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Should she Sushi?

Unfortunately we only get half an hour for our lunch  break at work, whether we work a 8.20-5.30 shift or a 9.45-3.30 shift - and that's another issue in itself. Most often I take a prepared chilled lunch or sarnie but yesterday l didn't, AND I needed to pop along into the city centre to buy a couple of things. Which means that unless I try and unceremoniously stuff my face whilst I'm walking, I won't get to eat.  I was particularly in need of sustenance and so I grabbed a bottle of water and as there were no sandwiches in the chiller I grabbed a small tray of assorted sushi. I haven't ever had sushi and I guess you are thinking ugh!!! some prepacked, probably disgusting impression of sushi and a food poisoning alert! Not a good way to try Sushi or something that even resembles Sushi!! But that isn't what l'm going to tell you actually.

The thing is in the Museum we cannot eat on duty, (the odd sweet maybe) but patrolling the galleries of the museum is serious stuff I'll have you know and it just won't do. With walkie talkie in hand or attached to my person usually waistband, my keys, their keys, my diary in hand, a surreptitious book placed under the arm - for the quiet dead periods such as now, my mobile phone vibrating under me bra strap (as you do, and l know there is a joke there somewhere but I ain't going there) there isn't much chance of eating anyway. So enough rules are bent there then! To compound the wrong by eating on duty it would,  if caught by one of our Managers bring  a stern word at least, a warning at the most, plus I wouldn't like it much either. 

So what's a girl to do in this situation? I decided l would pop it all into the cupboard where we keep the charts and stationary and other items we use regularly throughout the shift.

A small chair appeared in there a while back and the chair is known to be ' Trudi's chair' as it is universally acknowledged that Trudi will spend her cherished lunch break in M&S and then eat her lunch in the cupboard. She thinks no one knows but even the management know it. They turn a blind eye l guess, but that doesn't mean FFF has to do it, until yesterday. I was so hungry, my sushi and the banana l found in my locker would do me and the cupboard would be the place to assuage my hunger.

I checked no one was about, and in the cupboard I tenderly unwrapped the tray, opened it and poured the sauce? soy over the sushi ( don't panic these didn't have any visible signs of fish or shellfish in them) l then slathered the wasabi and the pickled stem ginger on each of the 8 delicacies - I use the term loosely of course as they were prepared in Salford and I don't know what l'm talking about! 

As l turned to throw the packaging into the bin I caught the edge of the tray of sushi and the lot fell onto the floor! 

'Aw Shit!'  I muttered, closed my eyes then opened them hoping something was still in tact on the tray. Not  a bit of it, the small sushi parcels had unravelled and each piece of rice and whatever the other bits were had scattered all over the dusty, dirty concrete floor!  Not one bit was left for me to eat. I took the evidence home with me to throw away. 

Today while I was passing through the gallery a colleague said to me 'there's a funny smell in the cupboard FFF did you notice it yesterday?' 

Before I had a second to fess up I heard myself saying, ' No, I didn't notice it!'

Moral of the story? Dear FFF,  it is just a fact that you cannot get away with bending or breaking any rules, you never have been able to, so don't bother trying, oh and make a packed lunch for yourself!

thanks David!! Author blog award


  1. What a shame. I was going to ask you what it tasted like. I have often been tempted to try it as it seems to be growing in popularity and there are a lot of sushi bars about. But I always chicken out from buying some in case I really don't like it!

  2. Poor you! Bet your tummy rumbled by home time...did you resort to cannibalism, I wonder?

  3. Oh what a waste of beautiful, expensive sushi - :(
    I eat it whenever I can... love it. Start perhaps with Teriyaki chicken if the fish worries you...

    I love them all, especially any with avocado... which reminds me of a warning about wasabi. I grabbed some once on the run and I was driving! I smeared the wasabi on to one of the rolls as I sat at the lights, but it landed up as a blob; when I bit into it, the entire blob came in at once. I sat at the traffic lights, eyes streaming, head prickling and wanting to lift off, then panicing as I realised the lights were going to change and I could not see or concentrate to drive. Not a nice moment. I am grateful the lights took a long time to change that day and I was able to compose myself, drive over the road and stop safely. Lesson learned; I no longer drive and sushi!

