Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Six things about me...

Fhina - a woman of no importance who is another blogger 
whom I find soulful funny and interesting,
who has a a self depracating blog name. 
Anyway she tagged me for this  so I must do as asked.

1. I am not fat, I just fluctuate between very curvy and very voluptuous (I think)

2. I don't think l'm frumpy, not all of the time. I'd like to think I have the french, 'je ne sais quoi!' chic, but l'm kidding myself, I lollop around the house in jeans and a tee. My Dad in his 70's can still wear jeans and look like well you know, like a bloke who CAN wear jeans. No that sounds all wrong, but he has 'style'. He can just turn back a cuff or lift a shirt collar, and he walks that casual, slow walk, he just has it and Moannie has it too. Did you see the recent photo of Rachida Dati the french minister who returned to work last week on the fifth day after a ceasarian? Absolutely her choice. But I aspire to have the style she has with a bit of what Paloma Picasso has thrown in. (But I don't but I can aspire.)

3. I AM fifty, so what!

4. I am half French/ Half english
and if you want to split hairs, 
I'm half english/ quarter french/quarter Italian but hey does anyone care!

5.  My name is 'Saz' and I'm a bookoholic and handbagoholic
I collect vintage bags- one arrived, a gift, today and l buy books of all kinds,
 full price and great quality in charity shops, a few a week and this is me in recovery!
 Larry can get apoplectic about them all. He reads a book and gives it away, 
even if one of us has bought it for him and have written some bon mots inside, 
when it's done it's done! He IS Larry David sigh!

6. I had fertility problems, after a miscarriage. 
10yrs later after 2yrs of tres expensive infertility treatment, we called it a day. 
I gave up smoking. We made plans to sell up and travel. 
We had a quiet weekend in, with films, food and some alcohol. 
We were moving on.  
Two weeks later I discovered I was pregnant. 
 This was one year to the day that I gave up smoking.

 I shan't tag anyone specifically, 
but lets say the first six visitors 
who leave  a comment may
 if they wish take up the tag meme.

The Rules of this meme:

1. Link to the person who tagged you.

2. Post the rules on your blog.

3. Write six random things about yourself.

4. Tag six people at the end of your post and link to them.

5. Let each person know they’ve been tagged and leave a comment on their blog.
6. Let the tagger know when your entry is up.
Go do your worst!


  1. Saz, thank you for accepting the challenge of the Meme - That was just stunning - I loved the, so apt, images, (especially that bulldog Francais!) and your very personal story - Incredible, thank you for sharing!

    That woman is a real style icon, n'est ce pas - and Paloma Picasso - I would say you are 99% there already!

    ...I'm an apple by the way - I aspire to be a pear!

    I think my style icon must be Pat Butcher!

  2. Ah, I do love you so much, and am still discovering things about you. I love your pride in your French/Italian/English blood, your so British self-deprecation, the understatements - the humour that hides a certain sadness.

    You are a bit of all those you admire, believe me...we never can see ourselves as others see us.

    Forgive me if I don't accept this meme...I am currently grappling with an Interview challenge from the lovely Fhina.

  3. I was thinking that was a picture of you. NO, not the first nekid diagrams but the photo. And then I learned it's not. I bet you're not too far off the mark!

  4. COR I WISH FHINA!!!! that is me with the kids though in the side enough to recognise me in t't street!

  5. Saz - I think it's wonderful thing that you were able to conceive after so much ill luck. I had wished the same for my niece, but now she is adopting, so it's ok.

    Peace - D

  6. Oh yes, Paloma Picasso and Isabella Rossellini are such stylish women. Great post

  7. Ooh you must have a fabulous skin tone. I am pale, pale, with a bit of Irish thrown in.

  8. You know were just trying to hard...needed to relax...and thank God you quit smoking...liked your take on, well everything!

  9. I wear her scent. Paloma's, that is. That way, even if I don't look like her, I smell like she does. Small things, y'know...

  10. I enjoyed reading this. I think I am an apple and a pear, but I am working on it!
    Probably more of an apple ( which I believe is worse for health)

  11. That's a helpful image. i'm definitely a pear. But with big boobs!

    Just spotted a Persephone book down on the right. they're great, aren't they?

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