Saturday, 10 January 2009

What's with this?

After l  finished work today I called in at the local supermarket for a small amount of foodstuffs to see us through to midweek when I'll do a major food shop. 

I finished up and went to a checkout which had  a half empty/full conveyor belt. A lady in red coat stood in front of me, I started to unload my trolley. 

She turned around to face me arms folded and said, 

' Actually my husband should be along in a moment with our basket.'

I said, 'I'm sorry is this a new procedure?'

She said, ' What do you mean?' in the accent of a fellow Brit southerner. If l could I would have replied in broad Cumbria-Wigtonian speak, but I couldn't pull it off it would have  sounded more Welsh  meets Urdu.

I replied but in my head, as one does in a split second of thought, 

' Well it's a bit like the notorious German tourist sneaking down with a beach towel and saving a sunbed for himself and Mrs Ludwig!'

Instead I just sighed and glared at her in mammoth way and removed my items back to my trolley. I folded my arms and continued my glare, she turned her back and I bore man holes in to the back of her head.

I'm quite impressed with myself, as those who have met me probably know that if pushed,  eyelashes will freeze at ten paces when I get going, but I though shit I just can't be bothered to take this up a gear. 

It ain't worth it or I'm worth more.


  1. I hate waiting in grocery lines. Specially if someone has brought along their screaming kids..I've been heard to say in a loud voice, "here now, if I'd wanted to listen to all that I'd have brought my own." Embarrasses Mac no end, lol!
    Hope you gave her the evil eye and rotf....glad it wasn't me. No wait, it wouldn't have been me, I'm the soul of propriety!

  2. Your restraint is saintly.
    I would have been unable to stop myself!

  3. Suspect you are worth more, Saz.

    Elegant restraint!


  4. keeping a place in the check out line? Now I really have heard it all. I hope it doesn't take off as a fashion!!

  5. That's a new one to me. Hope it doesn't catch on. I bet when hubby turned up, he had loads of stuff to put on too, not just the odd item.

  6. Restraint? me? Saz? That's what Larry and daughter said when I got home in an apoplectic rage!! Unheard or asked why didn't l lop her off at the knees as is my usual party piece.. verbally of course!!
    Well maybe I'm moving on...or just tired..I certainly was doing doing all sorts to her in my head!!

    more power to me in my silent apoplexy!

  7. Ha ha! New procedure! I would have said something like "Well he can join the queue when he arrives, can't he?" and gone for all out war, I hate queue jumping!! Also, I have been known to start wars in crowded airports over people 'keeping' seats and I've thrown towels in the pool at 8am to get a sunbed!

    I didn't realise I was such a rebel!

  8. Another suggestion for room 101?
    I seem to be getting MORE Bolshie in my old age...JP says that one of these days I'll be in trouble...I won't allow kids to give me cheek and they are the ones to be afraid of.

  9. I'm wishing I could have heard the Welsh /Urdu that was missing...

  10. Oh yes, take it from someone who has worked behind the checkout, you always get little hitlers like that. I very politely give them those little blue barriers which this woman really should have adhered to.

    you were right to walk away xx

  11. Saz, I am so with you on that kind of rude behaviour - I think I am turning into an angry (old) woman as time goes on! I even believe that one day I might even get sectioned/committed for such things - It so gets my goat! I am usually pretty calm in life and polite, so I can't understand what happens to me...

    And what's that about ether removing your comment - You know I haven't touched the stuff in years!

  12. Self control just isn't always as satisfying as a good rant though is it?!

  13. Yes, you are but, but, but...
    That's just wrong.

  14. Good for you for taking the high road!
    Just by her being in a queue with no groceries showed that she was maybe one sandwich short of a picnic!
    I can't stand people like that... those that believe they are far more important than anyone else in life. So important that they "own" their own place in queues! - Imagine if everyone were to do that whilst their Husbands or Wives finished the shopping! You'd never get me near a supermarket as I hate queues as it is! X

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