Monday, 19 January 2009

Our Strictly experience!!

 My pal Lynn and I regularly meet up for coffee, cinema, 
a meal out and a good natter.
 We decided last year that we would have one substantial outing each month.
It worked so well for us, we are repeating the resolution this year!

was our firstbig  day out of the year!

The celeb's and pro's in this years show were
Jodi  Kidd and Ian,Tom Chambers and  Camilla, 
Julian Clary , Rachel Stevens and Vincent, 
Jill and Darren , Kenny Logan and Ola, 
Gethin Jones  and Flavia ,
 Cherie Lungi and James

The Judges were the fab four, Craig, Arlene, Len and Bruno, 
they all joined in and danced at the end, 
Bruno was semi clad as he walked off, he was so into the dancing.
Kate Thornton was the Host again this year.

The images give you  a flavour though both my camera and mobile played up.


the opposite view
the venue holds 12000 and it was a sell out

camera, action

Tom And Camilla

roll call

time to vote

Rachel and Vincent won this show and their Rumba was electrifying!

Highly recommend the tour if you enjoy the show, it was fab-u-lous!


  1. Why hay!!!! Newcastle first. You don't say if you enjoyed it, but l bet you did. To be able to see the feet of the dancers rather then from the waist up [l really hope they get that sorted before next season.] That is a huge audience the sound must have been deafening and the atmosphere electric.

  2. Glad you enjoyed it, and the pictures certainly captured some of the flavour and magic - I'm sorry to say I've tagged you for a Meme over at today's blog, FFF - Hope that's okay? Blame La Belette Rouge! xxx

  3. You lucky girl. I'm a real strictly fan, too, but I'll have to go with daughter when she's older. She wouldn't forgive me if I went without her!

  4. Glad you had a great time!!

  5. Hello, fellow 'Strictly' fan - did the wonderous Tom Chambers do any of his 'Fred Astaire' leaping around? I think the TV series is one of the best things on the box... Lucky you to see them for real.

  6. frumpy, I can't believe that Jill Halfpenny didn't win. Didn't she get to jive? BTW, have you (and your mates) given me the chuck? x

  7. Caught up at last. That looks and sounds amazing. M xx


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