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Brought to my attention by Sass who was propelled into action by the misqouted  by Don Mills Diva. 
in this Times online article, which I had missed. It asks whether the global activity that is blogging is misguided and that we overlook the dangers to ourselves and our families'  potential mental health and well being with the venting of one's spleen or not.
I have no qualms about the subjects I post about, nor do I have concerns about my family reading them. I am measured about what I post. If you blog anonymously and keep the blog a secret from family, work colleagues and friends, you obviously are at risk of 'being found out' but hey it's free world last time I looked. Or perhaps I didn't look properly!
One doesn't have to blog 'publicly', an invitation or indeed a private blog is one option and there are many more options and differing levels of privacy.
I print my posts off and keep them in a folder, a personal record, not unlike a diary or journal. An heirloom of the 21st century. It was also mentioned that bloggers are diluting the kudos and the professionalism of journalists. I doubt that, but I would leave that to those 'qualified' to ponder. Now who would that be exactly?

.... here is a token to add to your blog should you wish to, oh and please drop Don Mills a line so she knows you are on board!


  1. Saz, I am just on my way to Suldog's!

    This is so well written, and I like the idea of our blogs being 21st Century memoirs - Just as you value Vintage things, I can imagine how our families might consider (or be bored by - in my own case!) our writings and musings over time...

    And as for diluting proper journalism - Who gave them the monopoly on writing to entertain and to fulfil their fantasies?

    I am taking the righteous blogging salute, thank you! xxx

  2. The validity of what we as mere 'coal face punters' write is a narrative of everyday life. We are not bound to expound a view as dictated by an employer such as a politically motivated editor at a newspaper. I prefer to read blogs as I am my own editor and chose who and what I read. Like the music business, talent will out without a gate keeper holding you back because they don't rate your work - a subjective viewpoint! So who cares what the article said about diluting journalists offerings - some do not deserve to be there - just read the Daily Mail - I rest my case! Great post.

  3. Well, if we have got the journo's running scared then we must be doing something right. my no.1 concern, after world hunger, wars,street crime and currupt officialdom, is diluting journalism.Huh!
    All these people, with all these stories, the writers, poets, comic writers and, in the true sense, journal-ists are swirling around together, comunicating, caring and sharing. I'm off to start printing out my posts.

  4. Thanks for blogging the article. It made interesting reading. There is stuff I can't put on mine right now, hopeless really, seeing as I blog anonymously!

  5. Just came back to say that I m printing out, refilled paper tray twice. Interested to see that I started off with one comment [you darling] then it went to three for ages...about ten posts later I'm on eight. Going to make a file like yours, such a good idea cos sometimes I come up with things I'd already posted about. That, my friends is the curse of the elderly short term memory.

  6. Hear, hear! Very well said. Memoirs have always been amongst my favourite of favourite books and these 21st Century versions are every bit as absorbing.

  7. As few bloggers have a commercial reason for writing, their thoughts and feelings deserve more respect than those who are being paid to fill a column in a newspaper or magazine, and are thus restricted by that publication's rules...

  8. If only all writers had your passion!

    Write on girl!

  9. I certainly don't let it all spill out on my blog. There are certain things the public doesn't need to know, thankyouverymuch.

    I also don't use our real names. I suppose if someone really wanted to find us and figure out who we really are, they could. But then again, they could open the phone book and do the same thing...

  10. I read the article, until the bitter end where I realized that all it was is a plug for a book! :-(

    Do you remember the good old times when people gossiped over the fence? Even then, you never knew who else was listening to what you were confiding to your neighbour.

  11. I agree. What you said x 2

    I'm taking the salute thanks. :)

  12. Alas, the blog is a tool, and we make of it many things since there are many of us. It can be misused, but shouldn't be condemned because some misuse it.

    And did you notice way at the very end of the Times article that it is very subtly promoting a book by one of the authors?

    The newspaper is also a tool. which can also be used or misused. Yes it is a tool. It makes a pretty good mulch, excellent papier maich, and quite a nifty firestarter.

  13. Great comments from one and all, thanks for participating!

  14. Yep! That got me going! Grrrr....

    So much so that I had to write my own post about it.

    Will it be turned into a book deal or even a newspaper article?


    But it - might - just help someone who is alone and crying in the dark.

  15. Diluting journalism? What exactly is that supposed to mean?

    I tell you, the standard of journalism over here is falling like a stone. It's full of grammatical mistakes, bad writing practices and cliches by the truckload, heaven help us. Of course, I'm really talking mostly about the provincial papers, but surely the big nationals can't seriously be concerned about what bloggers do?

    I pride myself in using language as well as I'm able and writing blogs that are easy to read and understand. I shall definitely have my say. You can count me in!

  16. I agree with jinksy! While we still have 'freedom of speach' it should be free to use and be used. I don't think it matters whether blogging is for venting or for personal memoirs or any other things I could think of,
    as long as it defames no one or is deliberately offensive to someone(s), go for it.

  17. Diluting the what of journalists. (I can speak as an ex-freelance journalist, too, in case anyone is wondering!) Here's to blogging - it's better than the papers! We get to read about the people we are interested in, people with something to say and a story to tell. Long may it continue!

  18. Wonderful. Just wonderful. I do the same, you know. Tuck the printed copies in a big folder. And I suppose you know by now my life is fairly much an open book on my blog.

    Oh, and you left a comment over there today, something about my never being serious. Mostly true, but see tomorrow's entry when I put it up (about 16 hours or so from whenever this has posted.)

    Sorry! Shouldn't be so enigmatic. In Part Two of the interview I did for my friend, Emon, I do get serious at times. That's all.

  19. I read Don Mills Diva when she addressed that. I think it's funny that journalists are bunging their skivvies in a shriek against bloggers. Blog on!

  20. I downloaded the blurb thing so that I could have the blog printed-- It's replaced my journal keeping and I live in constant fear of it disappearing.
    "diluting journalism"? They should be frightened, I think the interest in blogging tells them that we've lost interest in what we were getting.

  21. It does worry me sometimes - getting found out, mainly by my ex!! But mine was set up to help others in a similar situation and sometimes I think it does just that - keep on blogging thats what I say Lx

  22. I have seen links to this article on other blogs. I write to please myself. Is this jounalist afraid if something?


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