Thursday, 29 January 2009

Helping herself

When the papers kick off  with their stories of  Britney, Amy or Jordan, I balk at their lack of integrity and their willingness to knock a girl when she is down. To sell to the masses their poor excuse for a newspaper.

I haven't a bought a red top since the early 1980's when they slandered a young tormented actor  who reacted badly to one of their 'features' and he tragically took his own life. I felt they were partly culpable. I also felt they played a huge part in the death of Princess Diana.

Amy Winehouse  is a talented songwriter, an amazing singer - usually-  who for one reason or another got herself into drink and drugs. I was dreading hearingmore bad news.  But when l saw this picture of her last week on holiday, the mother in me thought what a relief it was to see some flesh on her and not seeing all her bones. Her husband is apparently off the scene. She's looking healthier,  let's hope her mind is in a better place also. 

I am hopeful for her.


  1. I like to imagine the day is getting closer when I really will like what she's done with her hair. Then I'll KNOW that she's going to be okay - and that one of my 'hope it get to write that sentences/predictions fo 2009' actually happens.

  2. Yeah, that's what I thought too; 'good to see her looking fleshier'. My first thought wasn't,'oh bum, she covered up!' - no.

  3. Wow, I had no idea who it was until you said it. She looks great!

  4. I am so saddened by the media's cruelty to these people. No telling how much one soul can bear of cruel critiquing.

    Amy looks much healthier.

  5. Hi Saz, have read your blog for far too long (just now)! Left a comment on the day of Obama's inauguration. I've really enjoyed it, you have similar views to mine although we're many miles apart.

    I hope Amy manages to get through her trials and tribulations. She does indeed look better.

  6. Loved all the books below.
    Love to find fellow bloggers passionate about reading.

    Word verifation:

    a cross between bolyn and a polyp?

  7. I saw your profile picture on Seriously? and had to come by your blog to take a peek. It is by far the best profile I have EVER seen. Truly inspired. I like how it captures a bit of mothers everywhere. :)

    Amy has certainly had her ups and downs, hasn't she? I am hopeful that she can kick her bad habits permanently too!


  8. You should see what they're doing to Jessica Simpson over here because she's put on a few pounds. It's bad enough when it happens to us, but can you imagine having a camera pointed at your wobbly bits?

  9. I find it hard to connect the sad young woman that makes the entertainment 'news' pages with the amazing voice of the singer who CD Husband gave me saying 'you will love her' .. and I do .. I just dont know who she is when she's not singing ... I hope she finds happiness she sure looks sad

  10. Saz, I am totally with you on all you said, you know that by now!

    I cannot even touch a tabloid, I have it that bad!

    I too hope Amy might have turned a corner, she is such a rare talent xxx

  11. I love her voice, and I, too, hope she gets it together. It would give me hope for my daughter.

    Peace - D

  12. what a great post, and i agree,she is an amazing artist, yet her life must be hell lived in the spotlight all the time. it's her parents i feel bitterly sorry for too.

  13. She's gorgeous.

    And that's considered meat? OH god, I'm done for.


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