Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Picture tag!


I've been tagged by MEL  and l found this image

to be the 4th image in the 4th photo folder...

it may seem familiar as

I have posted it before here in the summer

this is Agatha, my Miss Marple bike- get it?

Its a Pashley cycle in the old style

I always wanted an old style bike

with wicker basket and strong lady frame

I can't get on with on a modern style with their zillion gears,

slimline tyres and narrow saddles

upon which to perch precariously

my generous arse !

Pippa our black labrador is seemingly always in any shot we atke.


  1. Saz...SO off topic but I have to tell you before I forget...again. I watched Holiday Affair recently...have you seen it? From the late 40's I believe? Janet Leigh was beyond beautiful in more than one fabulous dress after another. Should you ever stumble upon anything that looks like what she was wearing? *I'm* your girl! ")

  2. Gorgeous photo! Lovin' that bike! I've often imagined myself sailing past wild-flower filled hedgerows on a sunny morning, dressed in clouds of organza with the ribbon round my straw hat floating behind me like a penant as I peddle prettily along on a Pashley.

  3. What a fun idea! Definitely my next post! A fine bicycle and most elegant.

  4. Oh she's lovely - I have one very similar called Hester (after Lady Hester Stanhope the explorer) - why are bikes female ? - where did you get your large basket please, I can only find silly little things that are no help at all....

  5. frumpy, ain't nuthin' wrong with a little self-indulgence, but an old-fashioned bicycle? No wonder you call yourself frumpy. Let your hair down, babba! You are still only a bairn at 50. x

  6. I love the mom on strike- very good

  7. Titian- you can get the basket from Pashley site, that's where mine came from..

    Billy- its a new old bike and substantial, I really dislike the light bikes...I'll try and let my hair down I will try!!

    mel - duly noted, l will try and find a copy...

    BS5- i will keep watch for your post...

  8. That is one fab backyard! Of course, the bike caught my eye too:D
    Btw, tks so much for following me – it’s an honor!

  9. That bike is the business plus a whole bag of chips, I love it! (Much to my embarrassment, and my kids eternal amusement, I still can't ride a bike - hubby did try to teach me once, but I fell off too much and threatened to tell everyone he was responsible for all the bruises on me. He soon backed off..)

  10. I'm with you on the bike thing... although I have no bike there's one down at the store that's got those sleek lady lines and wicker basket and I go there to look at it. I keep telling the husband that I want a bike so the munchkins and I can ride to school (instead of driving a mile) but it's not in the 'budget' right now. Come to think of it... it's never been in the budget, hmmm. I'll have to work harder at that.

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