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Okay now,  Moannie and I have talked about this by text, by email and on the phone.  So what has happened to David Authorblog McMahon's  Post of the Day?

Sensibly we reassured each other that David has more in his life than blogging (we obviously have little else!) and has had a busy Christmas, eating, drinking, merry making, visiting friends and family, working, perhaps on holiday or  dare l say blogging, taking MORE photos to amuse and inspire us. But not making a POTD post since 19th December .

I have hesitated in asking him, because he will then see how desperate and reliant I/we have come to be upon him to virtually pat our heads in praise by perhaps mentioning us now and again in dispatches! 

Just popping by his blog an extra few times a day to see if he has made  a new post is reward enough,  as I've often said how much I admire his insight, wit and his benevolence.

But David I/we miss it, please say it will return sometime soon.

Admiringly yours ( not wanting to suck up, you understand).

p.s. 12/01/09 OKAY OKAY, please note POTD is BACK just noticed the first POTD for 2009 is here


  1. Saz, thankyou for the link to David's blog - I think he heard you! Looks like it's one more blog (from a published author...and photographer (yelp!)), that is going to make me feel inadequate and bumbling! But, thank you for being fit, funny & fantastic! I love that photo of you and the kids; your vibrant sweater actually inspired me to go with the lily the pink theme on mine...

  2. I believe David has been away to a family wedding and has not had time to do post of the day. I miss it too. :(

  3. David has been on holiday. I am sure that POTD will be back when he has caught up with himself.

  4. But he does take recommendations from the likes of us, so you can always start the ball rolling again.

  5. Thanks Sazzie, I didn't have the nerve. Still don't understand abut the know, when you click on a post, not the blog, read the comments and underneath is a note that says; make a link to this post here.Some of them are miles long.

    Love your scales picture thingey, she even looks like you. So much to learn.

  6. Funny, this. The sentence was just falling from my maw when I clicked here, "I wonder whatever happened to..."

  7. Let's hope Post Of The Day will return to it's glory soon!
    I love reading all of David's recommended posts and have felt a warm fuzzy feeling whenever I have been mentioned too! hehe ;)
    It's such a great way to find new and wonderful blogs and I have found some lovely blogger friends from his Post Of The Day's alone!

  8. ok im going to check this out, sounds interesting! :)

  9. FFF, Re the scan - I am sorry about writing about it - I did wonder whether it would frighten others who might be about to embark on some kind of procedure too, but for me, it was writing as therapy!

    I know you are far braver than me, so you will be wondrous! I just think for me the panic attack thing is a pre-menopausal symptom - I know TMI - Too much information!

    Remember to do the pranic breathing thing and think to yourself that it's just a short and necessary event that will hopefully diagnose what is going on inside viz the shortening... I hope everything goes fantastically! Blessings,


  10. *giggle*
    (I had a bit too much "life" lately and therefore no inkling about what was not going on in Bloglandia. Lucky me!)

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