed this post, you're a really respectful and fun person! And by the by, I had no idea I had a playlist on my blog! >_<. Unless you mean something I didn't quite understand.


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