Monday, 12 January 2009

How is your interview technique?

Daryl of blog - Out and about in NYC  fame has asked me some questions in an interview type meme. This is actually harder that it first appears. She asked me the following 5 questions:

1. Do you think I would know you if I met/saw you before we were introduced?  
Yes I think 
so. Why? Assuming you've seen my image on the blog  Or else I would wear a very large leek on my shoulder, that usually does the trick I find. But you wouldn't be able to miss me, you would for sure, hear me, I'm pretty loud I'm afraid.

2. What made you decide to blog? Well I was finding it a bit frustrating. I was approaching 50 and felt a bit like many women do. I felt I was blending into the wallpaper a bit and that I had no voice. Or perhaps I just had stopped being Saz in my world and was feeling overcome with my Mum/wife/colleague persona and that Saz was feeling a bit lost. I used to keep a diary regularly, but found that had slipped by the wayside too. As an online retailer, I feel very comfortable in this milieu and so thought I would write  journal, for myself in a kind of cathartic way and it's just blossomed from there as everything on the net seems to in the most extraordinary positive way.
3. If you could have ANY job at all, assume you have the education/qualifications, what would it be?  Well my dream would be either one of two things. Own and run my own REAL 
bricks and mortar SHOP not a virtual one as I'm doing that. It would be a specialist book shop or a vintage clothing store. Alternatively to design  and create some crafts, artwork or anything creative.Why? To do something I'm passionate about, which is BOOKS and VINTAGE FASHION . I would like to support myself through my own endeavours. I have run shops for other people, I know retail backwards and would like to do this for myself one day. Or to put into a reality all the creative projects I have in my head and be able to sell the on. I have done this in a small way in the past, selling through arty outlets various decorated wreaths 
and house decorations, but always in a small hobby like fashion. As time passes I see this might become  a reality later when I could do this without having the responsibilities of a family to have to put first. Or maybe never, who knows!

4. If I gave you unlimited access to free music, what would you choose? Oh gosh with 
everything to choose form the list would be endless. Certainly the whole of the Motown 'Canon', lots of 70's and 80's music and as much Johnny Hallyday and Pavarotti I could find. Some audio books, probably the Maya Angelou collection of poetry and autobiographies in her own voice I find her mesmeric to listen to and so soulful, she gets right into my soul. Lots of classical Music, particularly Piano concerto's I love the resonance of the piano, I could go on and on...

5. What are you reading? At the moment, my mind won't settle well, it;s this time of year, 
so l have a few books started and I must soon bury myself within them. I've started An Englishman by Cicely Hamlton a Persephone publication. I'm collecting the Persephone series of books, there is currently 81 titles published and all of them are selected early-mid 20th century reprints; Dear Fatty by Dawn French an autobiography, very funny and poignant I feel I know her or that she knows me and is writing some passages right from my life;  My sister, my love by Joyce Carol Oates one of my favourite authors, her books are very diverse in range and so well written. I prefer to be transported in my reading and I dream of having a room dedicated to books in my home one day, a real fireplace and comfy old armchair.

I think I'm supposed to lay down the gauntlet by saying if you put the word 'interview' in your comment. I should send you 5 questions of my choosing and you should answer them in a post on your blog. Play along if you so wish details below.
Here's the directions:
1. Leave me a comment saying, "Interview me."
2. I will respond by emailing you five questions. (I get to pick the
3. You will update your blog with the answers to the questions.
4. You will include this explanation and an offer to interview
someone else in the same post.
5. When others comment asking to be interviewed, you will ask
them five questions.


  1. frumpy, the man who says "I could be wrong, but" does not believe for one second there could be any such possibility.

    I could be wrong, but I think your challenging post might just frighten a few off. Me, for one! ;-) x

  2. Fabulous indeed .. I too am a lot loud especially when I get excited ...

    AND I too want to someday own a shop that sells all sorts of tschkas, things people like me want even when they dont need them.... and cards made from my photos.

  3. Great interview. I absolutely love MOTOWN!

  4. I liked your number two answer.

    It is all very well saying 'interview me' what will the questions be???!

  5. Saz, I am up for it, and know (nay, hope) that you will be gentle with me, whenever you can get around to 'interview me!'

    I would also lurve a shop - For Big Girls' Blouses, actually - I am not at all experienced in retail, whereas you have achieved so much, but I think I would just love having my own business in a real niche - I hope you get your dream some day, darling.

    Hope all went well today, take good care of yourself!

  6. so far that is suburbia and Fhina. shall email you questions suburba as soon as l dream some up.....

    Fhina can you send me a contact email thanks...

  7. Great ... er ... post! ;-)))

  8. I'm not responding to anything so go for your life with that gauntlet :)

  9. I'm in! Interview me! :)

    I may not be able to reveal secret stuff about Barack Obama though.

  10. Oo! Ooo!! Interview Me! Is it too late to chip in on this?? No one asks about me - I'm just someone's Mum. Please, I'm starved for attention!

  11. I'll give this a go. There's always a way to answer even the most unnerving questions.

    Give it your best shot, Saz.


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