  4. Saz, that is so funny, but is just the sort of thing that happens to me - My mum used to call me Calamity Jane - but I am vegetarian, so at least you would not get fishy the smell in the cupboard. You poor thing...

    Enjoy Strictly tomorrow! x

  5. Sushi - like either love it or hate it :) Also i feel it might be like kebab... in that it taste better when i've had a drink or too. Or am i completely wrong?! haha

    Have a great time at Strictly! Im so jealous!

  6. So funny! I could never get away with anything like that either, I'd always get caught.
    Just a mouldy black banana for lunch then?

  7. oh dear, what a shame, but didn't you apply the 10 second rule

  8. nota bene- the 10 second rule!! of course instead of gawping at the mess l should have eaten it HUH? LOL-

    Suburbia- I couldnt get intot he bloody banana, it was so far gone l couldnt get it open and it just got all squishy and made me feel sick, l settled for the bottle of water!

    rosiero- I'm soo chicken its untrue...

    jinksy- no cannibalism but l would if pushed, or in the Andes consider it...

    so say what sushi...maybe one day l'll try it..

  9. My hubby and son love sushi - even the kind that comes in packages from the store. It's not my thing, but I'm still so sorry you didn't get yours!

    Do you think Trudi will get blamed for the funny smell??

    Peace - D

  10. I get shop sushi all the time and I've not died. It's not as good as a proper sushi as the shop ones tend to undercook the rice to make it last longer and stay firm but it's perfectly acceptable. Shops wouldn't dare use raw fish in a sushi plate anyways - it's all cooked shrimp, smoked salmon and mackerel and tuna-mayonnaise. So Britishified it's a new product. Like Chicken Tikka Masala.

    To be honest - I avoid the ones that are mostly cucumber rolls because often the cucumber has gone smushy.

    Give it another try one day, or better yet make your own! I'll show you how if you want. Fill it with whatever you want! My brats like it with ham and carrot.

  11. I have had the supermarket packs of sushi, and they are ok. I enjoy them but know they are light years away from fresh sushi which is heaven's good, especially sashimi which I could eat til it comes out my ears.
    We have nowhere within a million miles ( well- Manchester or Newcastle) where you can get good sushi. Yo- Sushi is one of my favourite places to eat.
    Loved the cupboard story- but what a shame!! I agree- it is an impossible thing to eat on the hoof. I have had many a problem with it while in the car ( as a passenger I hasten to add)

  12. That was so funny Sazzie, and such a shame that all that gorgeous food fell on the floor [Sod's law strikes again] We will def. go to Yo Sushi if we meet in London for Dancing on Ice, I just love it, and Hairy Prawns are to die for.

    Sending the pearls tomorrow XXXX

  13. Why is it when you're doing something you shouldn't it all goes tits up? Or in your case tits down! ;)

  14. Sushi from Salford? I think you had a lucky escape!

  15. Oh, shucks, er, Sushi! :-(
    Low calories diet, if there ever was one!

    There's a place in DC where the teachers still know me as one of the Sushi girls. During lunch break, a friend and I used to hurry over to the suhsi take-out (which actually had the best Sushi in the Nation's Capital!) and order a dozen avocado sushi to share (no raw fish for us, see, we were young back then).




  17. That must have been pricey as well. Wonder what Trudi thought? Has it put her off the cupboard? It's really annoying not having somewhere decent to eat. If you get the chance the M&S cafe is not too bad. The staff in there are really friendly! Better luck next time Hx

  18. Wonderful stuff. Haven't tried the sushi myself and don't think I fancy it either but eating in a cupboard takes me back to the days I used to be a legal secretary in Manchester city centre. Bloody awful job it was too!!

    CJ xx

  19. Haha!! Sounds like something I would do...
    I was imagining the God-awful smell as I was reading your wonderful post! haha X

  20. Very funny.. Son loves this stuff and eats it every day for lunch. I've eaten it only once and it was fine - I wouldn't care to sweep it up though! M :-)

  21. Hi FFF,
    I'm back again to congratulate you on David's Post Of The Day!
    I knew this was a winner!! XX

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