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ROOM 101

"Room 101" is the place where unpleasant things are put or discarded and originates in the book, 'Nineteen eighty four'  by George Orwell, there is also a BBC TV programme Room 101 where personalities ask for 5 of their pet peeves to be discarded into Room 101 and then attempt to justify their choices. 
Here are mine..

Boiled milk - and it associated foods, rice pudding, blancmange, thick lumpy custard, porridge and trifle - only because it contains custard. to me this is the work of the devil and should be put and remain into Room 101.  It's the smell of the boiled milk, the slimy texture.  I actually quite like the smell and taste of custard. My dislike is so vehement that I couldn't post an accompanying image as I found myself almost retching!

Football commentators- the banal fast talking commentators with their boyish enthusiasm, who make stupid and what they think are comic remarks. I just want to slap them! But at least I can turn them off!

Motorway Middle lane hogger- those who stay in the middle lane as if it is their divine right, when the inside lane is bloody well EMPTY, I superciliously weave in and out showing them how it should be done, I'm sure they don't even notice, sitting ignorantly in their middling cars. Shove over!

Business Telephone menus - though I suspect this is a given, doesn't everyone want the earth to open and envelop them? I have to say for me the worst culprits are those companies that profess to be in the communication business. Can I name and shame them, yeah why not its my blog and it's the truth? The culprits are -BT, SKY and mobile phone and Internet providers... I just don't get it! I admit that I have sometimes been in tears trying to get through and communicate with these people. It took me 5 weeks and a registered letter to cancel my SKY subscription, they just won't talk to you, they have put the phone down on me several tiems when my question isn't on their list. How rude, there must be  a non-accessibility policy l'm sure!

Nylon sheets- they catch on your nails, skin and they produce their own Electro Shock Treatment, so they might make you Happy! but they are awfully uncomfortable and sweaty. Just as bad are nylon frilly duvet covers and pillow cases, for me its like dragging nails down a black board.

Moustaches - I am an all or nothing girl -in just about everything- and whilst I like a beard - indeed Larry sported a beard on our Wedding day and I think they are attractive - a moustache leaves me cold. It can look like a slug on the lip! Some aren't trimmed or well-kempt*. Some men even grow out the layers and they look like one of those small shaggy dogs! Some have droopy edges, some have waxed or soaped pointy ends, Urghhhh! I think l'm gonna thro up. (Contrarily the only man with a moustache I wouldn't put into Room 101 is Tom Selleck, I guess there is always an exception to the rule, somehow he doesn't look a dandy, a fop or a twerp! 
And btw a  goatie beard just passes muster, but only just!

* unsure of the spelling I double checked on the word well-kempt, hyphen or not to hyphen. Apparently the word is an olde word and has been relegated to Room 101 according to the online dictionary!


  1. Agree with all of those except the moustache - my dad (who thinks he looks like Sean Connery, he does, but we don't let him know that)has one and it rather suits (both him and Sean Connery!

    Telephone menus are the worst. I sent a four page letter of complaint to Virgin Media to get satisfaction!

  2. l've just emailed them..they are doing my head in!!!

    the moustache thing is the hair up the nose, when kissing most off putting, but l guess you dont want to go there, your Dad being a mustachio!!LOL

  3. I thought Dante had a stake in Room 101 too? Going to do this over at mine, it was a cool post!

  4. When........just when, did you last sleep in nylon sheets?!!! Surely your Brentford Nylons are not still adorning your kingsized?!

  5. LOL..not long a friends house, Larry and I got so hot and bothered and not in a good way, he went and slept on the couch..

  6. Worst nylon sheet true story - A 'lady' at work was overheard saying 'It was so hot last night, the sheets got wringing wet - we had to take them off the bed and PUT THEM IN THE TUMBLEDRIER before we could get back to sleep!' I leave my readers to imagine the permanent aroma in the vicinity of said 'lady'...

  7. Oh Sazie, this was a goodun, you must have got the hot milk aversion from me-nylon ugh! An invention of the devil, heyday the seventies about the time of the moustache making a hairy comeback-even your dad had one-remember the picture J. doctored 'Hey meester, do you wanna meet my seester?'
    with you on the phone devils too.
    think I might have added word verification.

  8. Ha ha. Good Post. There is a web site somewhere that tells you which buttons to press to sidestep the telephone menus and get straight to an operator. Let's have a race to see who can find it first.

  9. here are some but they are o8oo usa #

    anyone know the uk equivalent?
    just bash lots of numbers in the wrong order..

  10. We have the famous, world tallest office building here, TAIPEI 101. You really get me worried about whether it has enough rooms for all the pete peeves of you and your friends.

  11. Called back and realised that your avatar has changed again. They are cracking me up! Christmas, laptop and now scales! LOL

  12. I didn't even know nylon sheets still existed? As for the telephone menu's I know how you feel. Oh and those people who insist on sitting in the middle lane......MOVE's worse over here, as we pass on both the inside and the outside lanes......

    Great list,

    Gill in Canada

  13. Have to agree with you about Tom Selleck (not that I disagree about the rest). A

  14. Boiled milk - wholeheartedly agree!

    Moustaches...just ask Salvador!

    One day, while walking in the corridor of his New York hotel, Igor Stravinsky and his wife encountered Dali – who appeared before them carrying a small silver bell. He stopped to greet Dali, who replied, “Bonjour, Igor. Bonjour, Madame,” and then stood waiting. His moustache was in the form of two tall, waxed spikes, reaching to the edges of his eyes. Stravinsky said nothing, nor did his wife. They smiled and prepared to continue on their way. At this, Dali rang the small silver bell he was carrying.

    “What is your little silver bell doing there?” asked Stravinsky.

    “I carry it and I ring it,” replied Dali, “so people will see my moustaches.”

  15. Sell Tommick? Or, I see, you mean Tom Selleck?

  16. Goodness! Do people still use nylon sheets?

    Middle lane hoggers are a pain in the butt but outside lane hoggers are too. It is an overtaking lane not somewhere to cruise at 70mph and enjoy the scenery!

  17. Middle lane hoggers are one of my pet hates too! I used to love watching Room 101.

    CJ xx

  18. I am ok with boiled milk stuff and football commentators and the rest- I agree with you all the way. ESPECIALLY MIDDLE LANE HOGGERS. The M6 seems to have more than anywhere else on the planet.
    Be assured- it is not me. Fast lane all the way- the only lane where you keep out of trouble (avoids the lorries)

  19. Well, I almost made it through this post without falling prey to one of your 101s. My mustache is just shy of Sean Connery's, does that make it ok?


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