Thursday, 22 January 2009


Yesterday I had so much to say but didn't know where to start.

I wanted to say how proud I am of the American people in the brave choice they made in their new President. What a beacon of Hope. He has been put upon a high pedestal and we can only hope... hope he has wide shoulders!

I popped over to Fhina at her blog as I noticed she had just updated with a new post. She has succinctly written just about everything I coulda, woulda, shoulda but just have felt so overwhelmed by yesterday, and my current  S.A. D. tinged  mindset that I knew I couldn't dig deep enough to find the right words to do justice for a post. But Fhina's post reinflated me and I started to waffle away in her comments box. 

BTW....Does anyone else find this happens, you start to write something quite innocuous and then type enough words to pad out a not so short story, which appears before your very eyes!

I think the word Hope just about covers my thoughts of yesterday's historic day. It is such a small word but the message is HUGE! I think it's probably the most important word in the world. Without hope what is there?

It's the one emotion I don't think I could be without. 


  1. Quite sgree - one word leads to another, and before you know it an avalanche ensues...

  2. S**t - how did agree turn into sgree?

    Thinks - mustn't let this first word avalanche...

  3. Saz, I also think there's some kind of synchronicity or serendipity (I love that word) going on, where we are all feeding off one another and buzzing together like one beautiful, intellectual hive!

    Perhaps we should do that thing that women sometimes do, i.e. call each other to ask what we'll be wearing (read 'writing') next day.

    I read two posts on Hats yesterday, and sorry I just pipped you on hope - I love that picture you found too - it just conjures up the essence of this hopeful moment for all of us... xxx

  4. I sure hope that it becomes an everyday feeling .. its contagious and people here in NYC are not merely smiling but making actual eye contact!

  5. Here Here to Hope- has saved my bacon a few times

  6. Time and timing will be the hope of this country. May time be on his side.

  7. I knew most of the blogosphere would be writing about Obama's Big Day so I decided to remain mute on the subject. I watched the inauguration on CNN and was uplifted by the whole event. Hope indeed. I just hope it doesn't end in tears.

    Not that it has any relevance but the word veri is: suppers. Well, quite apt as it's 7.45pm over here and it is supper time!

    P.S. You're half French? Do you speak French?

  8. Does that Hope thing go along with the deep breathing (keep breathing!) Not sure I can keep it in my sights at the moment.

  9. "Hope is the thing with feathers
    That perches in the soul,
    And sings the tune--without the words,
    And never stops at all

    Emily Dickinson
    (the whole poem can be found here.

    A salute to hope!

  10. We have to have hope and I feel Obama inspires it. :)

  11. Of course, up until now the answer to life, the universe and everything has been 42. However, that's suddenly changed to 44

  12. We have to hope that BO (what awful initials) gets it right.

    Sometimes I can't stop writing, so much so that I have made one post into two.

  13. You have no idea what's it's like to be an American and feel hope FINALLY after 8 long, excruciating years! We are positively giddy with joy.

  14. I'm with you. Hope is what feeds my soul, and keeps me moving forward.

    now pass me a martini.

  15. jinksy- 'hope' no avalanche

    Fhina - serendipity rocks!

    Daryl- some nyc tlc ..amazing

    lakeland jo- heres to saving that bacon, mines a blt, if theres enough to go round!

    Dumdad- Qui, je parle le francais, mais c'est beaucoup des anees depuis je suis entre le pays!!

    Suburbia- Ive been over with Merisi's poem...

    Merisi- thanks so much...

    Nota bene- umm 50 actually..

    cheshire wife- BHO maybe marginally supreme, BaHo? lets not go there LOL

    mo' Mama- I dDO know what its like to have a Prime minister led by the nose by a wombat though!!

    Vodka mum- succinct indeed, l'm with YOU!!

  16. Hell

    Because its going to get worse before better. W left O a big bag of shite !!

  17. Nice one Lala. I have written quite a few comments on this subject and each time say rather more than I had intended. Hope has been my word for this fantastic event, and continues to be. But so much weight upon his slim shoulders, I HOPE he is allowed time and HOPE that the world allows small failures and HOPE that he and his family remain safe; can you even want to imagine the pain if HOPE is taken away again?

  18. You took the words out of my mouth.

  19. I do believe you saw my thoughts on the matter, so I won't write another novel here :-)

    Hope is a lovely thing and I often live on it. I hope the folks high on hope now don't become hopeless if things don't go exactly right. It's always nice to see people so energized, though.

  20. Obama has to be an improvement on Bush, surely. It's a pleasure to listen to his speeches, for a start.

    Yes, I do get a bit carried away in the comments box, sometimes!

  21. Yep, know just what you mean. I'll keep this comment short...!!

    CJ xx

  22. I have to admit, I was a little reluctant to jump into the stream of hope but then he had a gay clergy man swear him in, he killed Quantonomo, and now has approved stem cell research. Hope abounds now!

  23. I'm going to read her post as soon as I'm done here. I'm happy you told me about it. I don't know where this Hope sign photo was taken but Bill Clinton was born in Hope, Arkansas. We have hope again. I loved reading this and the pictures you picked go very well. Love the *spritz* one.

  24. I've read your blog down to here so far and am loving it! You probably won't see this post but I've now added you to my long list of blogs!

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