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Do you TWITTER; have a FACEBOOK; step into MYSPACE or BEBO

I like to think l know a little about the online territory. I do feel comfortable here, I am self taught and apart from an early home based Amstrad, I  have been on a computer since 1986. When I left Debenhams and retail management (for a while) to set up a training sales dept in a local Itec. This was the then hobby horse of government, a YTS scheme with a potentially money spinning sales division ready to be developed. That's where I came in, to set it up. It was grand while it lasted, I got a choice of company car, an expense account, when these were still perks or add on's to the basic salary, not heavily taxed like they are now.

It was an exciting time, as we were sponsored by Eurotunnel and so corporate exec's were often down for a day or so in the provinces and a lunch out.Those were the days. I'm digressing, but of course! Sorry. This job as it was IT based, I had to be taught about my product, so I attended some crash courses on MS DOS (arghhh!!) and lots of Lotus' and Sage products, it of course gave me a great foundation in computers, a confidence I may never have gained and I mastered the basics and atad more. Compared to my kids though l'm a newbie...

I've dabbled on facebook, but don't get it, it's boring, slow and quite frankly not a lot is said, just hello, how are you? So I'm shutting up shop there. On twitter, it is more interesting people watching, or reading, than sending one liners by text. One phrase doesn't really do it for me, I think you know why, if you've been there before! My space, seems great for aspiring musicians, poets and srtists, but for the rest of us just wasted time on the net, rather like a grown up facebook really, and still not a lot happens. I think they are like creative resume's online, a virtual PR job! Bebo, well that is exactly what it sounds like, a baby place -  to put your toe in, whilst still in your middle years of school, very safe too I gather! Friends reunited, well they came they saw, I went to the reunion, and very nice thank you ait was but now l'll move on!

Blogging it most definitely is for me  ... unless you can suggest I try something else? Have I missed something really fab-tastic?

I think I shall pass, I thank you!


  1. Saz - You are keeping me from my bed! You are late tonight - Mind you, so am I!

    I go way back to ITEC days too, you would not believe the similarities, non?

    Re sites, you know where I stand - I loved Myspace above all, mainly to keep in touch with gigs and unsigned musicians. I made a couple of friends through the site, but blogging seems to be a much bigger extension of that possibility...exactly as you say!

    I got excited about Twitter at first, but it is difficult (esp. for me!) to stick to the 140 or 160 letter limit, whatever it is! And it's full of people just wanting to tweet to the few celebs that are there. I've never done Bebo and fell at the first hurdle of Facebook - I think they are sites aimed at the tiddlers!

    Blogging is not shallow, not fast, a slow-burn love affair with some very good friends, such as you, that you could sit down with, get to know better, chat, and drink wine with! I'm so glad I met you here - I'm wibbling again, I'll go now... xox

  2. Personally, I was dragged kicking and screaming into the twentieth century fairly recently by my family. Of my six children, the major family income for five of them comes from technology. I had to learn to hold my own.

  3. According to the Authorbloglets, I'm not cool enough for Facebook.


  4. I think that's all. Blogging affords more of a space to be who you really are (or for some, who they want to seem) and for me, that beats out hanging in a cyber gym. I'd rather come into your living room.

  5. I have a Facebook page, started mainly to see photos of cleverer friends' kids. I don't use it much but it's good for keeping in touch with friends around the world. I can't be bothered with Twitter and StumbleUpon, - too much time required.
    I upgraded to an I-Phone today and am having a hard time doing my (MSN) e-mail on it. I'm not really a technology girl.

  6. The only social media site I use is Twitter. I've not been tweeting as much lately, though. So many tweet just to try to sell you something and then there are those who believe every tweet has to be some highbrow highfalutin philosophy and that if you are not doing the same it isn't value added. Kind of sucks some of the fun out of it after a while!

  7. FaceBook has been good to connect with old friends I've lost track of along the way...

    But I'm very selective on who I "friend". I see people with 200+ friends, and it makes me wonder.

  8. Hi FFF, just found your blog recently when I started one of my own. I love your style and writing voice. Very funny, entertaining, and interesting. This post for instance is useful for me considering all the different e-venues out there.


    I'm going to link to your blog on mine.


  9. I actually like Faebook and spend quite a while on there....maybe because most of my blog friends are on there too! But most importantly, I get to chat to my son when we normally wouldn't bother picking up the phone or sending an email.

  10. I have done bebo, checked out my space, and read but don't actually twitter... but love Facebook - I have many many past students on there all, over the world, plus extended family - and many past friends from lots of places, dating back to when we were 6.
    We share stuff, group pages, hobbies, photos, world news, jokes, and lots of things.
    I also play games o there lol

    but you gotta do what you like - but do search for people you knew - or invite them to join - it can be a lot of fun...

  11. I don't have an account on any of those sites, so cannot comment. I am sadly getting a bit behind the times with new technology. I do not own an MP3-player, my mobile does not have a camera facility and we do not have a wide-screen HD TV. My car does not have central-locking. Our microwave is 21 years old and the fridge-freezer is the same age. So you can see I am just not "with it".

  12. I've wondered about all those other places on the internet, but thank my lucky stars I got pointed first to Blogland, for it's the tops!

  13. Sweetie, i beg you to explain what Twitter is - please!!!

    Like Friends United best. Its more dignified , not all over the shop like Facebook. More "old school" xxxx

  14. If you want a grown up site to network on check out

    Personally, I dont 'get' Twitter at all ...

  15. I joined Facebook at while ago and agree, it's is boring! I don't really get it either. I try to dabble but am just not technical enough.

    CJ xx

  16. Who has the time to live in more than one cyber space? Continue blogging! We shall miss you if you go off elsewhere.

    There is an award waiting for you on my blog.

  17. I'm on facebook but I find it boring too, I'll stick to blogging. :)

  18. I can't imagine you saying it all in a Twitter one liner!!!

    I have just closed my facebook (not altogether for the best reasons) and I'm glad you have said you didn't get, it because neither did I. I guess we just have too much to say!

  19. My kids set me up on My Space and Facebook. It's not bad for sharing a lot of photos, but the communication is shallow, I agree. Blogging is much more fun.

  20. No, nothing else interests me, blogging definitely is the one for me. It started as a place to put my thoughts and anecdotes and has gradually become a bit more social. A good mix, I think.

  21. Well, I did a post about how useless I thought Facebook was, and so many people said they thought it was great and I should stick with it, that I explored it further. I try to ignore the pointless apps, but it has proved fun and useful to keep in touch with people who aren't anywhere else on the net, and I'm enjoying Scrabble, even though it breaks all the Hasbro rules.

    I'm not in love with it, but it's fun - IF you are choosy about what you do with it.

    I've never tried any of the others.


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