Sunday, 8 February 2009

An emerald in the rough!

Following on from my post last week about the talented but troubled Amy Winehouse, I am saddened by the terrible news about Jade Goody. It seems her illness has worsened and if reports are to be believed the outlook is now bleak for her. 

Jade is a celebrity created totally by the celebrity/reality culture we live in,particularly in the UK. We created her by watching these programmes and though I do not feel guilty for having watched my share I do feel it is awful they way 'we' can create a celerity for celebrity's sake and then just as easily aid their apparent fall from grace! Jade made mistakes but didn't shy away, she faced them head on and apologised and learned from her mistakes. Considering her background I think the girl done good!

Jade has grabbed  her  15 minutes of fame with both hands and  through hard work and by her optimism and  perhaps the freshness of her naivety has become a self made and wealthy young  woman. Through this illness she continues to work, be filmed and interviewed to earn money for her family. It is all she knows she can to do. 

I just hope and wish and if it will help pray, she is able to watch and steer her two young boys grow into young men. My thoughts go out to her and her two boys.


  1. With you totally on this, Saz - She oughtn't to have been created as a celebrity, really - It's but a fragile house of cards, one which will not protect her, now she has to live through her tragic illness via the media, it's such a shame. Who will raise her boys, for her mother has never seemed very stable, nor her partners... I can't see Max Clifford standing in! Wishing her, and you, well... xxx

  2. It's shocking and saddening to see all this going on in the public eye. The public eye has been good to Jade overall - I pray for her and her boys too.

  3. I feel so sorry for Jade, the outlook doesn't look very good for her. She has been criticized for going through her treatment so publicly but she is just trying to get a good amount of money to ensure her boys future - I think she's very brave and I wish her well. I'm praying and sending her Reiki - I hope it works.

  4. To me it begs the question is this Karma?

  5. Poor kid, your heart just goes out to her, doesn't it? Wish there was something I could add, but everyone before me has already expressed it all so eloquently.

    I guess we are all rooting for her.

  6. No idea who she is but who wouldn't do all they can for their family?

  7. I watched that season's Big Brother, laughed at her naivity, squirmed at her illiteracy and shuddered at the program's editing that gave us entertainment at her expense. There were times, in her nineteen year old eyes, when the realisation dawned that her housemates, equal pawns of the editors, were laughing at her and not with her. She was larger than life that season with her exotic features, wonderful smile and pages of gossip about her Lesbian drug addicted one armed mother and absent father. She was grist to the mill that turns out reams of trivia for the delectation over breakfast.
    I confess I admired her for making something out of nothing more than her attractive face and ignorance-as if she had beaten the odds stacked against her. She parlayed her notoriety into a fortune and I for one cheered her on.
    How downfall was swift-racist remarks-spoken out of frustration and stupidity gave the BB producers a massive boost and she descended into depression, then rallied as only Jade could until the terrible news that a misdiagnosis meant that the cancer had progressed to the point where she only had a forty percent chance of surviving.
    I wish her well and condemn those [and they exist] who opine that it is some kind of reckoning.

  8. A sensitive and poignant post. I wish her well and send her love and light.


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